Crowdfunding to Ecommerce success, Chilau Brand Launching into Retail and Food Service at the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

Alexander “LEX” Gil – Journalist & Photographer

Chilau, is announcing at the Fancy Food Show 2023 in Las Vegas it is moving its Brand into the world of Ecommerce. It’s pronounced “shil-lah” , says Founder and CEO, Michael Anderson. “The name derives from the Cubano term for crab stew, which gained popularity in Tampa’s Ybor City district during the 1920’s”

The company is very proud to announce that their hit D2C brand, Chilau, is ready for the shelf and back of house. Chilau Stew Base makes it easy to create southern inspired recipes without all the hard work. Just choose your base mix, meat and veggies, then simmer and serve – it’s that simple! Plus, our bases are all natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors, so you can feel good about what you’re serving to family, friends and guests. New 8oz retail jars and bulk gallons make their debut at the winter fancy food show in Las Vegas Nevada, January 15th – 17th.

Chilau’s best-selling flavors are original southern-style, low-country citrus, creole trinity and shrimp and crab boil. The company is excited to share the goodness of the south with the world and hope you can join them on this delicious journey! See them at their booth at the Fancy Food Show number 3046!

For more information about the Chilau products and where to buy them, check out


Celebrate 60 years of Pine River Cheese

By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor

Pine River is in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 15-17. Visit them at the Wisconsin Cheese Booth 817 at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2023 to taste their 60-Month Cheddar cheese spread which celebrates their 60th Anniversary.

“The 5-year-old Wisconsin Cheddar gives this spread an extra creamy texture that has a rich cheddar flavor with a slightly tangy bite,” said Phil Lindemann, Pine River CEO. “The art of cheese spread making comes in the aging and blending process. We know which ages of cheese to combine to get the best flavor and we’ve been following the same recipe since my father started the company 60 years ago. ”

In addition to the 60-Month Cheddar, Pine River will be sampling many of its 21 Cold Pack flavors, as well as offerings from its Clean Label and Shelf-Stable cheese spread lines.

Learn more about the Most Awarded Cheese Spread company at

The Winter Fancy Food Show 2023

The fabulous Fancy Food Show coming to Las Vegas January 15th through the 17th. We will be there covering the show and all the latest and greatest in the Food and Beverage industry!
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U.S. FAA reports the national flight personnel alert system not processing data.


Story and information by:
Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor
EC Premier Magazine
Reporting from Las Vegas, Nevada

The FAA flight system that alerts pilots and other flight personnel about hazards or any changes to airport facility services and relevant procedures was not processing updated information, the regulator’s website showed on Wednesday.

Over 400 flights were delayed within, into, or out of the United States as of Wednesday 2.30 am PT, flight tracking website FlightAware showed. It was not immediately clear if the outage was a factor.


The FAA has lifted the GROUND STOP! There are already flight delays from many airports around the country. Planes and crews are out of position currently and just the fact that this has happened has delayed the entire system.

It’s going to take a while for the entire flight system to come back. There are over 4,000 flight delays currently throughout the country. It’s actually a major domino effect.


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) system that alerts pilots and other flight personnel about hazards or any changes to airport facility services and relevant procedures was not processing updated information, the civil aviation regulator’s website showed on Wednesday.

In an advisory, the FAA said its NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) system had “failed”. There was no immediate estimate for when it would be back, the website showed, though NOTAMs issued before the outage were still viewable.

Currently over 400 flights were delayed within, into, or out of the United States as of Wednesday 2:31 am PST, flight tracking website FlightAware showed. It was not immediately clear if the outage was a factor. The number of flight delays is expected to rise.

“Technicians are currently working to restore the system,” the website showed. The FAA is not immediately available for further comment.

A NOTAM is a notice containing information essential to personnel concerned with flight operations, but not known far enough in advance to be publicized by other means.

Information can go up to 200 pages for long-haul international flights and may include items such as runway closures, general bird hazard warnings, or low-altitude construction obstacles.


U.S. FAA says flight personnel alert system not processing updates after outage

Halloween and Party Expo in Las Vegas.

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Mehron Touches Faces at Halloween Expo

By Felix Solomon Writer/Reporter

Mehron is in Las Vegas at the Mirage Convention Center Jan. 10-12. Visit their booth 1913 at the Halloween and Party Expo to see what their makeup products can be used to achieve.

Ever since art became a medium, people have discovered the power of color can change lives and bring them closer to greater power and experiences. Makeup has long been studied for its capacity to light up new ideas about ourselves and our place in society and imbue the culture with an allure only matched by Nature’s animal spirits.

More examples of what the Mehron Makeup product lines can be used for can be found at

More info about the Halloween and Party Expo can be found at

Masquerade Masks On View at Las Vegas Show

By Felix Solomon Writer/Reporter

Masquerade Mask Design is in Las Vegas at the Mirage Convention Center Jan. 10-12. Visit their booth (1531) to see what masks they brought to this year’s Halloween and Party Expo.

A touch of operatic theme and old world class, Masquerade knows theater plays well at many events. 

Be the hero or a just another joker at the masked party of the season.

Whatever your intent you can be as discreet as you allow.

More examples of the Masquerade Mask Design product lines can be found at

More info about the Halloween and Party Expo can be found at

Jabberin Jack is the Party Hero

By Felix Solomon Writer/Reporter

Mindscope Products is in Las Vegas at the Mirage Convention Center Jan. 10-12. Visit their booth (1600) at the Halloween and Party Expo to see if they brought Jabberin Jack along to liven up the party.

Their new technology is a step up from the talking fish on a plaque. Still, it feels like it’s having its ’70s moment. (see the Jabberin Jack grid display above) Give it an A.I. and refined video tech or sophisticated animatronics and it could serve as a multipurpose greeter with a heart.

Imagine a pumpkin hopping excitedly.

And he has some friends. With the same upgrades they could hold amusing conversations poking fun at their holiday affiliations.

Eek the Cat (not the ’90s do-gooder) and Fawny (Funny?)

And Mr. Chill

More examples of more Mindscope Products can be found at

More info about the Halloween and Party Expo can be found at

Disguise at Halloween and Party Expo

By Felix Solomon Writer/Reporter

The costume company, Disguise is in Las Vegas at the Mirage Convention Center Jan. 10-12. Visit their booth (2325) at the Halloween and Party Expo to see what their master seamstresses have come up with for the 2023 season.

Adventure hunters and those with whimsey at heart will always find a way to broaden their world and create new ones. Donning a new hat and adorning their garb they set themselves ready to seek out a new experience.

At the Halloween and Party Expo those looking for that something to bring about their vision can scope out ideas for what they’ll need. Whether it’s in their own backyard or on the other side of the galaxy, costumes allow entry for the unrestrained and young at heart.

More examples of the Disguise product lines can be found at

More info about the Halloween and Party Expo can be found at

Enjoy a Drink and Drive Home Safely

By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor

Alexander “LEX” Gill – Journalist & Photographer

For Bitter For Worse was founded by Shelley and Jeff, and yes that is what they go by. They have been inspired to create the products within their company through their long, sparky marriage and a great love for celebration! Shelley had some health challenges and she broke up with booze. She’s the company’s Taste Maven. She drew from years of experience as a cocktail enthusiast to create her own nuanced non-alcoholic recipes. Jeff’s the company’s Reverse Bootlegger. He invented the patent-pending process and converted Shelley’s recipes to scalable formulas. For Bitter For Worse has been starting parties since 2020!

They are showcasing their product at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2023 from Jan. 15-17 located at the Las Vegas Convention Center . Visit them at the DPI Booth 1001 where Las Vegas  they will present four of their best and exquisitely crafted non-alcoholic aperitifs to buyers and distributors. Come and taste why the are among the top contenders.

Built solidly on organic botanicals and eschewing simple natural flavors, these “spirits” impart a drinking experience that brings enjoyment of your drink while leaving you clear headed. That is the goal for a new trend of drink seekers who want to taste a drink that resembles the hard liquors or wines. Whether they pair well with foods or garner some respect from alkies is a bonus. They are getting a bold drink that’s not for kids.

Best-selling Eva’s spritz is a sparkling aperitif: tart, herbaceous, with bright citrusy notes and a bitter finish. Eva’s spritz won a gold in London at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the world’s oldest drinks contest. The New York Times Wirecutter also recognized the sparkler as one of the best drinks of 2022. Eva’s spritz is shelf stable and packaged in a 750 ml sharing format (SRP $27.50) and single-serve 6oz cans (SRP $5.50).

Rose City Fizz is an approachable, fruit-forward sparkler with rich dark berry flavor punctuated by fresh ginger and Douglas fir tips. This spritz won a silver medal in the aperitifs category at the LA Spirits Awards and is a 2023 Finalist for the Good Food Awards. Rose City Fizz is shelf stable and packaged in a 750 ml sharing format (SRP $27.50) and single-serve 6oz cans (SRP $5.50).

The Saskatoon is described as red wines’ mysterious, wiser friend. The New York Times Wirecutter recognized it among the best drinks of 2021 and likened the flavor profile to a grassy pinot noir. The Saskatoon won a silver medal at the LA Spirits Award and a bronze medal in London. The Saskatoon is shelf stable and packaged in a 750 ml sharing format (SRP $27.50).

Smoky no.56 is a potent nightcap, with “brown spirits vibes” and a smoky flavor profile tempered by citrus and a hint of maple. A gold medal winner at the LA Spirits Awards in the spirits category, this beverage is best enjoyed with a mixer. Smoky no.56 is shelf stable and packaged in a 750 ml sharing format (SRP $27.50).

These are also available in cans.

This award-winning company was founded by Shelly Elkovich, who has a neurologically alcohol adverse condition, and her MIT-trained husband, Jeff Heglie. They set out to re-engineer the bootlegging process and create these sophisticated and healthy beverages. And along the way made the best drinks possible after a legacy of thousands of years of experimenting and refinement by their predecessors.

More information can be found here,

More information of the Winter Fancy Food Show 2023 can be found here,

The Winter Fancy Food Show 2023 coming to Las Vegas January 15th through the 17th. We will be there covering the show and all the latest and greatest in the Food and Beverage industry!

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An online Foodie show will showcase every month food and beverage unique products as well as guests chefs and local celebrities. National producers, makers and regional talent are invited to this new food show.

By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor
 Herb Ferrette – Special Projects Reporter

Murphy’s California Day of the Dead Event

Foodie Festival Live™ will debut it’s Television formatted food show in Murphy’s California in May of 2023.  Representatives of the show will be searching for products to debut locally in the Tri-Counties area, which include Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador counties as well as surrounding counties. Producers and representatives of the show will also be attending the Fancy Food Show 2023 in Las Vegas Nevada January 15th through the 17th. The producers of the show have yet to release any information as to their process of talent searching for foodie experts and chefs.

“One of our sponsors, the Publisher of the EC Premier Magazine, suggested we attend the Fancy Food Show, claiming it is one of the finest and certainly one of the largest locations to find great talent and especially an incredible array of boutique products from all over the world,” claims Giovanni Greco one of the shows producers.

The EC Premier Magazine and the Creative Blogazine are Media and Co-Sponsors of the Foodie Festival Live in Murphy’s California. They are ushering in a new Gold Rush audience to the world by producing the finest cooking show in the California Gold Country. 

Foodie Village, The Creative Blogazine and the EC Premier Magazine are inviting the public to attend the Foodie Festival Live TV production in Murphy’s!! The show management will issue vouchers to those who purchase initial tickets and will receive a tasting option as well.

They have a great new TV Kitchen at an undisclosed location in Murphy’s and are seeking food and beverage products from companies all over the world, as well as companies from their local region to showcase at this special monthly internet live showcase. The show will debut on the Event City Productions YouTube channel.

Murphy’s is home to the Murphy’s Witch Walk, The Murphy St Patrick’s Day Parade – one of the largest in all of California and Ironstone Vineyards, a classic unique location producing award-winning wines from a well-established vineyard, and one of the finest and expansive venues for weddings, concerts and special events.

If you take away anything here, and remember one thing that’s important about the Gold Country, know that Murphy’s is a diamond in the rough, a quaint town with a plethora of Gold Rush history, which many claim is the most popular town in all of the 15 counties that make up the California Gold Country! Some of the finest restaurants, chefs, and boutique shops with an eclectic collection of amusement and shopping locations. Murphy’s also boasts the greatest concentration of wineries and tasting rooms in the half mile length of the town like no other area in California and possibly the entire USA. It is also home of one of the Gold Country gems, CRAB on the RUN™, the creators of the famous Superfresh™ Dungeness Crab, the most fresh crab you can get anywhere.

The producers express a sincere accommodations of those that just participating in this show but additionally the guests who will be attending. They want this to be a down to earth exhibit of phenomenal products and a show of incredible talent where everyone has fun – the makers and creators of their food products, the talent pool of chefs and all of the foodie professionals as well as all the guests!

For more information about participating in the show or submitting your products to be featured at the food show live click here to email the shows producers.

To attend the Fancy Food Show 2023 in Las Vegas January 15th – 17th visit their website by clicking here.

If you’re reading this article and you’re not on the EC Premier Magazine, click here to visit our online publication. Otherwise thank you for visiting our online magazine.

Other participants and those mentioned in this article can be reached by clicking one of the below links.

Foodie Village
Foodie Village is owned and operated by the Foodie Ventures company.

Visit Murphy’s is part of the Calaveras County Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is home of Go Calaveras which helps to develop projects and activities throughout Calaveras County.

Tuolumne County is a Gold Rush rich community and one of the most historic counties in all of the Gold Country area.

Amador County has a great collection of historic gold rush locations which include downtown Jackson, Stanley’s Steakhouse which resides inside of the historic National Hotel.

CRAB on the RUN™, the creators of the famous Superfresh™ Dungeness Crab will debut in Murphy’s in 2023.

Event City Productions is a full-service Film, TV and live show production company. It has offices in Calaveras County, the San Francisco Bay Area, Glendale California, Santa Fe New Mexico and Las Vegas Nevada. It is owned and operated by Event City LLC

The Murphy’s Witch Walk is a unique and eclectic Halloween Festival where approximately 7500 guests take over the town of Murphy’s dressed as witches and warlocks to celebrate Halloween. They frolic, have fun, dance in the streets, drink a lot of wine and spirits, eat a lot of delicious food and shop shop shop at some of the finest boutiques you’ll ever want to visit. It also showcases a vast collection of vendors with unique products fitting in perfectly with the theme. Additionally the exhibiting vendors are carefully curated to not disrupt the products and categories of those sold by the merchants in Murphy’s.

The Witch Walk is owned and produced by Christopher Buttner who resides and operates his professional PR and marketing company from Murphy’s California. He has a great passion for what he does as well as the beautiful town of Murphy’s. Some say he is the unofficial Mayor of Murphy’s!


Covering Many Industries, Some that don’t Exist Yet

By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor
Anthony Ansola – Tech Research

OVR Technology is Creating a Scentifying Experience for all Devices


CES®, the world’s most influential tech event, is back in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8. With more to see than ever, the show footprint will be over 70 percent larger than CES 2022 and the attendees are sure to easily outdo last year. 

For the first time, CES has a theme: how technology is addressing the world’s biggest challenges. The Consumer Technology Association® (CTA), in partnership with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security, will support the global campaign Human Security for All (HS4A).  

“CES is the world’s most exciting technology event, from startups in Eureka Park to global brands on the main stages. We are thrilled to spotlight thousands of innovative companies at this year’s show,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Tech advances are helping to solve the world’s greatest challenges, and CES 2023 will set the agenda for the year ahead.” 

You’ll see CES influential brands like Canon, Google, Hisense, Intel, LG Electronics, Nikon, Samsung, TCL and Voxx, in addition to new and expanded areas, including: 

  • Automotive and Mobility – The automotive sector will be bigger than ever, making it one of the largest auto shows in the world with nearly 300 exhibitors in West Hall. Global launches and keynotes from BMW and Stellantis lead into exhibits featuring the latest in self-driving tech, electric vehicles and personal mobility devices for land, air and sea.  
    Exhibitors: Candela Marine Technology, GM, Italdesign Giugiaro, Magna, MobilEye, Waymo, RYSE and Volvo Penta. 

  • Digital Health – The past few years have shown that consumers want to take their health into their own hands. CES 2023 is bringing even more digital health innovations and brands to the global stage, showing how rapidly this market is growing. Look for advancements in digital therapeutics, mental wellness, women’s health tech and telemedicine. CTA’s Digital Health Studio, presented by The American College of Emergency Physicians, will feature the latest in technology for diagnostic and treatment functions and highlight the importance of remote connectivity for accessible healthcare. 
    Exhibitors: Abbott, LOTTE Healthcare, MedWand Solutions and Omron Healthcare. 

  • Sustainability – Global brands like John Deere, LG, Samsung and Siemens will show how innovation can conserve energy and increase power generation, create more sustainable agricultural systems, power smart cities, support access to clean water. 
    Exhibitors: 3M, Bridger Aerospace, Caterpillar and NexGen Power Systems, Panasonic and Sony. 

  • Web3 and Metaverse – For the first time, CES 2023 will have a dedicated Metaverse area on the show floor. Exhibitors will showcase groundbreaking sensory technology building immersive, interactive digital worlds. A Web3 Studio, located in the LVCC, Central Hall and produced by CoinDesk, will be the focal point of the Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain area at CES. CoinDesk will host industry leaders and visionaries as they discuss the most impactful developments that have taken root across industries, technologies and capabilities. The show will also feature Web3 programming by the Blockchain Association.  

  • One of our favorite finds at the Event City Blogazine is the highly anticipated Scent Technology by OVR. It’s new wearable scent technology, created by ION 3 for OVR Technology, now your digital experiences can be more immersive, emotional, and effective than ever before. Really the sky’s the limit with this new tech. 

  • Exhibitors: Magic Leap, Microsoft, OVR Technology and SK.  

  • Human Security for All – With unprecedented global challenges, the HS4A campaign serves to cultivate collaboration and innovation across all industries, all countries, to improve the human experience. CTA is proud to be part of this first-of-its-kind partnership with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security. 

Must-See Keynotes – all available via livestream and in the digital venue until the end of February. 

Can’t Miss Conference Programs 

Here’s a short video of some of the most exciting Metaverse Exhibitors at CES!

Events and Awards 

  • CES Unveiled Las Vegas – Registered media get a sneak peek of ground-breaking products and technologies at CES 2023 | Jan. 3, Mandalay Bay 

  • CES Media Days – Two days of back-to-back news conferences by companies featuring product launches and unveiling cutting-edge innovations before the show opens | Jan. 3-4, Mandalay Bay 


  • B-Roll – High-definition video b-roll from CES is available for easy download 

  • CES 2023 App – Everything you need to plan for and navigate CES. Search “CES 2023” in your app store 

  • CES 2023 Schedule – Explore your options to connect, learn and be inspired 

  • CES Tech Talk Podcast – Download or subscribe to hear the top trends at CES  

  • Exhibitor Media Center – Media get free and easy access to the latest CES exhibitor news and assets 

  • Featured Speakers – See some of the many industry visionaries slated to speak at CES 2023 

Owned and produced by CTA, CES 2023 will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8, 2023 with Media Days taking place Jan. 3-4, 2023. Attendees will experience new technologies from global brands, hear about the future of technology from thought leaders and collaborate face-to-face with other attendees. The show will highlight how innovations in sustainability, transportation and mobility, digital health, the metaverse and more are addressing the world’s greatest challenges. Visit for all CES 2023 updates, registration details, and the media page for all press resources.