Sooooo Many Vendors, So Little Time….


Hey from Day Three of the Giant CES. First, I mis-spoke/wrote the other day about the International Details…there are 140 countries represented here, not the 110 I previously reported. In addition to the languages I wrote about two days ago, I’d like to add Swedish, Finnish, many Chineese dialects, German, and a few unknown Central European tounges into the mix. And I have entered that “so when do I post?” zone….since once you’re on the floor you’re sucked in, and once you’re on the party bus (who says I’m just looking for free foood…?), you can’t get off. Last night we were in the press corps for the Monster Dealer Awards/Mary J Blige super show, AND the after party (hey, who ate all the food..??). Great event…great photos and even video to follow soon.

Some of the larger issues of the show have come to mind, and I will write about them in the next day or two. Basically, we have two worlds here …one for the dealers/resellers/distributors, and the other for us, the press– all wanting to see the same new stuff but for different reasons. I get the feeling that we are really part of “their” show, but we have very good accesss to be that electronic fly on the wall, and we need to sit down and share more of that with you. As long as we don’t miss the (yes, free) press lunch, so a few pictures up and I’m out the door.

The Big Thing at the show this year has been lurking around for years but now seems to be taking hold…that is the One Brand fits all approach that gives the user a seemless interface to all aspects of their computer/electronic experience, involving many devices across various platforms. Home/Mobile/Work/Play/PC, smart applications, mobile, auto (big thing this year with Microsoft), wireless. The studios (Fox, ABC, etc) also were here to sing the same song. Get ’em everywhere and keep ’em in the house. Of course those guys have the content, the manufactures have the devices, and we got the blog, so until tomorrow or later today if the party bus is late, I am your most trusted and loyal servant,

Mobile Mike Handler


4 Responses

    by Carole Turley

    WOW Mike, attending CES for this first time was an incredible and overwhelming experience in every way for a technological virgin like myself. I actually consider myself to be ‘technically challenged’ – not uncommon for the middle aged woman that I am.

    The wonderful crew at Event City tried to tell me what to expect but the actual reality of it all was so much grander than anything I could muster in my own mind and imagination.

    A woman who can’t even figure out how to record a television movie onto my VCR tape (oh I know…not many pp even use VCR’S anymore) even I was impressed with the massive displays that showcased the ‘latest and greatest’ from the tech world. With the seemingly never ending hussle bussle on the trade show floors, I almost thought I was shuffling myself through the crowded streets of New York City.

    I found myself in the midst of such a vast array of sensory input with all of the lights, people, sounds & movement that seemed to eminate from everywhere.

    …and then there were the parties… boy were there parties! Attending the private concerts in the Gibson tent were truly a highlight for me I have to admit. I think that I previously knew that Kevin Cosner sang and had a band but… to be standing not more than 3 feet from him as he expressed his real self through his music was an experience of it’s own. He appeared to be as comfortable on stage as the faded blue jeans and casual long sleeved shirt that he was wearing.

    Running into David Caruso at the fabulous Wynn Hotel began to almost seem natural, as did taking pictures with Sinbad. I felt as if I had been transported into somebody else’s life.

    And then came Peter Frampton… OH MY GOD! That little tent was on fire… charged with electricity the minute he played the first chord! The lights reflecting off of the chemical fog that filled the room mesmerized me… as did Frampton himself to say the very least. Standing front and center stage in his blue jeans and plaid shirt, that man oozed pure joy as he performed. In my entire life I have never before witnessed any person who loved what they do as much as it appeared Peter Frampton did. His strong bond & respect for the members of the band was equally apparent. My eyes scanned the room that was filled with young and old alike… all hollering and having a fabulous time! His talent was embraced by and simply spanned generations. This man IS the epitome of the expression of pure joy! I was positioned stage left and leaning on the stage in an attempt to take the pressure of my oh so tired feet, just below the keyboard player. When they completed their final song he leaned over his instrument, looked at me, smiled and tossed something directly to me as he nodded. I returned the smile as well as a nod in thanks. I watched it flutter it’s way toward me and thought it was confetti of some type. It landed on my chest & I picked it up to see that it was a guitar pic signed by himself. He then tossed a handful out into the audience. What a nice momentum I have to remember this fantastic event by!

    Just about every aspect of this trip to Vegas along with being given the opportunity to partake of CES in all of its glory will remain a milestone in my life marked by a sense that it was all quite surreal.

    Even a tech virgin like myself couldn’t help being awe struck by the vastness of all of the related experiences while attending CES 2008!

    I strongly urge anyone who is involved with the Electronics Industry to make arrangements and mark you calendar for 2009. Don’t miss out-I am certainly glad that I didn’t!

  2. It’s great to see that Carole T got so much out of the show! Maybe she’ll be a techno-geek yet!!!…Mobile Mike

  3. Hello. I am Kym, Carole T’s daughter. As my work situation did not relinquish me the time to attend the CES 2008 Expo, I have been filled with the illustrious details by both my mother and brother that I nearly believe I was there. My mother appraised me such details on the after-parties that I can nearly feel the energy and hear the music.

    I truly wish that I could have seen, first hand, the newest and greatest in the technical world. I, then, may begin to lose my feeling of technological idiot. I have heard details of the new technology going into the automotive world, the computer world, even the music industry.

    I appreciate the updates and information found here, that has kept me up to date on the CES 2008 Expo.

  4. Hey Kimmy,

    Wow! You too can write!! I know your Mom was a darn good writer, but you, I would of never guessed. I am very impressed. Your short little ditty on our magazine is very well addressed and comes at a very good time. Do keep your eyes and mouse pointed to our space where your comments are always welcomed and your ideas greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you often and soon. Did your Mom or Mikey tell you about any of our upcoming treks to the big Diamond in the Desert (What I call Las Vegas – long story about that one)? This will also be your chance to meet and greet the one and only….

    OK, I’ll give you a couple of hints – It’s a Photo-imagers Disneyland come the end of the month. Then sometime soon after you will be Hospitalitized and crazyfied at one of the Event City Industries biggest and most illustrious Tradeshows ever! And finally – It’s Our party and we’ll cry if we want too, but just don’t miss all the great Halloween and Event industry products at this outrageous tradeshow. Industry insiders and surely many outsiders say of all tradeshows for all industries you will not have nearly as much fun as you will have at this upcoming show in March 2008! Read our BlogaZine, for all the details on these great industry events.

    Damn that’s so good I think I’ll use it!!

    Cheers My Babies

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