Web 2.0 Expo – What Is It and Why You Need to Attend

Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

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Web 2.0 is once again upon us (Year two) and we can’t wait to bring you the great details of this fantastic show. Unlike last year, when we just had begun our Email Industry Newsletter, this year we have both a BlogaZine and our Event City Creative Magazine to share with you all of the these great new technologies and how they relate to the Events & Creative Industries.

What is Web 2.0 Expo? Well, to be brief, Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco is a tradeshow featuring exhibitors showcasing all things Web 2.0—tools, technologies, services, infrastructures, and more! It is a global annual gathering of technical, design, marketing, and business professionals (Yes I’m sure you would fit into one of these categories) who are building the next generation web. It is truly an Internet Expo that will showcase technology, but not with that intimidating attitude one might expect from any technology expo. You see, this is not just “any” technology expo!

Web 2.0 Expo features the most innovative and successful Internet industry figures and companies providing attendees with examples of business models, development paradigms, and design strategies to enable mainstream businesses and new arrivals to the Web 2.0 world to take advantage of this new generation of services and opportunities. Web 2.0 Expo is co-presented by TechWeb and O’Reilly Media.

For a more detailed description of What WEB 2.0 is all about, visit the O’Reilly Website “What is Web 2.0 page”, written by Tim O’Reilly himself, founder of O’Reilly Publishing.

One of the companies that truly will shine not just at Web 2.0 but certainly beyond and into the Event City’s very own Events & Creative Industries is the company ETELOS.

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They have created Web 2.0 based software products that venture into many of our industries, including the Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel and Entertainment industries. The reality of who we are and what we do is simply projects that can’t get away from having some type of connection to the Internet. The new technologies are becoming much more user friendly and allowing us to be more successful.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for this years show!

Here’s a sneak peak as to what you will see at their booth at this years show.


One Response

  1. This is a good website. I just visited your TV Station, cool footage from the convention. I think i saw some of it on here.

    I like it all. I do like the articles, some good stuff from Jeff and Movie Mike. But I think I like the best when your company wrties “industry” related news. Most importantly when you write about things like tradeshows and conventions that do not relate to the Hospitality industry, but the technolgy or the overall Internet show helps our industry. That I care for the most.

    I think i like the most recent articles on Ad Tech in san fran and your most recent articles on Web2.0. I hope to be there. I work in the Hospitality industry as well as on Events.

    I am looking for software our company can use to keep track of customer data collected online as well as through shows, conferences and events.

    Also, I will be signing up to become a Beta Tester soon. How much time does it take and what does it entail?

    Take care Mr Wooly Booly himself,
    Sam the Man.

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