Microsoft Makes Generous Offer to Buy Yahoo



Microsoft has made a very generous bid to buy the ailing Yahoo. AP wire reported that a $31 per share offer was made by Microsoft to purchase Yahoo Internet search engine. This is an enormous premium over what Yahoo’s stock closed yesterday.

Yahoo has seen their stock sinking over the last year and this could be some great news for them.

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang (L) and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in this composite image are the figureheads for the two companies involved in this deal that has been rumored for over a year. Microsoft on Friday, February 1st (4am PST) said it had offered to acquire Yahoo in a proposed cash and stock deal valued at $44.6 billion.

More to come on this Super Tech deal!



One Response

  1. Indeed only shareholders have something to win from Microsoft-Yahoo! merger.

    This is really a bad news for the web & for Yahoo! employees (many of them will be “sacrified” in the name of
    “eliminating redundant infrastructure and duplicative operating costs”)

    Money can’t buy everything (in this case Love & Admiration of Internet users).

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