Getting Around CES…whew

…..and I’m not even there yet.  With over 2500 exhibitors, thousands of products, over 100,000 attendees from all over the world, what do WE focus on…?  Well, I love video. OK, let’s do a search on the CES website ( for video.  WOW….over 930 hits!  That’s a lot of walking.  As I’m sure I’ll get my fill of video products, my editors and I have narrowed our focus a bit, and various staffers at Event City will look into and explore specific product areas.  Since I just bought a nifty new Sony Digital Voice Recorder, maybe I should look into this area.  A search on the CES site revealed 11 companies and just over 32 products.  Hey, I can handle that.  These things are becoming a reporters best friend now, so using one and reporting about them at CES will be a great way to break mine in.  You might even hear my audio posts as we attempt to stream CES on Event City.  But more about that later.  My other product area will be those cool digital picture frames….although I think they can be a bit creepy sometimes…(hey, did that picture just move…?).. it’s a growing area (over 60 companies at CES) and a great addition to the Event City Emporium.  It’s also an area with many vendors from overseas, which again shows the international nature of this show.  So that’s just an insight as to what we will be doing for you this year.  And keep your ears open..literally..for news about live streaming from the show.—Michael Handler (Mobile Mike


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  1. Google dubbed the world’s most craziest corporation

    In the main foyer of building 43 there is a colourful old-fashion phone booth, and employees and guests walk up

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