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Thank you EVERYONE for your undying support to help me see this project to its conception. Please read through all the blogs and as we organize and categorize and creatifize this crazy long lived project (yes, 13 years is a looooonnnnng time), you will see more and more about what being part of the Events & Creative Industries is all about.

Ok so now what can you do on our Blog? First things first, tell us, tell the world (well, at least YOUR world here) who you are and what you are all about. We want to know, our audience wants to know. Share with them your talents and the business you are in and how passionate you are about what it is you do. That’s what makes our industries so wonderful- we actually love doing what we do, don’t we?

It is that passion that drives most of us in these industries. It is the longing to be creative, but to succeed while being creative. I think about the journey I have taken to get to this point in time, and without passion I would have never made it this far. Without the passion that many of you have shared with me, not just about what I am doing, but even more so, about you and your projects.

Mike Handler- Mikey, my true believer in New Mexico, our star Writer and Editor at Large, your want and even your need to write and share your thoughts and ideas- you know, you’ve always been a natural for this project. But your love for music and the world of entertainment and Jazz, show your true colors and is the real exclamation point inside our world! You have been successful at many things, and that is the greatest asset you bring to Event City- your ability to improvise and expandasize!!! Thanks for being there buddy.

Louie Munoz- Louie, Louie, Louie, Louieeeeeee- Yoooo da man Louie, you are truly the Man! Louie has been there almost since day one, and has always come through when he needed to (hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it). As our product manager and new product guru, Louie has helped me with some of the first product research and market development during our initial beta testing. I look forward to working closely with Mr. WebTV and welcome his continuing support in the development and expansion of our product showcase.

David Falicki- My one and only true Technophobe- well almost. He is my beacon in the shadows of these crazy industries we have chosen to hang our hats and hopefully believe in ourselves and who we are and what we do! David is our Prince organizer of all that is Movies- our trusted gatekeeper to the Motion Picture Industry of America, our see all and know all of where to go and what to do with all that Filmmania and beyond. David’s support has truly been monumental!

There is much more to come, and yes, more of you to talk about as I return here very soon. Thanks for all your support and I look forward to the hard work ahead of us to achieve our goals!

Nolan Apostle
Founder & CEO
Event City Network


5 Responses

  1. Hey there! It’s finally getting underway, whoo-hoo! Take a peek at the sidebar for a link to our Emporium blog’s first post. Happy Tuesday!

  2. AWESOME! As a person who considers themselves to be “technically challenged” I look forward to this novel concept of an All Inclusive Site for our Industries! I hope it will be easy to navigate and welcome it!

  3. Yo
    Posting, Blogging, Downloading, WiKi, RSS Feeds, Podcasting, all this and more! We’ve come a long way and it’s been a long journey. I will share some of my journeys here in the Blogosphere, on the Event City Creative magazine, and of course at eventcity.net proper (coming soon). Some of it’s new to me…hey, I’m just a writer, musician, and film guy. Thanks to Nolan and gang, I have a chance to share some of that life with you and …who ever’s out there. Please let us know you ARE out there! Let us know what you want to see here and on the Event City Network.

  4. What I would like to see on Event City is an area where major Entertainment Buyers post notices etc. for the Entertainment they are wanting to purchase. I would like to see some way where I, a Provider of Hypnotic & Magical Entertainment would be able to receive an “automatic” email type notice when a Buyer of Talent posts looking to buy what I sell!

    What do ya think? Possible?

    All Things Are Possible!
    If you don’t believe me just log on to
    http://www.carmacoproduction.com to see what is truly possible…. maybe it is the power of our own minds as is demonstrated throughout the Hypnosis Shows… OR… Maybe… It is an ILLUSION! YOU Decide.

  5. Can you bring the Wirlball (zorb like ball) to Bahrain? It would be nice to have it in our country. We can help. How about to Massachusetts? Thank you. Embassy of Bahrain

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