CES Product Reports – Hawkings, Brando and Nobu

Here we are gathering data for you to see, hear and almost feel this fantastic show!! No, not the Event City Live Launch (sure that’s some exciting news), but so is the International CES 2008 Expo in Las Vegas. Here’s the beginning of what will be an entire collection of products for everyone in our industries and beyond!! Have Fun, I know I will!!!

Hawking To Reveal Home Remote Pro Monitoring Solution

So for months after Hawking finally got its act together and began shipping the HomeRemote, they have already created a new model at CES. Logically dubbed the HomeRemote Pro, this iteration weds IP and Z-Wave technologies to enable users to control lighting, access control, video monitoring, climate control and entertainment — and that’s just for starters. The system also touts a new web server-based system that reportedly “allows for true plug and play installation,” and yes, there’s already a slew of peripherals (lamp / appliance modules, door sensors and motion detectors) ready to snag as you futilely attempt to quell your paranoia. Users can grab their own starter kit while looking over a shoulder next month for $200, and considering that you can keep an eye on things even from a cellphone, you really won’t ever have to wave goodbye when leaving home.
Reach Hawking by going to their website, Hawking Technology . Keep you eyes on our new Event City TV – Event City Live! launching at the International CES.

Cool USB Missile Launcher Uses Webcam Tech for Geeky Wars over MSN

We thought Brando had finally reached the pinnacle of jokey USB armaments with its recent Wireless Missle Launcher the third such product in this line but apparently there is demand out there for a remotely-operated version capable of waging war over the internet. Filling this strange market gap will be the USB MSN Missile Launcher, which tacks a webcam onto the standard version and allows your buddies on the Microsoft network to randomly shoot at you throughout the day. Again, we’re not sure who buys a weapon whose main purpose is to attack its owner, so the $49 device may not be the huge hit its predecessors were when it ‘launches’ on the 18th.


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