Airburgers, Lions and Tigers in Southern New Mexico

(From the set of The Year One, being filmed now in Southern New Nexico) 

Jack Black is on the set of the ancient traders and slave market eating air burgers, air fries and an air milkshake (I’m thinking vanilla).  He dips a fry into the milkshake and slowly puts it in his mouth with his head back, sucking it down with a slurp and a grin.  Right in front to me, mind you.  Now, that’s acting.  Then it was back to the shot, which included a “baby” lion and tiger, each about 9 months old and about 90 pounds….fully formed babys if you ask me.  They were on one side of me with their handlers–in costume–and Jack Black and Michael Cera were right in front of me as they walked down this center of this marketplace set.  Very detailed, too, with special effects guys blowing frank incense smoke to inhance the visuals and the mood.    There were stalls laid out for fabric, spices (real curry and ground flowers), animals, iron stuff, and rugs, etc.  I was later to be the rug merchant guy. We had over 150 extras dressed as ethnic traders from all parts of the ancient world, complete with a dock on the lake (just south of Elephant Butte by Truth or Concequences, NM), boats, dockworkers, slaves, guards, etcs.  Very complete and colorful.  (Photos to follow once an extra USB cable is located…mine was “appropiated” by another extra).  So back to Jack, and why he saved a shot and my ass….As it was sunny and bright out, many of us wore dark glasses between shots.  The cameras were about to roll, and I’m still wearing mine when Jack looks over and says to me “Dude…you might want to take off those shades…!”  Wow, off they come into my costume and I muffle a Thanks in Jacks direction.  You have to understand that communication between extras and the stars DOES NOT HAPPEN on a set, so here’s like the main dude telling me to lose the shades.  So we do the shot, once the lion/tiger duo make their appearence (beautiful animals), and one the way back to one (re-setting to our original position), I thank Jack again for the save as he passes by me, to which he gives me a high-five and says , “Hey man, I’ve got your back…!”  Like just another dude on the set, except this dude is the main star making a gazillion times more money than any of us, but it shows he wasn’t tripping and very open and friendly.  But an unusual occurance all the same, and it did not escape the attention of one of the Assistant Directors, who told me to watch the interaction with the actors.    It was all cool,  however, and later some of us heard Jack and Michael Cera sing an original tune, with Jack on guitar, which was very sweet and revealed Jack to have a nice singing voice.  They were even singing it during the set up for the next shot…. lots of what I have written about for Year One will be on the DVD or the Making Of video, so be sure to check that out in the future.  It promises to be a very funny movie, and with Harold Ramis directing, and playing a bit of guitar as well, I’m sure it will be.  Look for the merchant with the orange hat and belt and long hair…that’s me.

Next, both T4 and Legion and in town, and I’m up for both.  Stay tuned to see where I end up…in the future or the way mega future!


2 Responses

  1. What a great experience. I hear Jack Black is a real cool guy.

    I’ll be back for more…..

    …..Mr Fun World

  2. No way dude! You are so right on. I’m sitting here in a pub listening to some ear-crunching rnr and watching Jack Black’s rock n roll movie in spanish. It does n’t matter that I don’t speak spanish because I cant hear anything anyways.

    Jack Black is the bomb. He’s an awesome actor. I hear he’s a cool guy to hang out with cant wait to see ther movie. I’ll look for you in your shades.

    the Tin Man

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