Events, Travel and Good Ol’ Gasoline

It wasn’t just a little less than a year ago that gas was about half of what it is now (I personally have witnessed the $5.00 per gallon ++ sign on several gasoline stations – mostly Shell’s), and we were pretty upset about that. “How could gas get so high” we would ask ourselves. But now, wow, over $5.00 per gallon, are we INSANE OR WHAT??

How has this effected Events? How has this effected how people travel back and forth to events? How will this effect how we go on vacations this summer to visit Aunt May in the Midwest, or if we still will take our planned excursion to the Big Apple? How about those of you that plan events, will this hurt your bottomline? Will you plan events in an entirely different way from here on out?

No need to answer these questions. I just want to be clear on one thing; People will continue to plan events and travel, just not the same way they use to. Are the oil companies planning on this? HECK NO!

Events, Meeting, and Hospitality Tradeshow Comes to Northern California

A boutique style industry trade show is coming to the heart of Silicon Valley next week and YOU’RE INVITED! All members of the Event City Network, and all Events & Creative Industry associates are welcomed to the Special Events & Business Mixer Expo at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

The event is produced by Michael Aguilera and is being sponsored by the EVENT CITY NETWORK as well as several other fine companies. The Daily News Group, InfoBayArea, Times Media Group and the WAVE Magazine:

This is a must attend event for all Special Event Planners, Meeting Managers, Corporate Planners & Buyers, Hospitality and Entertainment industry professionals. We expect an eclectic array of attendees as each of the Media Sponsor publcations cater to a different and unique audience of these professional industries.

If you are a professional or have a company that you would like to showcase to the industry, please contact Michael Aguilera, producer of the event. There is still some booth space available at only $345/space. Mr. Aguilera can be reached at either Office: 408.972.1985 or by emailing Mike Aguilera directly.

Any questions please contact Event City for participation at other levels. To get a sneak peak at some of the products Event City will have on display, please visit the Event City Emporium Blog.


SUN Microsystems produces the JavaONE Conference every year and each year they plan an event for their Coummunity One group. This year it was the Cinco de Mayo party and our very own WIRLBALL™ was live at the event rolling along attendees to magnificent fun! Our friends at Plan-It Interactive managed the Wirlball activities for SUN. THANKS for the GREAT job with our Wirlball. After a few more WIRLING events they will become expert WIRLERS!!

This is our very first, unofficial corporate party in the USA for the Wirlball to make an appearance! Here are a couple of short video clips for you to see how much fun it can be Wirling around and around and around and around and…..

….around and around and around!!!

New Technology Series Announced-Beginners Java Programming TechTalk

Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative


This week is the Java One Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It is of course not a Hospitality Expo about the Coffee industry, but more about the technology created by SUN Microsystems which is in many different applications and just about everywhere on the web. Oh yeah, and we’ll throw in a little bit of caffeine just for some kicks!

At Event City our Publishers, Editors, Managers, the “powers that be”, have decided to begin a series of articles and reports for all that is Technology, and how it spans into YOUR industry. Continue reading

Little Maker Johnny A at Maker Faire Light Doodling

The Maker Faire has so much to offer, this is just one of the many. Join us at this years Maker Faire 2008, at the San Mateo Events Center, San Mateo, California.

Here’s a couple of pictures of our very own, Who What Where Why Guy, Johnny A at the Light Doodling area directly adjacent to the Disney Exhibit located in the BAYLUG (Bay Areas Lego Users Group). This is where you can “Paint” your own Light Photograph and have it available online for you when you get home.

This and many more exciting interactive exhibits await you at the Maker Faire 2008. See ya there!

Disney Enters Robotic Toy Market with New Line of Programmable Toy Robots


We got this story off “the wires”, but since Rollin’ Nolan is going to this very Maker Faire as I write this with his ever inquisitive son, we shoud get a post and wrap up from him after a while. Check for additional coverage at the Event City Creative Magazine. This should be interesting…anyone seen the Wall-E posters in the theaters yet? Pretty cool looking/ previews are way cute. Enjoy…!

Movie Mike

Disney Consumer Products Collaborates With Pixar, Thinkway Toys And WowWee To Develop Robotic Toys That Talk, Dance, Fly, Respond To Commands, Feature Motion Tracking And More

Disney Consumer Products today announced its entry into the robotic toy market with an innovative line of robotic toy products created in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios, Thinkway Toys and WowWee.

The robotic toys are inspired by WALL·E, the adorable robot from the Disney-Pixar theatrical release of the same name set to debut this summer, and Tinker Bell, the beloved Disney Fairy. The Ultimate WALL·E robotic toy and the iDance WALL·E dancing boombox, as well as a remote control Tinker Bell flying toy, will hit the market this fall. With life-like movements and features designed to impress and delight fans of all ages, these new robotic toys are anticipated to be big hits with holiday shoppers this year.

Disney has been a pioneer in the area of entertainment robotics and Audio-Animatronics technology since the early 1960s, beginning with the opening of Disneyland’s famed Enchanted Tiki Room, where a chorus of colorful tropical birds moved their eyes and faces to music, and at the 1964 World’s Fair, where a life-like Abe Lincoln recited famous speeches at the “Great Moments With Lincoln” exhibit. Audio-Animatronics technology has since become a ubiquitous feature of Disney’s Theme Parks and Resorts. More recently, Walt Disney Imagineering has debuted such innovations as Lucky The Dinosaur and The Muppet Mobile Lab – free-roaming Muppets capable of interacting with park guests.

The new line of WALL·E and Tinker Bell robotic toys carries on this tradition and seeks to bring its characters and their personalities to life through advanced movement and programming that entertains and delights kids by making them feel as if they are interacting with a real Disney character.

“Walt Disney and the Imagineers invented Audio-Animatronics, and Disney has been a leader in robotic entertainment in our theme parks for decades,” said Chris Heatherly, vice president of Technology & Innovation for Disney Consumer Products. “We’re excited that there is now the ability and technology to bring that experience into people’s homes. With robotics, we have a great opportunity to bring our characters to life in a very realistic and new way. If kids can interact, learn and play with our characters and they become an extension of their family, we will have done something that is truly magical.”

The WALL·E line of robotic toys was developed in collaboration with Toronto-based Thinkway Toys. In addition to the Ultimate WALL·E and iDance WALL·E, Thinkway will bring to market additional WALL·E-inspired robots, action figures, playsets, a role-play WALL·E robot arm, novelties and collectibles.

Disney’s new line of robotic toys will debut at Maker Faire, a popular, ever-growing gathering for die-hard geeks of all ages and tech do-it-yourselfers, which will be held May 3-4 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to work with Disney on WALL·E,” sad Albert Chan, president and CEO of Thinkway Toys. “This exceptional story is filled with classic Pixar humor, adventure, and characters that are endearing and inspirational. The team at Thinkway Toys has been fast at work with Disney, integrating these key elements into the new WALL·E line of robotic toys.”

Based on the title character from this summer’s highly anticipated Disney*Pixar theatrical release, the Ultimate WALL·E is an advanced robot that truly brings the character to life. Designed and developed through a close collaboration between Disney, Pixar animators and Thinkway, the Ultimate WALL·E features 10 motors, giving it a high level of movement and animation. The remote control makes it easy for kids to program WALL·E’s movements. An innovative touch programming system lets kids direct WALL·E simply by making patterns on the remote’s touch pad. With voice activation and a follow-me mode, WALL·E can follow the sound of a human voice and detect someone entering a room. He also has several emotional states and an easy system for programming thousands of combinations of movements with the remote. Numerous sensors allow him to detect and respond to his environment, including infrared sensors that allow him to detect obstacles and steer around them, sonic ears that detect sound direction, and touch sensors. The Ultimate WALL·E is also MP3 compatible and features built-in speakers. USB cables and rechargeable batteries are included. The Ultimate WALL·E will debut this fall at ToysRUs and; SRP $189.99

The iDance WALL·E talks, dances and has animated eyes that move and groove to the music. Its audio in-jack works with any iPod or MP3 player. It features sound activation functionality, action and play. It will be available at ToysRUs, Target, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster and this fall; SRP $24.99.

Disney Consumer Products also collaborated with WowWee, a leading developer of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and entertainment products, for the creation of an elegant flying toy wonder inspired by Tinker Bell.

Disney Fairies fans will get big thrills this fall with the new Tinker Bell featuring WowWee’s FlyTech technology, a vertical flyer featuring enchanting flight patterns, graceful wing design and a flower wand remote controller designed specifically for children’s hands. Users can control the height and speed of the Tinker Bell flyer with ease, allowing her to soar, dive and glide. Her light-weight, crash-resistant materials prevent her from getting into mischief.

WowWee’s award-winning FlyTech line of aeronautical products launched in 2007 with FlyTech Dragonfly™, the world’s first commercially available radio-controlled ornithopter and one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year” (2007). Featuring the same dual wing design to provide lift and propulsion, the Tinker Bell flyer brings the magic of flight to the hands of a younger generation of girls. SRP $39.99, available at ToysRUs, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack and other major retailers beginning this fall.

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