CES…First Day


If Event City’s mandate is to write about and cover trends in meeting, planning and travel, then there can be no bigger story then the annual CES convention in Las Vegas. It’s one of the largest “meetings” in the world, with over 140,000 attendees from 110 countries, covering thirty various aspects of what’s generally called Consumer Electronics. Many of the Event City Crew have covered this show before, and with our unique perspective and access as press folks, we can bring you much closer to the goings on, products, parties, and behind-the scenes as never before. And it ain’t no cakewalk…the sheer physicality of the event can be daunting…. Over 2700 exhibitors in over 1.7 million feet of meeting space covering the equivalent of 35 football fields, and everyone just as interested as you are in getting up close, asking questions, seeing the demos, and yes, getting tickets to the parties and the concerts. (magic of the press pass…?) Hey, it’s Vegas, but in this case, what goes on in Vegas definitely does not stay in Vegas, and it’s our job at Event City and ECTV to spread the word for our readers and fellow bloggers. We invite your comments and questions during the show, and will try to make this as interactive an experience for all of us…..

We started on Saturday with what’s called the official “Unveiling” of CES to the press, a semi-private event for the press corps to get a jump on the rest of the world to see a sampling of some of the most innovative products and award-winning companies….with cameras allowed! Although it was crowded, only a fraction of the 24,000 registered press members attended. This was CES in a bottle, with about 100 of the best products in various categories holding table-top demos in a “relaxed“, photo friendly atmosphere. And what a variety of people–just within the press folks, from traditional media, bloggers and internet outlets, radio/TV and some definite gear-heads. I met people and saw products from Israel, Canada, France, Italy, and even Turkey. As this was a CEA event (Consumer Electronics Association, the overall sponsor of CES), the food and drinks were free. Wine and WiFi, remote controls and robots, lamb and LED flashlight radios, it’s a real mix. Photos and interviews to follow as we gather the Event City troops and attack the show full force on Monday. But so far, so good, and my feet are holding out…….  Mobile Mike


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