The WASP NETWORK a Film Review – Supporting Our Friends in the Industry


By Nolan Apostle, Contributing Editor

Event City Premier Magazine

Rarely am I on Facebook these days except to help in sharing information about a business that my firm sponsors or supports, to say hi to a friend or family member needing help due to the pandemic, or for business endeavors. I can sometimes get off the beaten path, and of course will visit a friend or four just to say hi, or like something here and there, or wish someone a happy birthday.

But I felt it necessary to share a story of a near and dear friend of mine who, over the last few years, has worked his way into my life and mine into his, and he has supported my endeavors as much as I have supported his and his business partners and will continue to support them the best I can.

I find my reason for posting this message is as much a celebration to announce as if it were someone’s special birthday, or an anniversary, a college graduate and maybe even a wedding or any Grand milestone in life. None of these are what he has accomplished. In fact his accomplishment may be the culmination of Decades of work, many years of grinding his creative axe and pushing forward to move ahead. He’s in an industry, a creative industry, where an extremely tiny fraction of those in his industry ever reach any major level of success or as some might put it, stardom. And those that reach the ultimate milestone are even a much tinier fraction then even the universe of all those previous mentioned.

My friends name is Julian, Julian Flynn, he’s an Actor who loves what he does, he loves life, he takes his trade and all his endeavors very seriously. So seriously, that he has a hyper-focus about himself that when he is playing a role in a film, or even just preparing for a part, a simple part, maybe a commercial, he really keeps his attention from deviating into any other direction. As much as there have been times when I would love him to jump on board and help out a little bit on a project here or there, he does need to keep his focus and it definitely has paid off. Gotta Love his dedication!

Okay so enough about the backstory of Julian Flynn let’s get into the movie, The WASP Network. It debuted on Netflix a few months back and being one of his biggest fans I watched it the day after it opened. “This film was made during a period of tension between Cuba and the USA and the current situation (during filming) was developing fast,” said Director Olivier Assayas, “We are fortunate we made this film because I do not think it might happen today,” he added.

The film is based on the true story of five Cuban intelligence figures who were arrested in Florida in 1998. They were convicted of espionage and other activities and imprisoned, before finally being released after a long sentence as part of a prisoner exchange between the two countries.

Now I could go into depth and give you a full-blown review of the film but that is not my intention. It is solely to share with you and emphasize how hard work, courage, determination, and chutzpah helps one succeed in the motion picture industry. This talented actor exhibited a strong position in his role of the WASP Network. As a co-star, or supporting role it was a milestone for Julian’s career.

Overall the film was well done, especially as what some considered to be a low to medium budget motion picture in Hollywood. This writer, having a half brother of Cuban descent and of course my two brothers from other mothers, Julian Flynn and Joseph Armillas (Julian’s indy business partner), allowed me to have more invested in this film emotionally, but I promised Julian I would give him an honest shake of his performance and the film itself.

Not only is it a good film but historically accurate and kept within budget. Sometimes just the effort to keep Hollywood in check can cost a director and producers a decent chunk of their budget to succeed in that way. My hat’s off to Olivier Assayas, Julian Flynn and of course the entire crew and talent that created and produced The Wasp Network. I enjoyed it and look forward to watching it again and again.

Like I mentioned above, this thing called Hollywood is not an easy game to play, and it can get real ugly and in most cases is not always what it seems to be. Now some might say that’s a bit cynical, not at all, it is a true reality of the motion picture industry.

Life in Hollywood is not always a friendly place, and it has more moving parts than an assembly line making Rolex watches, but it is one of the most enticing Industries on the planet. I look forward to watching Julian and continuing to support his endeavors in and out of the business, and his love for his own efforts, and those of his family and friends and not just with that life in Hollywood. All of his close friends, his partners and Associates, we all probably fall in and out of love constantly, numerous times daily with life itself! That’s what makes life so interesting with or without Hollywood.

Go get them Julian, can’t wait for the next one.

Tune in to Netflix and search for the WASP Network. If you choose to watch the film please let me know what you think.

Sunday, 28 June 2020


Event City Premier Magazine
By Anthony Ansola
Nolan Apostle
Contributing Writer
Foodie Village Network

Amazon’s major investment in the U.K. delivery firm Deliveroo has been approved by regulators. As CNBC reported, it was an unusually contentious look at the deal by country regulators that underscored the caution they were taking around this massive shift in the restaurant industry by similarly massive players.

“Today’s final decision is the result of a thorough examination of this deal and the markets in which Amazon and Deliveroo operate,” said Stuart McIntosh, who led the inquiry for the Competition and Markets Authority.

The approval came a year and change after Amazon led a $575 million funding round that would give the e-commerce giant a 16 percent stake in Deliveroo. Without knowing Amazon’s portion, however, valuation is tricky. The company was valued at $2 billion prior to the investment, and the total capital raised ticked up to $1.5 billion. That suggests a valuation in the range of $3 billion.

An OK was initially given early in the year as regulators feared the effect of COVID-19 on Deliveroo, but they took a step back when it was clear the pandemic was a boon for food-delivery as well as the on-demand Industries globally. It is clearly evident that since the spread of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC it has turned a number of industries upside down including the devastation of the hospitality industry worldwide. Small mom and pop shops to major players have adapted and made some major changes due to the Pandemic.

At the same time, this has forced many in the Restaurant, On-demand, Grocery and Food Delivery industries to fast track and metamorphosize in their business models just to survive. What has happened is not just allowing these companies to survive, but to thrive. This has caused regulators to take a deeper look at the competitive nature of the deal, according to CNBC.

The final approval was lauded by Deliveroo and other investors, saying it showed that the market was a wise place to invest. Although the companies within these industries must stay fluid during these trying times, many of them have been forced to move ahead more quickly with operational changes, thus allowing their profits to grow accordingly, something that none of them expected at any level. The shift from corporate deliveries and catering to more residential is right now the key to their successes, those that will survive are the companies that will allow themselves to stay nimble throughout this entire process.

While restaurants and other food vendors who are reaching out to the more trendy Take-out only Ghost kitchens and Food delivery models, investments in this space are good across the board. Additionally, any local restaurant or brand reaching out to the more dense residential communities and those with the stronger demographics are driving business in the Take-out and On-demand space like we’ve never seen before. Although local governments and the changes that occur often due to the Pandemic are affecting business, being able to quickly adapt to these changes allows your customer base to feel more safe and comfortable, thus relieving any fear or anxiety they might have during these times. That alone is probably one of the most important features for any business to employ right now.

Anthony Ansola is a Writer for the EC Premier Magazine and Creative Industries Publications. He also works as an Analyst in the Film, Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries.

Nolan Apostle is one of the Founders of the Event City Network, he helped to create and establish the Gig Economy in the San Francisco Bay Area and is in expert in Hospitality, On-demand and Gig Economy industries.


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KOBE BRYANT, FATHER, FRIEND, HUSBAND AND LEGEND a Personal Heartwarming and Inspirational Message

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine


“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever”

This is dedicated to the family and close friends of Kobe Bryant, as well as his daughter Gianna “Gigi”, the 7 others on the helicopter, and to the man who I call a legend, KOBE BRYANT. I’m sad and unfortunately like most of you, heartbroken when the helicopter crashed in Southern California yesterday morning. I know it doesn’t help to think of anything you read right now as a dedication, or a memorial, or anything else, it is simply a sad tragic circumstance. One might say this is a dedication to Basketball, as well as Kobe’s personal dedication to the sport and life itself. As much as Kobe loved basketball, he loved life just as much.

After all, Kobe played the game fiercely, like no other, and that was part of who Kobe Bryant was to his fans, his team and even his nemesis. This is not any kind of an interview or excerpts from interviews, it’s not a personal story of the time I met Kobe for a heartbeat, or anything like that. It’s all about a serious man, as serious a basketball player you can find anywhere, and also a very serious warm and gentle soul. Serious about his love for people and helping them grow. Kobe was all of that and so much more. It’s about his Short Film, “Dear Basketball”, an animation created from a poem he wrote. That’s the Kobe I want to share with you as well.


My story and basketball is really quite simple. I never really liked basketball. What seems like forever, I tried and tried and tried to play the game, and just could not even come close to being even just ok. It just wasn’t my game. 7th and 8th grade, my good friend, Clyde Amaral was a genius when it came to the game. Serious about basketball, nothing else, but he sure was about basketball, and boy was he good. He always volunteered me to scrimmage with him, one and one’s, all that stuff. I couldn’t make a shot for the life of me, lots of airballs, I’d be lucky to get one out of ten, and if I got a swish, I was ready to celebrate, like I mean let’s throw a party for everyone on the court! By the way, my friend Clyde, he was a couple inches shorter than my 5’6″ frame, go figure! As much as I may not have been a fan of the game, something changed my life forever when it came to basketball, my Mother.

My Mom was born and raised in Nicaragua, Central America, in Nicaragua basketball was the game and she absolutely loved it! I’ll never forget the time we walked to the park near our home in Daly City and she played basketball with me. I wanted to be so good at the game, but it just wasn’t going to happen. But she did influence me to keep trying and to never give up. To this day, I never turn down a game of hoops. My Mom had this stubbornness about her to keep on going. In her own way she influenced me in that same way, and I didn’t even know it until years later.kobeDang

The philosophy of sports celebrities, their drive, their influence and their will to keep going and to “win” was something I took from my Mother, and my Father (who was a boxer and loved basketball too), as well as many sports figures I’ve admired over the years – Rocky Marciano, Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Mohammed Ali, Joe Montana, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Freddie Apostoli, Shaquille O’Neal, Willie Mays, Arnold Palmer, Bart Starr, Nolan Ryan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Jake LaMotta, and of course, Kobe Bryant. Kobe was not one to just talk the talk, let’s write a book and move on, but he lived and practiced everything he preached. When he left the NBA he was already working on becoming an investor. He wasn’t just talking about plans, he had them all worked out. He founded a Venture Capital firm, invested in many different areas, a popular Beverage company, BodyArmor, the online legal company LegalZoom, several technology based investments including Epic Games, the maker of the smash hit “Fortnite” and much more. As a business and a family man, I was always intrigued and inspired by Kobe’s activities and his ability to balance life and all that it offered to him. He always seemed to be such a friendly, approachable, warm and sensitive human spirit with an endless ear to ear smile! I am told that no matter what he was doing or working on at any given time he always thought of ways to inspire and to influence, always seeking to be positive. 

Kobe founded Kobe Studios in early 2013 to expand into the world of Hollywood and his creative film efforts. Later he renamed the business Granity Studios, as a Costa Mesa-based multimedia production company. Granity has pursued online media, book, podcast, television and film projects having a special place in his heart for stories that, as it says on his website pair education and inspiration.

“I love, love, love storytelling,” Kobe said in the latter part 2015. “I love framing stories that inspire. I love educating in a very creative way. I love putting pieces of the puzzle together.”


Granity’s most recent film project and certainly its most well-known effort was a 5 1/2-minute animated short that Kobe wrote and produced called “Dear Basketball.” It was based on a poem with the same name that Kobe wrote to announce his retirement. Dear Basketball is this writers influence to dedicate this article to Kobe and his family. Who he was, who he became and will forever be in our hearts. Dear Basketball was scored by five-time Oscar-winning composer John Williams, and won the Academy Award for best animated short in 2018. It is an exemplary film that is as inspirational as any film I’ve ever seen. It touches the heart but now, with true heartbreak, and at times massages your soul knowing that Kobe may be gone but his influence, kindness and love will live in us forever.

“As basketball players, we’re really supposed to shut up and dribble,” Kobe said in his acceptance speech, “But I’m glad we’re doing more than that.”

Dear Basketball Trailer from Dear Basketball on Vimeo.


There are two versions of Dear Basketball. Both are beautifully done but with very different styles. The version appearing above is the main film trailer that has Kobe narrating the Animatic. The original link was removed due to an overwhelming amount of visits. The other one (the link below) is the version created for the Oscars Award Presentation. These films are as captivating as one might imagine. Produced with stunning expectations of the current reality, a sadness echoing from the words delivered by Kobe himself in the above animatic version. It’s short and must be watched in a quiet environment for the full 4 minutes with a full box of tissue. I’ve watched both films several times, here’s the OSCAR version, it’s hard to not tear up with either one. 

What are my final thoughts about this tragedy and Kobe. I choose to not have any final thoughts. I hope to continue to learn about who he was and his greatness, and drive and ability to meet challenges and continue in his life. Most importantly, I see Kobe as a leader of men, of his peers, and to continue leading them, all of his friends in basketball, football and all professional sports. In the world of business and finance. If anything positive might come from Kobe leaving us so premakobeNiceSmileturely, it is for all of them, all of us, to follow his lead, to plan ahead, to know once you leave the game, or make those life changes, know your next steps and have your direction in place to start all over again.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…  Rest In Peace MAMBA


PG&E Shutoff Plans and Activity

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

PG&E power shutdown will begin at midnight tonight. PG&E said the power will be turned off in communities in stages. In the Bay Area, the potential public safety power shutoffs could impact more than 250,000 customers across Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties, according to PG&E. A complete Northern California list of affected communities is listed below.

Since about 6:45pm PST the PG&E website had crashed and is very difficult to access. We are providing a link to the PG&E ALERTS site which gives you some great information on the latest PG&E SHUT DOWN ACTIVITY and may not be as busy as the PG&E website itself.

Here’s a comprehensive list of potentially affected communities based on a possible PG&E provided outage map as well as some news media sites to help you stay updated on PG&E SHUT DOWN ACTIVITY.

NBC Bay Area

KCRA Interactive Mag of PG&E Shutoffs

NBC Bay Area List of Communities Affected by PG&E Shutdown

Mercury News PG&G Power Shutoff Information

List update a few minutes ago:

  • Albany
  • American Canyon
  • Angwin
  • Annapolis
  • Antioch
  • Berkeley
  • Bodega Bay
  • Boyes
  • Calistoga
  • Canyon
  • Cazadero
  • Cloverdale,
  • Concord
  • Cotati
  • Coyote
  • Cupertino
  • Deer Park
  • Dixon
  • El Cerrito
  • El Granada
  • El Sobrante
  • El Verano
  • Emerald Hills
  • Fairfield
  • Fulton
  • Geyserville
  • Gilroy
  • Glen Ellen
  • Guerneville
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Healdsburg
  • Hot Springs
  • Kensington
  • Kenwood
  • La Honda
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Berryessa
  • Larkfield
  • Loma Mar
  • Los Altos
  • Los Altos Hills
  • Los Gatos
  • Martinez
  • Menlo Park
  • Milpitas
  • Montara
  • Moraga
  • Morgan Hill
  • Moss Beach
  • Mount Hamilton
  • Napa
  • Oakville
  • Orinda
  • Pacifica
  • Palo Alto
  • Penngrove
  • Pescadero
  • Petaluma
  • Pinole
  • Pittsburg
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Pope Valley
  • Portola Valley
  • Princeton
  • San Jose
  • Redwood City
  • Redwood Estates
  • Richmond
  • Rodeo
  • Rohnert Park
  • Rutherford
  • Saint Helena
  • San Gregorio
  • San Mateo
  • San Pablo
  • San Ramon
  • Santa Rosa
  • Saratoga
  • Sonoma
  • Stewarts Point
  • Suisun City
  • Sunnyvale
  • Vacaville
  • Vallejo
  • Walnut Creek
  • Windsor
  • Woodside
  • Yountville






By Anahita Namavar


EC Premier Magazine

The Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, CWCBExpo, one of the worlds largest Tradeshow and Conferences for the Cannabis industry is taking place through Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The CWCBExpo is a leading business-to-business platform for the cannabis industry providing educational conference programs, workshops, along with an extensive tradeshow exposition.

As I entered the CWCBExpo floor Freed, a THC company was front and center. Approached by Co-Founder Marshall Getto he gave me an impromptu interview. The company is based in Orange county, however they get their products from Colorado from a broad spectrum of THC products. The companies topical products are nano-emulsion, they have the ability to penetrate the epidermis quickly and reach the targeted inflamed muscle providing much needed relief. After our conversation I realized I landed my first interview of the day and most importantly, Freed is a company with health conscious products primarily geared towards those who live life suffering constantly and always seeking relief from those aches and pains.

Marshall Getto in the Pink Shirt with Journalist Anahita Namavar

Marshall’s drive to build his company stemmed from a few elder family members who were dealing with pain and inflammation and were interested in seeking alternative medicines ie: THC products. He saw a need for a clean product and founded Freed. They have medicated soft gel capsules, and roll on gels for pain and inflammation of the muscles. The company’s solutions are 83% raw product. The soft gels are price at $74.99 to $84.99 for a 30 day supply and they are 100% organic and don’t use any chemicals.

Freed will be releasing a Tincture product by end of October 2019. The company has two new products not yet released and are quite new to the CBD industry. They are health and beauty products – a CBD facial mask to improve the skin for a youthful glow, and Relief wraps for aching muscle after a workout or if you pull a muscle.

The mission for the CWCBExpo is to legalize, educate, strengthen, expand, grow and help legitimize the cannabis industry. Since its inception four years ago, CWCBExpo has historically hosted a diverse group of activists, legislators, medical professionals, industry pioneers, investors, politicians, athletes, celebrities, and the business community, who are supportive of safe, fair, and legal access and medicinal use of marijuana.

Please visit any of the Social Media presence for additional information about the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo:


Anahita Namavar is a Freelance writer and professional journalist on the Event City Platform. She works in various capacity with the company and is also involved in the Film industry. For questions about this or any future articles you can email Ms. Namavar at Anahita2400



By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Photography by Nolan Apostle
Event City Premier Magazine™

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is alive and well in sunny California as the State’s Hispanic Chamber plans to meet in Stockton California this week to celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary of supporting the Latino Business Community throughout California. Mark your calendars August 21-23, 2019 for the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Statewide Convention. The event is taking place at the Stockton Arena located in downtown opening on Wednesday August 21st, at 9am in the morning. There will be a ribbon cutting at 10:15am to kickoff the Convention. The Conventions host Hotel property is the beautiful University Plaza Waterfront Hotel next to the Arena at 110 W. Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95202

University Plaza Waterfront Hotel in Stockton California has a sprawling outdoor area adjacent to their swimming pool area.

An expansive and classy lounge area at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel in Stockton California

Some of the key features of the Convention are the full 3 days of workshops, seminars and matchmaking services focused on building your small business, strengthening our local Hispanic Chambers and sharing ideas that will create economic development to improve our communities. There are also a plethora of speakers throughout the 3 days. Some of which include such notables as Isabel Guzman, Director of the Office of the Small Business Advocate and the office of Govenor Gavin Newsom. Mayor Michael Tubbs, city of Stockton, and James Campos the Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity at the US Department of Energy.

This years elected Chair of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Board of Directors is Frank Montes. Mr. Montes is proud of the work his State’s Chamber has accomplished including establishing a coalition with Statewide Latino Chambers of Commerce throughout the U.S. Some of their other successes are institutionalizing the Business Leadership Institute, the CAPS program, and launching the Procurement Mentorship program to match businesses with primes to increase their contracting opportunities.

As a conventioneer your registration gives you access to several special events including 3 luncheons, an awards breakfast, opening night reception at the Port of Stockton, the exclusive Millennial party and the CHCC Awards Gala and Dinner.

The Small Business Development Centers are offering FREE technical assistance for businesses. Regardless of what you need legal advice or a business plan, they will pair you with experts that offer FREE services saving you hundreds of dollars an hour. This service alone is an incredible opportunity for attendees.

The convention also features a matchmaking services for companies. Grow your business by getting contracts with state and local agencies or even large private-sector companies. They will match you with agencies in need of your services!

The show will host the opportunity to visit the floor to meet and mingle with Vendors as it is a completely sold out event. There are tickets still available to attend the Convention, they are currently expecting about 2500 delegates. The Conferences do include 3 days of meetings holding workshops throughout all 3 days as well as the Luncheons and dinners throughout.

An exciting addition to the program will be “The ¡Pitchazo¡,” sponsored by the Bank of America, is a venture pitching competition which intends to highly leverage the massive amount of energy and support for startups working to change old business models. As part of the 40th year Celebration, CHCC leadership and its members decided to launch this more refined and focused initiative incorporating the strengths and lessons learned in accessing enterprise financing. The ¡Pitchazo¡ seeks to reward visionary Latinx entrepreneurs who possess the exemplary skills, drive and commitment to bring to market new innovations that offer consumers a value proposition to make their lives easier, safer and healthier. In addition to a cash prize of $5,000, the winner of this years’ competition will gain visibility and recognition, fast market testing and grow as an entrepreneur.

The !Pitchazo! Competition will take place on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 1:45pm – 2:45pm at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel next door to the Arena at 110 W. Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95202.

Whether you are of the Latino culture or not, you are welcomed to attend the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Stockton Arena for their 40th Anniversary celebration. On that note, just as I mentioned earlier, the Hispanic Chambers are certainly alive and well as I dash out of the local Starbucks and make my way to the Cuban Kitchen in San Mateo where the Latino Chamber is hosting their monthly mixer. I’ll catch the tail end and hopefully meet some constituents who are attending the Convention tomorrow. Wish me luck!



Nolan Apostle is a Contributing Editor for several online magazines including the Event City Premier Magazine, the 23Creativity Publication and numerous blogs. He is one of the founders of the Event City Network and has an extensive career in the Writing for various magazines and publications, has worked in Food & Beverage, Concert Production, Entertainment, Music and the Special Event industries. He is currently managing a large-scale project celebrating the original Cinco de Mayo Festival from 1862 and is the Chief Project Manager for several Website projects and Mobile applications.



COPYTRACK Software As A Service Product is “a must for all professional photographers…”
-Pat Johnson Photography


By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Writer, Reporter, Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine

COPYTRACK, a company based in Berlin, Germany and Singapore, has created a new Software As A Service product which monitors the international online use of your images with worldwide licensing and rights enforcement. This service protects the image rights and handles licensing for photographers, publishers, news and photo agencies, e-commerce providers, and individual businesses that use photographic images on a regular basis at any level. The company provides a start-to-finish service that guides customers through the complicated world of image theft online without the need to pay for an expensive legal system.

COPYTRACK’s new service will enable users to “track”, find and enforce international image theft on the Internet without the use of expensive lawyers or an expensive legal network. Some might view this as a revenue model and at the same time having a legal advisor as your in-house counsel, all for FREE. The has added Blockchain Technology using Smart Contracts to have a great deal more of added security by launching a blockchain-based global copyright register for image rights holders. They believes that the market opportunity for registering and protecting images is substantial. The company offers their image search and matching platform for image copyright in 140 countries. For more information on their Blockchain innovation please visit their COPYTRACK Blockchain website.
Hunting dog logo


I spoke with Music, Sports and Entertainment industry photographer Pat Johnson of Pat Johnson Photography, and to say the least, he was completely blown away, “Wow, I’M IN, a product this powerful is a must for all professional photographers, definitely count me in.” Mr. Johnson was the recent recipient of the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the Los Angeles Music Award Show for his fabulous career capturing musicians and performers for more than 40 years. He also received a CERTIFICATE of Honor & Service by San Francisco’s newly elected Mayor London Breed.
The service is free, and as a COPYTRACK user you will receive a payment when your images are found by the system to have copyright infringement and COPYTRACK is able to collect infringement recovery fees. Only then will you be obligated to pay a portion of the fees generated to COPYTRACK when and if collected. According to their website the average amount collected was $1,675. Following a strict “No win, no fee” policy, the whole process is completely risk-free for customers. COPYTRACK will track your images with its proprietary “Reverse Image Search Engine Technology,” which has a 98% accuracy of finding image duplicates on the Internet.
According to data they published in 2017 it shows the U.S. ranking third behind China and France as chief countries where image copyright infringement occurred. Thirty-five percent of cases COPYTRACK sent letters to paid up. And a resounding 55 percent only made payments when a claim was filed in court.

Lloyd Beiny, CEO (WMG)

Lloyd Beiny, CEO, WMG

COPYTRACK recently announced an Infringement Rights Deal with a major news content provider, the WENN Media Group (WMG) will use the COPYTRACK SAAS product to exclusively track their huge library of images on the Internet. The WMG Chairman and acting CEO Lloyd Beiny said, “We are delighted to pledge our 30-year-old photo archive, which encompasses over 10 million images, to COPYTRACK, whose record of ensuring copyright owners are compensated for infringements of their IP is most impressive and, in my opinion, the very best service in the business. As the online digital world matures, the number of infringement incidents has increased exponentially. Photo assets owners need to demonstrably take a stand to curb this unlawful practice and ensure photographers and their agents are properly remunerated from those whose intent is to devalue our copyrights.”

Marcus Schmitt, CEO, COPYTRACK

Marcus Schmitt, CEO, COPYTRACK

“We are happy to have Lloyd and the WMG team on board.” Marcus Schmitt, CEO of COPYTRACK, said. He continued  “With its long history and huge portfolio of images, WMG is a well-recognized and highly professional player in the image market. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.”
For more information please follow this links to different COPYTRACK online presence:
Please comment below or CLICK HERE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS.

Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes – Then & Now

 Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes

The Ronettes

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Sunday, August 12, 2018, 2:00 PM

RONNIE SPECTOR HAD TO CANCEL DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES. Her Doctor grounded her from any form of travel. BOOKER T To Perform

Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes

BellHopHiring Ad1v3-490x125


Ronnie Spector is stopping in on San Franciscans this weekend to perform at the Stern Grove Summer Music Festival. Displaying her signature bee-hive-esq waterfall of black hair and earth trembling vocals, the 74-year-old Ronnie Spector is a music treasure of talent that always was and always will be. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame she is a shining survivor of a horrifying 10-year marriage of seclusion to record producer Phil Spector. Ronnie is one of the few giants who created an ultimate girl group of that glittering golden era of Rock music who helped to define the genre and what came after it. Read more about the life of Ronnie Spector below, and we hope to see you at Stern Grove this Sunday.

Who is one of the few artists in the history of worldwide music that have been capable of defining the era of pop music with their very own genre and sound? That artist is the one and only Ronnie Spector. She has that kind of affect on you when you hear her music you know it’s Ronnie and her Ronettes, and all you want to do is get up and dance or make sweet love!

Ronnie is the embodiment of the heart, soul, and passion of female rock’n’roll in the 1960s. Her sound, her music, her genre, all of her, is all Ronnie, she’s in her own defining category. Not only is her sound so unique it helped to define and create the crossover of rock’n’roll and soul music during an era when the music fan was either a rock and roller or an R & B soul lover there really wasn’t a lot in between. To this day, no one has ever surpassed Ronnie’s powerful trademark vocals, her gutsy attitude, or her innocent but knowing sexuality. For these qualities and more, Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in March 2007.

Ronnie Spector was born and raised in Spanish Harlem. She formed the Ronettes while in her teens and released her first few records in 1961 on the Colpix label. The Ronettes were also professional singers and dancers at New York’s Peppermint Lounge. There they were discovered by legendary disc jockey “Murray the K” (Murray Kaufman), who promptly hired them as dancers for his Brooklyn Fox Theater rock and roll revues. Beginning in 1963, Ronnie Spector—as lead singer of the ultimate girl group, The Ronettes—recorded a long string of classic pop hits: powerful, poignant teen anthems like the Grammy Award-winning “Walking in the Rain,” “Baby I Love You,” “The Best Part of Breaking Up,” “I Can Hear Music,” “Do I Love You,” and the international Number One smash “Be My Baby.”

These records are among the best-loved and most-emulated recordings in the history of rock and roll. “There were girl group hits before the Ronettes,” wrote Canadian critic Carl Wilson in a 2003 feature for the Toronto Globe & Mail. “But Ronnie Spector was the first woman in rock to provoke anything like the hysteria that Elvis had caused, which was soon to engulf the Beatles.” As the Number One pop group in England, Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes headlined over acts like the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds. The Beatles personally requested that the Ronettes join their final U.S. tour in August 1966; later that year, at Basin Street East, a talented young come­dian named Richard Pryor was the opening act for the Ronettes’ final live performance. Ronnie kept her career moving forward – in1970, Ronnie sang on Jimi Hendrix’s recording of“Earth Blues”. Springsteen-RonnieSpectorIn 1971, Ronnie Spector released her Apple Records debut single, “Try Some, Buy Some”—written and produced by George Harrison, with a backing band that included George, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr. In 1976, Billy Joel wrote “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” as a tribute to Ronnie. The next year, she recorded the song with backing by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and it was issued as a single on Epic Records. In 1986, Ronnie’s duet with Eddie Money“Take Me Home Tonight”—reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and hung on the chart for 26 weeks. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award and became a heavy rotation video on MTV.


In 1989, Ronnie took time off to write the story of her remarkable life and great music. Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness (Crown, 1990) was an international bestseller; a revised and updated mass-market paperback was published in June 2004. In 1999, Ronnie released the critically acclaimed EP She Talks to Rainbows on the cutting-edge indie label Kill Rock Stars. Highlights included Johnny Thunders’ “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory,” and a duet with EP producer Joey Ramone on his own composition “Bye Bye Baby.” Also in 1999, “Be My Baby” was added to The Grammy Hall of Fame. In June 2000, after a fifteen-year legal battle, Ronnie Spector won a landmark decision in the New York State courts. The ruling eased the way for veteran artists of the Fifties and Sixties to collect past-due royalties on their old recordings. In 2004 Ronnie was recognized for her contribution to American popular music when she was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame. In 2006, “Be My Baby” was added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, preserved as a work of historical and cultural significance. Ronnie’s CD, The Last of the Rock Stars, released 2009, marked the first time she was ever in full control of her material, arrangements, and production. The supporting cast includes Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), members of The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Patti Smith, and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

ronnie-spectorXmasHer latest holiday CD, Ronnie Spector’s Best Christmas Ever, released 2010 complements her classic Christmas songs “Sleigh Ride,” “Frosty The Snowman,” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” “Sleigh Ride” (#3) and “Frosty The Snowman” (#17) are among ASCAP’s Top 20 most–played holiday radio hits of the past decade. 2011 was a significant year for Ronnie with her cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” being named “Single of the Month” in Britain’s influential MOJO Magazine. In May she appeared with Lou Reed, Macy Gray, Dr. John and Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen in a benefit for the Jazz Foundation of America at Harlem’s hallowed Apollo Theater – where Ronnie made her performing debut at age eleven, then headlined with the Ronettes in1965!

In the summer of 2012, Ronnie debuted her biographical one-woman multi–media show Beyond the Beehive in New York City to star-studded audiences and standing ovations. Following several more sold-out Gotham shows, Ronnie took Beyond the Beehive to London for its premier UK performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall on March 9, 2014. “Ronnie Spector’s Beyond The Beehive shines like a polished diamond!” declared The Independent (UK) in their five-star review. In November of 2015, Sony Music released The Very Best of Ronnie Spector, the first cross–label collection of her career. This nineteen–track CD includes hits by the Ronettes and by Ronnie as a solo artist including “So Young” (as Veronica), “Say Goodbye To Hollywood” (with the E Street Band), and “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory” (from Last of the Rock Stars).

Ronnie celebrated her 55th year in the recording industry with the release of her British Invasion inspired collection of covers English Heart, and followed it up with a performance at the venerable Glastonbury Festival that garnered a five–star review in The Telegraph (UK) in 2016. In 2017, “Be My Baby” was named by Billboard Magazine as the #1 Greatest Girl Group Song of All Time, and Spector was presented with the Legend Award by The Woman’s International Music Network at their “She Rocks Award” ceremony. Also in 2017, Ronnie released “LOVE POWER,” her first single recorded with The Ronettes in decades.

Ronnie Spector’s acceptance speech at the SHE ROCKS AWARDS – Phenomenal!

The heart, soul and passion of this famous female rock star has taken a very long journey, and we can only hope that it continues for many more years to come. The sound of Ronnie Spector, her style, and her continuing ability to reinvent herself and to be a monumental support and advocate for creative women endeavors is a tribute in its own right to this classy and extremely successful human being that she is. Ronnie Spector is greatly respected by the music community and the world as well as the Women’s International Music Network as seen in the above video. She continues to serve as an inspiration, a hero, and role model for many generations.






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By Internet News Group
c/o Event City Premier Magazine
Anthony Joseph
Reporter – Photographer

The announcement came after the president hosted North Korea’s No. 2 in the Oval Office on Friday.

President Donald Trump held an extraordinary Oval Office meeting with Kim Jong Un’s deputy on Friday, after which he snapped a chummy photo with the North Korean official and announced that the historic summit with Kim is back on.

“We‘ll be meeting on June 12 in Singapore,“ Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House after escorting Kim Yong Chol, Kim Jong Un‘s second in command, into a vehicle.

However, Trump tempered expectations for what the meeting in Singapore will yield, saying nothing would be signed during the summit and that it would simply be the beginning of a process toward denuclearizing North Korea.

“It‘s a process. … We’re not going to go in and sign something on June 12 and we never will,“ the president said. “We‘re going to start a process.“

The meeting was the latest dramatic twist in the lead-up to the summit, which holds the potential for a legacy-affirming foreign policy victory for Trump. The president has appeared tempted by the idea that a deal to denuclearize North Korea could earn him a Nobel Peace Prize, but critics have warned that Trump should be highly skeptical of the North Koreans’ intentions and not quickly provide sanctions relief.

Trump delivered his comments after a nearly 80-minute meeting with Kim Yong Chol, a former top spy for North Korea, during which the official delivered a personal letter from the dictator to Trump. Noting the longer-than-anticipated conversations, Trump remarked, “This was literally going to be the delivery of a letter and ended up being a two-hour conversation with the second most powerful man in North Korea.“

It was not immediately clear whether Trump had read the personal note from the North Korean leader. Initially asked for his reaction to the letter, Trump told reporters it “was a very nice“ and a “very interesting letter,“ appearing to indicate he was privy to its contents. But Trump later said he intentionally did not open it. “I haven’t seen the letter yet,“ the president said. “I purposely didn‘t open the letter. I haven‘t opened it.“
The remarks came just over a week after Trump called off the meeting, citing “open hostility“ displayed by Kim Jong Un’s government after North Korean officials threatened to strike the U.S. with its nuclear arsenal.

Despite making a show of pulling out of the summit, Trump and top U.S. officials continued to work toward planning the event and teased the possibility that it might take place as previously scheduled. Trump said as recently as Thursday that “hopefully we’ll have a meeting on the 12th.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a central part of the Oval Office meeting on Friday, which also included chief of staff John Kelly. National security adviser John Bolton, who is deeply skeptical of North Korean diplomatic efforts, was not seen entering or exiting the meeting and was not among those listed as an attendee in a press pool report.

Pompeo had already held meetings in New York with Kim Yong Chol and other North Korean officials earlier in the week to discuss plans for the summit. But the top U.S. diplomat failed to secure a definitive commitment from North Korea to revive plans for the summit, prompting skepticism over whether it would truly take place.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was among those to urge caution in dealing with North Korea, advising the president to keep in mind that with such high-profile negotiations, the devil is in the details.

“I think for these situations to work, you have to not want the deal too much,“ McConnell said at a political event in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday morning, prior to Trump’s announcement. “If you fall in love with the deal, and it‘s too important for you to get it, and the details become less significant, you could get snookered.“

Both Trump and Kim Jong Un hold significant stakes in the negotiations, with the U.S. leader poised to clinch perhaps his greatest diplomatic feat yet if he is able to persuade North Korea to denuclearize. His efforts in kicking off peace talks between the U.S. and North Korea, his allies have argued, have already catapulted him into contention for the Nobel Peace Prize, which Barack Obama won early in his own presidency.

But McConnell joined his Democratic counterparts in downplaying the Nobel speculation, calling it “premature“ to discuss Trump‘s chances at clinching the coveted prize, according to The Associated Press.

Democratic leaders have cast doubt on North Korea‘s intentions in engaging in talks, suggesting Trump is losing ground at the negotiation table. After Trump abruptly canceled the Singapore summit last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) remarked that Kim Jong Un “must be having a giggle fit“ in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, upon hearing he got Trump to take a step back from discussions.

“I think it‘s a good thing for Kim Jong Un,“ she said at a news conference. “Here you have a thug, a person who killed his own family members, a person who has — runs a police state, being legitimized by the president of the United States.“

She added: “They were on a par with each other. He got global recognition and regard. He‘s the big winner.“

After posing for photos with the No. 2 North Korean official, Trump told reporters outside the White House that the leaders discussed sanctions and other matters, as well as planning for the summit. He said they did not discuss human rights.

“I think it‘s going to be a very great success,“ Trump said. “But we‘ll see what happens. We‘ll see you on June 12.“

He also offered a muddled answer when asked whether the U.S. would continue maximum pressure on North Korea in the run-up to the summit.

“It’s going to remain what it is now,” the president said. “I don‘t even want to use the term maximum pressure anymore because I don‘t want to use that term. Because, we‘re getting along. You see the relationship. We‘re getting along. So it‘s not a question of maximum pressure.“

It was the first time a top North Korean official met with a sitting U.S. president in the White House in 18 years, the latest sign of warming relationships between the two countries after a major stumble in discussions the week before.

The face-to-face with North Korea‘s second in command earned nearly wall-to-wall coverage for its duration on the major cable news networks, lending an air of legitimacy to the North Korean leadership. The Kim government gained an additional boost from the president‘s own remarks, in which he praised the North Koreans as “incredible people“ and hailed their efforts in striving to strike a deal with the U.S.

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