Movie Mike Stikes Again in New Production with Jack Black

It’s extra time again here at Below the Line.  Yes, back in Extra Land doing what we do best…..waiting to be called back to the set.  The film this time is called “The Year One”, and has something to do with Jack Black and Michael Cera going back in time and ending up with Abraham, amonst other folks and places.  I was one of several Elder Dudes in Abe’s tent.  The lines are funny, but the best part about being there is the banter between Jack and the Simpson’s Hank Azaria, who plays Abraham, and the occasional quip or suggsestion by the great comedy Director Harold Ramis.  We, the crew and extras, get a “show” almost every take.  It’s like we’re “in” on their little jokes and asides…wait, are we susposed to hear this?  kinda feeling can creep in.  Jack seems pretty open and yes, will look and smile at folks and allow himself to be looked at.  Some stars…you look, you lose. So for this day we are in Santa Fe, working in an abondoned Albertsons store. The crew has put up a couple of large tents and some cool exterior dirt/sand/firepits…all that’s missing is a camel or two. (Maybe we’ll see them on location in Truth or Consequences early next week…) The interior of the tent is very exotic, with dancing girls, drums and flutes, big guys lighting fire tourches (oh wait, that’s a special effects guy….), and real dates, nuts and dried apricots to pass around and eat.  Hey, it’s always a feast with old Abraham around, right?  A lot of my friends are asking if I’ll play the harmonica in the movie, but I don’t think there were harmonicas in Bibical times. But strangely enough, Director Harold Ramis has a guitar he plays betwen takes, so I told him I’d bring some harps down to T or C and who knows, maybe we’ll get a jam going.  I already caught Jack Black playing some air guitar between takes…..  The school of rock hits the Holy Land…I’ve got those Bible Blues/ cause Abe don’t smile/ Maybe I’ll visit Sodom City/ After awhile.  That is where Jack’s character wants to go, after hearing reports of loose wimmen down there. We will see what awaits us next week in Truth or Consequences, and since there has appartently been a script change, we don’t even know what our “roles” will be.  Makes it more interesting I guess, but I’ll let you all know how it ends up.  Not the movie, (they wouldn’t like that), but our next experience in Extra Land.  Stay tuned…….

Harmonica Mike    no, I mean Movie Mike…no, it’s Mobile Mike…. it gets so confusing sometimes…


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