Your Mac Life Event at MacWorld Expo 2008

By Nolan Apostle, Associate Editor & Producer – Event City Live!

Macworld GM, Rockstar, Guitarist and all around nice guy, Paul Kent and his band took the stage on Thursday night, January 17th, at the MacWorld Expo Party – “Your Mac Life” hosted by Griffin and others.

Paul Kent, MacWorld Expo GM Rocks the House at Slims during the Your Mac Life Party, Photo By Nolan Apostle

He may not be a Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane/Starship), but PK can rock with the best of them, and plays a real mean guitar. Not quite sure how good his memory may be but strangely enough, when him and I first met I was photographing real Rock Stars (no offense Paul) and bringing business to the Apple inCider Expo through our Mac User group – “Let’s Go Mac” as well as other sources. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Paul produced that show. Some things never change, he’s still producing expos, and I’m still shooting Rock Stars! Go get ’em Paul!!


Shawn King, Host of the Your Mac Life Internet Radio Show at the Party on Thursday Night, Photo By Nolan Apostle

Thanks to Paul Kent of MacWorld Expo, Griffin, Shawn King of Your Mac Life and many others, tonights bash was a smashing success! Until next year, enjoy the photos, and please feel free to leave comments as to what you liked or didn’t like at MacWorld Expo 2008.
Much more to come and many more photos and video (courtesy of Event City Live!) from MacWorld Expo 2008 and CES – Consumer Electronics Show 2008 Las Vegas.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Event City thanks for what you wrote on the MacWorld event. That is an interesting post about the “Your Mac Life Party” — whe do you think you will have more pictures, I liked the ones you posted already. Thanks.

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  3. Hello! Great job, nicely done. Really like your links on Consider me and my group a member- we have over 150 of us. Thanks, Amos

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