Some Images from CES 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

By NOLAN APOSTLE, Assoicate Editor/Producer

Photos by Editor – Michael Handler, Associate Editor – Nolan Apostle, Photographer & Film Crew – Danny Hewlett, and Writer/Photographer – Sonia Sanchez

img_0323-web.jpg By Nolan Apostle the TEAC Team on the CES 2008 Show Floor

img_0316.jpg By Danny Hewlett from CES 2008 Show Floor

By Michael Handler at the Bill Gates Keynote

By Michael Handler from CES 2008 Show Floor

By Nolan Apostle Some friends at the CES 2008

CES 2008 Views By Michael Handler from CES 2008 Show Floor

halloween-fest2-049.jpg By Sonia Sanchez – Smashing Jack wishing he was at CES 2008

This Event City Character will be in Vegas searching out products for all Event Planners, Producers and everyone into Special Effects, Decor & Ambiance. Keep your eyes peeled for this Halloween Vagrant in early March 2008!

Much much more to come from the CES Consumer Electronics Show 2008!


3 Responses

  1. Hello from Pacifica ! The Blogozine looks grrrreat! Will you have a link from the Blogozine to the live video stream ,when it’s up and running?

  2. Thanks for the comment…we have the equipment, now all we need the the time, the sleep, and the I’m gonna-sit-down-anddo-it determination. Our editor is on the case and the video is in the can..sooooooonnnn, Man…

    Mobile Mike

    More photos TODAY

  3. Smashing Jack lives again! Man i love that guy or should i say Ghoul…
    I was talking to the smashing one just last night. It was around midnight.
    He would not stop going on about not having any vacation time left.

    Something about being 3 feet away from Peter Frampton. I told him i needed to to sleep,
    and to call when it was Halloween! The nerve of some of these monster types ,they think they own the world…

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