Corporate Clean and Creatively Cool™

The Event City Network (ECN) will reach the largest population of professionals who serve all aspects of the Events & Creative industries. ECN’s focus is on distinct market segments which include the Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment & Music industries and all of their vertical markets. Additionally, Food & Beverage, Publishing & Printing, and Associations or Non-Profit Organizations affiliated with these market segments are included as important elements of membership.

The Event City online portal offers a plethora of services, important industry-related concepts, critical information and imperative business solutions for all aspects and market segments of the Events and Creative industries. Additionally, the marketplace channel, Event City Emporium, will host thousands of extremely unique products specific to these represented professionals and their industries.

ECN had 5 unique Beta Tests in the past 10 years, receiving a wealth of positive feedback and information from the Event City testing community. Within the last two years they have harvested a substantial collection of Beta Test recipients, well over 10,000 qualified Meeting Planners, Event Producers, Hospitality industry professionals and corporate buyers and planners as well as some associates and friends. All of this quite simply means- Event City knows their current audience and what they want. The sky’s the limit for the Event City Network, and we’ve made it incredibly easy participate!

The current plan is to launch with several thousand beta testers. Approximately 1,000 testers will be Meeting, Event and Corporate Planners, though that number continues to grow as more and more members request their beta testing privileges. After the final beta soft launch is complete there will be a “public” launch event with more than 10,000 members, where at least 6,000 will be Meeting, Event and Corporate Planners.

ECN‘s mission is to become the portal property available 24/7 to assist Events & Creative industry professionals, at all levels, in all aspects of their business and professional goals, offering everything  from project management and planning events to receiving advice and purchasing any type of product or services within the Events & Creative industries–and beyond. Joining Event City will assist everyone from industry professionals to rank beginners in all of their endeavors. Ultimately, the ECN ideology is to create a philanthropic organization that will allow Event City to better the lives of others.

ECN expects to be the industry’s first choice for new product development, RFP’s, advance productivity and industry related education, efficiency advancement- both for the individual as well as small businesses to major corporations, product showcasing, general industry assistance, news, information, and promotion, marketing and advertising opportunities as well as a full scope of editorial content.


Productivity at Hyper-Speed for the Events & Creative Industries.



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