SUN Microsystems produces the JavaONE Conference every year and each year they plan an event for their Coummunity One group. This year it was the Cinco de Mayo party and our very own WIRLBALL™ was live at the event rolling along attendees to magnificent fun! Our friends at Plan-It Interactive managed the Wirlball activities for SUN. THANKS for the GREAT job with our Wirlball. After a few more WIRLING events they will become expert WIRLERS!!

This is our very first, unofficial corporate party in the USA for the Wirlball to make an appearance! Here are a couple of short video clips for you to see how much fun it can be Wirling around and around and around and around and…..

….around and around and around!!!


2 Responses

  1. Just crusing around and thought I’d drop by. Wow, way cool I always wanted to try one of these rides. When will you be up and rolling (ha ha)?

    No seriously, I want to take one of your balls for aspin 🙂

    cherrio, Sam

  2. i love to attend coprporate events because you got to meet some lots of important people in it. thank you for your beautiful site. I am look forwadr to the launch next year. how can we become involved? maybe a partnership or alliance company.

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