Alpha Omega online printing

Alpha Omega Online printing

Now here is something we hope you’ll really like! Online printing now brought to you by Event City

I just placed my first order this past week . I created my account , clicked on the online design tab , and away i went creating my first set of biz cards for our band Uncle Fungus.

I have been telling friends and family about this for awhile maybe they will believe me now! Alpha Omega does it all . I think for bands it could really boost your bottom line by having biz cards to hand out . Banners with your bands logo are always nice too.

4×6 hand outs with your bands vital stats are a must , you can upload your own images too.

You can choose from a whole line of newly added templates from tech to tattoos , from law enforcement to the universe. I could go on for hours , “no really i could .” I invite you to see for yourself …

Please feel free to follow the link and check out the print products that are available to choose from @ Alpha Omega advertising and printing

This is a shameless plug for one of our business add on’s , but i just had to share this one. Soon all these goodies will be part of the Event City Emporium , but until then keep your eyes peeled for more cool stuff!


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