What a Time to Launch!

It is an incredible time right now! For the last couple months I’ve attended marathon of Conferences, Tradeshows and Events and what a run it has been!

Several incredible Internet related Conventions-

  • Web 2.0
  • AdTech.com
  • Startup Camp 2007 San Francisco
  • Internet Retailer Expo

In between those shows there were the proverbial Meetups, impromptu meetings, parties, and a host of other social networking gatherings on and offline.

Over the course of the last few years, talking to many of you, I always get the question, “don’t you have to be a techie to go to these shows or benefit from them?” The answer is quite simple – Absolutely NOT!

These shows are defining a new Internet. They are broadening the scope of what can be created online, and not just by the Developers and Coders, but by anyone, yes even you too, the true Technophobe that isn’t afraid to admit it. Here’s a quick blurb on each of these conferences, I hope this helps you understand better how an Event or Meeting Planner, a hotel manager or staff, restaurant or bar owner, even musicians, artists and agents can all take advantage of these new technologies to better their businesses, advance their careers and form online alliances with other associates using some of these wonderful new applications and techniques.

Don’t forget, to leave us your comments below, or anywhere on any of our Blogs and Magazines, this is how we learn what you want and need within your industry.

There is something going on and I aim to find out what it is! What I have found to be an incredible phenomenon is the excitement that is flowing through these shows from the moment you walk into the building. There is a buzz not unlike 1995, when the Internet’s first big Conference and Expo was held in San Jose California, SPRING INTERNET WORLD, produced by Mecklermedia, the brainchild of that eclectic genius, Alan Meckler. That was one of the most exciting tradeshows I have ever attended, and in fact, it was truly one of the most educational.

That seems to be the key to all this- what can you learn by attending these shows? What are your objectives and what direction are you going? Over the next week we will look at all of these shows (and maybe a few others) and create a simple list to help you Get It. It is my goal to help you understand why it is important today to be in business and understand what tools are available for you to do business on the Internet and to be successful at it without much of an investment at all.

Our first show is the Web 2.0 Expo that took place in San Francisco in April.


More to come and more shows to cover. See you soon!!


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