WonderCon 2008 @ Moscone S.F. Feb 22-24

Wow! It’s here , it’s really here! WonderCon 2008.


I can almost hear the Heavenly Choirs rejoicing…I have had the privilege of attending this show, as a guest of my friend Brian (Spiderbrain)  for the past seveal years.


I have always been a huge SpiderMan fan since the early 1970’s, but i pale in comparison to Spiderbrain Cox. Brian can just about answer any question imaginable on the webbed one, he’s always telling me about his favorite Spidey covers, and all kinds of other stuff.

I will be in full comic glory this up-coming Feb 22 – 24 at the San Francisco Moscone Center.

Me at last years WonderCon Show

This years show will not be all fun and games though; why you ask? Because i work with NOLAN now! Task master extraordinare… Well to be entirely fair it was me who put the bug in his ear about covering this show.

With that being said now he wants reports, photos and video interviews with as many cool people at the show as i can fit onto my hard drive . Go figure!

Event City will be there in full effect at this years WonderCon bringing you along for the ride, with witty comments and entertaining content from the shows floor. Please stay tuned to the Event City BlogaZine as we delve into what makes the WondrCon what it is today. Comic books have transformed themselves into todays graphic novels from their humble beginnings at your local drugstore. Today they have the powerhouse auction sales that they generate on E-bay , to the comic boutiques at just about every mall in the country and there’s still some local comic book stores in neighborhoods too. Not to mention the place they hold in the true comic fans hearts.

So if you are a comic newbie or total blast from the past you will have an awesome time at this years WonderCon 2008.

Hey, and if you see me there come up and introduce yourself .



One Response

  1. Jeff,

    Looks like a total blast!!! To bad I’ll be in Florida on vacation.

    I’ll check back later.

    Remember to vote today.

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