NM Jazz Fest Concludes

Well, it had to end, but with a wonderfull look to the past…..it was the Preservation Hall Jazz Band that closed the third annual New Mexico Jazz Festival at the historic Lensic Theater last Monday.  With “younger” players, the band cooks like a simmering gumbo, and puts a smile on everyones face.  Other highlights of the week were Cassandra Wilson and her BAND (what a band!), Paquito D’Rivera and his warmth, humor, and great chops, and the man that go it GOING on: Habib Koite and his band from Mali, Africa.  The entire hall at the Lensic was moving and dancing to his undeniable groove and charm.  Santa Fe is lucky to have such a world class Festival, and it also shows that different non-profit groups and work together for a common goal…and make it work!   We’re already looking forward to a forth year of great jazz and world music…!  Note: this is a (real) short post about the last week of the Festival…if you’d like more info and details, leave a post asking for it.  Five posts gets a more robust review

–Harmonica Mike


3 Responses

  1. Very cool. I really like a your style man. Also, how can I get one of those big Balls, the Wirlball so we can play here in spain. I am looking forward to beta testing your sites.

    Way cool.
    Tin Man

  2. Great reviews, Harmonica Mike……. makes me want to spend some time in Santa Fe in summer as well as winter! Keep writing…….
    Cheers, MM

  3. Thanks for the good feedback. Wow…Canada and Spain! It was a great Festival. If you are looking for Wirballs, go to http://www.eventcity.net for more info!!

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