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For Below the Line

In my earlier posts about my film work “below the line”, I have written mostly about being an extra, or “background player” as we’re called. Even though my goal in this business was to be and still is to get more crew work, such as sound, props and art department, I find myself falling back into costumes and makeup in front of the camera.

This last gig on “Brothers” was the most active (less time sitting around) and certainly the c-c-c-oldest for all of us. The sets really looked like Hollywood back lots, with gung-ho Marines, guys with guns and turbans running around, and tons of lights and equipment. But this was back-country New Mexico in the middle of a cold winter. We kept warm by the fires and occasional portable heaters, keeping on our Western parkas until we heard the AD shout “picture’s up” and we’re placed for the next shot. We then take off the extra clothes and leave on the costumed stars like Tobey Maguire have costumers that keep on their parkas until the last possible moment then whisked them away – when that same AD (Assistant Director) shouts “rolling, rolling…!” My last Friday on the set, now way out in the middle of the Zia pueblo, we had an 18 hour day! Even for an extra, that’s a lot of overtime!

— Movie “Taliban” Mike


3 Responses

  1. OMG 18 HOURS A DAY!! that was a loooot! i belive shooting with Tobey and being an extra for such a great film worths the cold weather! XD LOL!
    Thanks for the updates, friend! 🙂

  2. Hey its Sammy J from New York, I can most definitely relate to your experiences with the cold weather. I work in the industry here in the big apple and we go through that most of the year. Have you even thought of using hand-warmers? Uusally the prod mngr, medic, or best boy, will provide these to the crew. They are throw aways and not too expensive. It looks like you servived and had a huge heap of fun. that is what matters most. Keep up the great work you are doing here. You guys rock!
    Sammy J – (The NY Kid)

  3. Sam

    The medic was all over us with hand warmers. I kept some and used them when I went skiing!! If you have an IATSE office in NYC, and of course you do, they are the ones to see about crew work. Sounds like you’re already invloved. Thanks for the comments and stay warm!

    Movie Milke

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