Event City Members Give Away Free Gift Certificates

Here is a GREAT opportunity to all of our Event City Founding Members. The Feed It Forward™ program is allowing us to offer to our Members a give-away of THREE FREE $10 GIFT CERTIFICATES to friends participating in the Feed It Forward™ program.

Join up for our Beta Test and give the gift of meals and memories to someone special this holiday season!

Once you’ve chosen to give you will be able to return to give tomorrow – and every day until Christmas!

To ensure delivery, your recipient should add this ‘From’ address restaurant_com@emailrestaurant.com to their Address Book. Also, alert your recipient to check both email bulk and spam folders. Your gift will be delivered within 24 hours.

Visit www.Restaurant.com/FeedItForward to give the special holiday gift of meals and memories!

Best holiday wishes!
Your friends at the EVENT CITY NETWORK!

If you appreciate what we’re doing and you’d like to say Thanks, sign up for our beta test through our main web Alpha Test Page – http://eventcity.net – scroll down to the Sign Me Up link, or through email at: Event City Beta Test.


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