Photographic Frame Milestones-Image Moments 8 by Digital Foci, Inc.

By NOLAN APOSTLE, Assoicate Editor/Producer

Where were you in ’62? Not sure? Oh, you weren’t born yet? Well then you probably didn’t know that in 1962 the Photographic “Frame” became a household name and reached a monumental milestone – selling more frames than there were people in the USA.

OK, so fast forward to 2008 today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and we have another monumental achievement happening. Digital Foci, Inc. announced that it has won The Professional Photographer 2008 “Hot One” Award for the “Image Moments 8” digital photo frame.

imt-081_front_black_l.jpgWinner for the second year in a row (the previous version of Image Moments IMT-081 won the 2007 Hot One Award), “Image Moments 8” (Model IMT-083) lets you display and share photos directly from digital camera memory cards at home or at the office on a selection of beautiful interchangeable picture frames. Just insert any digital camera memory card into the Image Moments frame and watch memories come to life in sharp, vibrant color on its big 8-inch high-resolution digital LCD screen.

Please keep your eyes peeled both here for udates on this product that myself and fellow Editors and writers just love and think this is a definite BUY NOW! We expect to have a review on the product coming soon here as well as a presentation of our CES “Photographic Collection” on Event City Live!.

This new version of the popular Image Moments digital frame now features an 8” high-resolution 800 x 600 digital LCD screen with 500:1 contrast ratio for superior picture quality. The unique proprietary Adapter Ring design supports limitless custom framing options — even your own custom frame. It also features an interchangeable mat with 3 color selections, a hinged memory card door to hide the cards from view for an elegant finish, and an easel leg for alternating between landscape and portrait positioning to make changing your home or office décor a snap.

On Image Moments 8, portrait photos are automatically rotated according to the EXIF data captured by the camera. In addition, the built-in auto-rotate orientation sensor automatically displays photos in the correct orientation according to the landscape or portrait orientation of the device.

Some other great new features include an automatic on/off timer, and advanced file management features. The folder structure lets you select specific folders to playback. You can also create, edit, and sequence multiple playlists directly on the device.

Wow, all that and you almost expect it to take the pictures for you too! I expect to do a nice feature on this and other similar products to help you be more productive both in business and in life.

Thank you for visiting the Event City Blogazine’s coverage at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where you’ll find almost 2 million square feet of space, 2700 exhibitors, and over 140,000 attendees seeking information on millions of products on display at this mammoth show.

For more information on Digital Foci, see the site: .


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  11. The birth place of digital photo frames!

    • At Event City Emporium, we would be interested in carrying Digital Frames as part of our line of products. We have seen quite a bit of them at CES last year. Please send us your material. Thank you.

      To become an Event City member it is Always FREE, just log onto and fill out the registration and you will become a member. Thank you for participating in our Event City Beta Test, we look forward to a successful Live Launch!!

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