Great Emails and Comments from our Readers

Hello Everyone, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and the emails messages we have received, you are all so generous! Please as often as possible do leave comments here on our Magazine pages (our BlogaZine) as well as our It helps us to learn more about what you like and want to see us report on your industry.

Wow! I was really impressed by one comment left by Kimmy in Arizona. She can write. No, I don’t just mean she can write, but SHE-CAN-WRITE!! She certainly picked up some pointers from her Mom who’s a darn good writer herself and has previously penned some good pieces for us. But I would of never guessed – Kimmy.

I am very impressed and hope to see much more of her on here, and maybe we can entice her to write a few things on a more semi-professional level, what do you think Kimmy hunny???

Please do keep your eyes and mouse pointed to our space where your comments are always welcomed and your ideas greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from all of you often and soon.

Cheers My Babies,
Nolan Apostle
Founder & CEO
Associate Publisher
Chief Editor
VP of Marketing and Promotions
(Ok, it’s a lot titles, give me a break- we’re a Start Up)
Event City Network
Event City Creative Magazine


4 Responses

  1. We would like to help people learn about writing Thank You Notes.

    If we can do this let us know.

  2. Very good site. Can I share my work with your readers. Here is some of it. Including a steel fabrication business and a recipe company. Very good recipe if you like to cook.

    Structural Steelwork and Mild Steel Fabrication by Multiform

    Recipes –


  3. Very cool site and fun too. I’ve learnd a lot about technology and how it relates to my industry (Designer and Event producer), thank you.

  4. Good site, like your articles. very diveres. when your website launches will it be as diverse? Who do you have as “beta testers”. Can you sign me up?

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