Smashing Jack Gearing Up for Halloween at Event City Emporium

Smashing Jack – Event City Halloween Mascot, Contributing Writer
Event City Network, Event City BlogaZine and Event City Creative


Well as you may noticed here at the Event City Blogazine and now at the Event City Creative Magazine we have been gradually introducing more products for your perusal, and more and more product information along with our Tradeshow, Convention, Special Event and interview coverage; we have promised to bring you some of the most amazing coverage over time for the Events & Creative Industries, which include some of the most unique products you will ever see anywhere- and yes we mean ANYWHERE!  So can you guess where we are going with this?

If you can’t let me give you a clue. These products and many more will soon be made available in the Beta Test version of the Event City Marketplace Channel – the Event City Emporium. This will be a LIVE Beta Test, which basically means everything will be available for you to view, purchase and receive via our Event City Store. 

This is gonna be so cool, I get really excited around this time of year anyway, just think how excited I am about this!! I the Smashing One look forward to helping you make your Halloween, as scary as you want it to be whether you are a Dad hanging out with your son on your first Haunt, or a professional Event Planner, Movie Maker or Haunt Master ready to dig into this years Mega bath of blood and guts!

I hope to hear from you soon. I would like to hear from all of you to tell me what kind of products you would like to see at the Event City Emporium. Not just Halloween stuff (although they are my favorite you know) but everything you can imagine that relate to the Events & Creative Industries. So please leave a coment or 2 or 3 or 4 or….

 ….anyway, you get the idea! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


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