Applied Theatrics Makes Your Show Come Alive

sea maid with fish mitten

sea maid with fish mitten

When she’s not clowning around, Barbara Michaels is busy providing live, interactive and fun event experiences for her corporate, tradeshow or party clients with her company Applied Theatrics ( Recently re-launched with a new name, the company has already provided guided entertainment for groups as diverse as non-profits and schools to flower shows and conventions. Michaels, from both a theatrical and , yes, a clown background, has applied her skills and acting chops to this unique application of ancient arts in a very modern setting “My service of live, interactive theater really allows people to focus on their mission” , adding that the “audience” is engaged, informed, and involved. Another thing that sets Applied Theatrics apart is their use of specific costumes for each event. No matter what the event, Michael’s and her staff always create the costumes that capture the essence of the brand, corporate message, or theme of the particular event in question.

And a party for kids…? forgetaboutit…what could be more fun?

Michaels background, both personally and professionally, list world-wide gigs in a variety of settings. From clown conventions in Germany to acting workshops in Brazil, Michael’s brings a passion for live, interactive art to her company, now based in the Bay Area.

Applied Theatrics and their various and sundry tailor made characters are sure to provide a fun but focused experienced for the audience or participants. And this post is really just a glimpse into Barbara Michael’s world. Readers are encouraged to find out more by visiting her website listed above. In the future, we at Event City hope to co-produce some fun and lively events with Applied Theatrics, so stay tuned!