Silicon Masks @ Transworld Haunt Show by CFX

These masks are incredibly realistic, created by CFX Composite Effects  these masks are so good, they could one day replace proesthetic makeup use in Haunt attractions across the country.

After I witnessed this demo I was sold. The mask is so lifelike take notice of the sculptor who is also the model being interviewed as he chews gum….

….the realism is amazing! It’s not everyday you get to see a demon chewing gum.

For product info please contact the Event City Emporium.


6 Responses

  1. Some great masks it takes quite some time to create such amazing details. Love the video.

  2. These masks are really cool! You are right the detail is out of this world…
    If you are ever interested in getting one for yourself check out our site.

    We would love to one custom made just for you.


  3. SPFXmasks also makes silicon masks, and now is concentrating on realistic masks instead of monster masks. These things look totally convincing.

  4. I used one of these masks at a local haunt Night Terrors in Jacksonville, FL. It’s a fantastic piece of work. So realistic, people didn’t realize I had a mask covering my entire head. I’ve seen a few more pictures of products I can use. Please add me to your list and let me know when you launch. Thank you.

  5. look at this: Thanks for the cool links to some great location. How can I get my location in Salt Lake city up.

    Very good stuff!!

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