Mobile Mike is Bad Boy in New Film BROTHER’S Featuring Tobey Maguire

By Nolan Apostle – Editor, Producer

Hey Mikey, can I have that costume?!! We are a proud family today as one of our own, Mobile Mike our resident Terrorist is on the set of Tobey Maguire’s new film, “Brother’s”, currently in production in the beautiful state of New Mexico.

He is featured in the film as a Taliban, taking Maguire captive. How about loaning me that cool costume for the HCP Show – Halloween, Costume & Party Expo coming up in March? I think I’d be the show’s Terror (Ha ha ha), pun intended.


Photos by Stephen Chomko

Wow, doesn’t he look authentic. If I saw him coming at me, I’d run for the hills!

He’s even scarier when you look at him close up. Check out Mobile Mike as a Taliban up close and personal here on the Event City’s BlogaZine.

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Michael Handler, aka Mobile Mike on the set of “Brother’s”, the new Tobey Maguire flick, currently being filmed in New Mexico.

Those of you that don’t know Mr. Handler, he is one of our Broadcast Producers, Camera-person, Talent, Contributing Editor, reporter and an incredible musician. Oh wait, did I forget ACTOR?


11 Responses

  1. I enjoyed your magazine so far, very cool. Thank you Event City Online for the interesting post on Mobile Mike is Bad Boy in New Film BROTHER do you know when the film will be out? I’m a big fan of Tobey Macguire. Thank you for the lively and informative articles. See your articles on our blog too. If it is not ok let us know and we will remove.

  2. OMG WHAT A GREAT COSTUME!! AGAIN, HOW LUCKY YOU WERE TO SHOOT WITH TOBEY! CONGRATS! 😀 And you also took Tobey captive, couldn’t you take him to my house? XD LOL! Thanks for the updatesssss!! 🙂

  3. Wow Mike ! You look marvelous!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Mike is a really great guy, but I wouldn’t mess with him in that costume! In addition to acting, he’s an awesome jazz and blues harmonic player, as witnessed recently in Phoenix where he jammed with Dennis Rowland, Papa DeFrancesco and other local musicians.
    Margo Music Lover from Canada

  5. Yes, I heard that was a great show, sorry I missed it!

  6. Hrundi V. Bakshi, is that you? I thought you got fired after you ruined the set. Are you ready to party in Oakland? Looking good!

  7. Hey you guys…that incident on the set was an accident, really….. Anyway, they were short on Taliban guys that day so I got my gig back. But I do think I’ll change back to my street clothes before getting on the next plane…..!
    Thanks Oakland Joe for the comment, and we look forward to your next CD.

  8. What about my CD? I should have it done just in time for Christmas. Hey, do you have anymore pictures? What about other movie set picts or production picts. I’m into it!!!

    How can I get into the business? I’m talented (Musically speaking) and I can work on Grip type work; also a lic. electrician. Let me know who to break into the world of Hollywood.

    The Sam Man

  9. Thank you for your website 😉
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    my backgrounds:
    all the best and thank you again!

  10. the film industry is of course a multi billion dollar industry that employs a lot of people “`*

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