Search Engine Strategies – Does it Really Work?

Nolan Apostle – Producer, Tech and Associate Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative Magazine

April 16th, 2008

Yesterday marked the opening day of the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo (SES) at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose California. It is the 10th year for this eye-opening convention that is certainly becoming a “monster” show in the World of Search Engine management. I’ve had the opportunity to cover the show for a few years and some of your have responded to some of what I have written about the technical aspects of Search Engine marketing and how to optimize your ROI using this technology. It all seems good and some of your have even found out that this stuff really does work. So we will take a look at that.

More on that in a minute, first a little bit about this show – SES offers a diverse array of learning tools and networking opportunities for all attendees no matter who or what you do- well just as long as you are using the Internet; and if you’re not (yeah I know you heard this before) what’s the matter with you man, not using the Internet and you’re in business- you must be nuts!! In all seriousness this is the show to attend to learn all about bringing customers to YOU and to find out if and how this stuff really works. No matter what aspect of the Events & Creative Industries you come from, SES is a must attend for your future online business development and marketing efforts.

There are over 70 sessions (as often as things change in this industry 80% of them have new agendas) that will cover everything that is search-related, from very simple to extremely completx. There are numerous networking parties including the famous Google Dance and Search Bash. This event will showcase the largest concentration of successful internet and high-tech companies in the world.

If you are involved in marketing (both Events as well as your business or company), web development, are a manager, program designer, planner, executive decision makers, high profile clients or projects, or you’re a newbie and want to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time then by all means you need to attend SES.

I had the opportunity cover one of the most basic conferences last year on how to maximize your business ROI using Search Engine Optimization tricks. After I wrote the piece I put all my notes away, I was done. Then a few months later I came across my notes, so I decided to try them out. Within days, yes DAYS after applying many of the tricks I learned and shared with our readers we saw a major change in our page views. In the next few months we experienced much more traffic than we could imagine almost all of it from Search Results (83%), and this traffic showed up in different areas, both in our Alpha and Beta test areas too.

To answer the question, “Does it Really Work”, of course it does, otherwise this wouldn’t be such a large industry as it is. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) opportunities, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search advertising, in addition to staying informed of the latest industry, tools, and algorithm developments and solutions. This is the one event of the year you do not want to miss.

For more information on SES please visit the SES website and for joining the Event City Network Beta Test please Sign Up Here.


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