CRUNCHIES At SF Herbst Theater – We’re LIVE


The Crunchies, and no this isn’t a blast from the past, but their logo is really does represent 2008/2009. The Crunchies are the Oscars of the world of technology.

There are many different companies here. Those you would recognize in a nanosecond, and many that may be household names in the next year or two.


Microsoft, Amazon, and others. Wow, MARISSA MAYER from Google, she is the VP of Search Product & User Experience – what a title! She said there will be some interesting developments in seaerch and You Tube and Blogger coming along soon.

David Treadwell and Ray Ozzie of Microsoft are working to “Expand the Internet” with some of their new apps and technologies. They said there are “No specific announcements coming up”.

The Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra – a very “interesting” group. I guess the best way to describe them would be to say they produce “music” or sound that is reminisence of a bad video game. It certainly fits the category of a bit bizarre, but still a bit cool. Then they added a guitar, 5 CellPhonemonicas.

They came back for an encore and presented a very cool rendition of Stairway to Heaven. I really got to get one of those devices.

Om Malek, the presenter for Best Mobile Startup, actually was given the wrong “Envelope” , luckily he didn’t let the cat out of the bag for the next presenter.

More to come and then theres the after party!!’

See ya soon!


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