Event City is:

A vast network of different disciplines interconnecting to form a united whole!

The disciplines of the EVENT & CREATIVE Industries will include:
Special Events
Meeting Planning
Food & Beverage
Publishing & Printing

Watch here for sneak peeks of our categories and countdowns to their launches!


4 Responses

  1. Yeahoooooo!! The site is up and running. Good job Nolan and crew. Is this the work of ‘Queen’ Nina? You were telling me about her- good stuff 🙂 This looks real nice, I will be checking here often and can’t wait until more comes up.

    I’m going to sign up for the BETA Test right now!

    Very Cool, Mr. Joey A

  2. Hi Joey,
    Yes, we’re up and running! Feel free to send on any blog fodder to eventcityblog@gmail.com.

  3. What’s a Blog Fodder?? There are some great links and good information. Is there anyway that a user like me can contribute? More directly, like adding to the blog?


  4. Away we go! Well hello to you all from Pacifica! I trust you all will be enjoying each moment of the new launch,because i know i am!Talk to ya soon…

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