Mikie The Taliban

Coming to a blog near you soon, the story of my three days on the set of “Brothers”, a film in production here in New Mexico.  I worked as a “featured extra” Taliban soldier, holding a gun on Tobey Maguire’s character as a downed  and captured Marine in Afghanistan.  Fun stuff, but man was it cold, especially the night shooting.   Based on a recent European film of the same name,  the movie also stars Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal.  More details and a photo to follow….



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  1. Hey that is great Mike. I’ve enjoyed your ‘Below The Line’ writing, as well as your associate writers-reportrs too. Can’t get enough of it. I also read a piece from someone named Carol; will she be writing soon again? I love her style. Please tell her that. Maybe we an see your picture as a taliban, then I can print it out and throw darts at it. ho ho, ha ha, i am just kidding. I am looking to see more of this great work.

  2. By the way Movie Mike, I almost forgot, can I have your autograph please?

    Have a nice day,
    George H

  3. OMG!!! You worked as an extra? Look, im a HUGE argentinian fan of tobey and i’d love you to tell us more about how it was shooting with him! 🙂 🙂 And i’m also looking forward to the photos!!

    Please, if u can send me, i’d love u to send to my e-mail address your experience, but if you don’t, i’ll wait until you post everything here! 🙂 No problem! Thanks for reading my comments! 🙂

  4. Hello Belén,

    Thank you for the great comment! Unfortunately we cannot send individual information request. Please feel free to visit often for updates and news reports. I am sure Movie Mike will be posting again soon.

    As we move through our Alpha Testing we are beginning to receive much more interest from great visitors like you. This has our entire team on our toes to keep adding content and working towards our Live Beta Test Launch. WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR INTEREST!

    Movie Mike is not just a great writer and broadcaster, but as you know, he is also an Actor! I’m sure he will enjoy your comments too. Please check back here often for updates and articles on many different aspects of the Events & Creative Industries, and of course for Tobey Maguire updates.

    BTW, have you heard, MICROSOFT has made made an offer to YAHOO to buy them (4am on Feb 1st, 2008)? This news just came off the wire minutes ago!! You can tell your friends you heard it here first on the Event City BlogaZine!! Reports like this and more will be part of our regular news team information.

    Belén, Do you work in one of the Events & Creative Industries? How did you find Event City? Please sign up for our BETA TEST and you will receive many benefits, contest treats, freebies, and “Sneak Peaks” to the entire Event City Network project.

    We look forward to seeing you often and helping us grow at the Event City Network!

    Nolan Apostle
    Founder & CEO

  5. Hey folks,

    Thanks for your comments about my work on “Brothers”. I will say this about Tobey Maguire…he is really into what he does. On frist day on the set, I didn’t recognize him with his short beard as he walked by and said Hello, but later in the day he wasn’t as friendly as I was holding a gun on him. The next day he was in heavy ” injury” make up after a helicopter crash, and was also captured by our very own Taliban band (I was the drummer…just kidding), so he was in character most of the time. As a rule, extras do not engage major talent in any way, even direct eye contact. Try that with Val Kilmer and see what happens…! Picture up shortly…..

  6. OOOOOOOHHH Thank u so much Nolan and Michael for all those details, now im worried about tobey’s helicopter crash! hope he’s fine now! LOL! XD
    I’ve to tell you that tobey is not like very outgoing with fans or people who get very near him! XD but he’s a great person, he’s got a great heart, it depends on the day acctually! XD And im absolutely going to check back here for those updates, guys! Again THANK U VERY MUCH! 😀

  7. Hi Belen,

    We have to stop meeting like this! LOL. You are such the active writer, thank you, we enjoy it greatly.

    You sure know a lot about Mr. Maguire, what a great fan you are! We look forward to seeing you on here often. By the way, do you work in the Entertainment industry?

    Nolan Apostle
    Event City Network

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