Meeting & Event Planning Industry Tradeshow Hosted in SF

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
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Are you a Meeting or Event Manager, maybe a Corporate Planner, a Hotel, Restaurant, or Caterer? If so, then this event is a must attend for you and your associates!

The Meeting Professionals International Nor Cal Chapter is hosting their 21st Annual Trade Show at Moscone Center West in San Francisco on Tuesday, February 24, 2009. This event is an incredible educational and networking opportunity. This writer has covered this event for several years and has also attended it as a Meeting/Event Professional, and it is by far one of the best events for networking and making good quality industry connections.

The MPINCC Trade Show is considered to be a leading regional show in the hospitality and meeting planning industries. It will showcase a number of relevant workshop sessions being taught by outstanding leaders which include: Marketing through social networking, legal issues confronting meeting professionals in today’s environment, technology tools for busy professionals, working in a multi-generational workforce, and the state of the current economy both globally and personally. Those of you considering a Meeting Planning education can take courses to help you move closer to earning a CMP and CMM credentials. A New Workshop was just added with an emphasis on career strategies and up-to-date resume tips. Sheryl Sookman Schelter, CMP, will be leading a morning workshop titled after her new book, “Who’s in Charge of Your Career? Creating a Strategy for Success.” Please visit the Event Summary page for additional details.


This year’s Trade Show theme is “Connections through Collaboration.” In today’s environment, especially how rough the economy is and how it is effecting almost all businesses across the board, making connections are more important than ever and what better way to connect than a full day of face-to-face time with industry peers and prospective clients and vendors?

The ability to make connections at this event are vast: Connect at the morning workshops, during exhibit-floor time, and at the post-show afternoon reception. More than 4,000 corporate, association, government and meeting management professionals are invited to attend. This year you can expect a strong variety of educational sessions, amazing prizes, plenty of time on the Trade Show floor and the popular Wine Tasting Reception. The reception will be easily accessible, taking place on the Third Level of Moscone West directly upstairs from the exhibit hall.

Pleaser visit the MPI Local San Francisco website for more info.


Fox Theater Oakland Reopening Party

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazines
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Evening of the Fox Reopening


What the Fox might of looked like back in the day

A musical stiltwalker enjoys a stroll by the Fox

A musical stiltwalker enjoys a stroll by the Fox

It’s been over a week since the big bash at the Oakland Fox Theater in Northern California and some of you have already sent us some nice emails about some of the photographs we have uploaded to several of our sites. You can see many of the FOX photos at my personal Facebook page and also at my new Facebook Photographic page. It will showcase a great deal of work from the days when I was a full time photographer, band manager and concert producer.

Many photographs from the Event City Creative Magazine will also be placed at various locations throughout our different websites. Please feel free to download the images for your personal use. If you would like to purchase a high quality image scan print, or higher quality photographs please contact us, we will be happy to help you with your order. Most of our photographs are available for sale including those from our Archived Collection – “Imagination Unlimited Productions“.  We offer great pricing on our images as well as our Full Color Printing Services.

Here’s some fun pictures for your perusal. Click on the image to see it’s full size.

A couple of "Flashers" from the past!

A couple of "Flashers" from the past!

Bruce Springsteen & E-Street Band at Superbowl XLIII

Bruce S & E-Street Band ROCK the Superbowl

Bruce S & E-Street Band ROCK the Superbowl

I had just turned on the TV late afternoon on Sunday to catch some of the Superbowl, and Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band were announced and Wow what a show it was!! They rocked to many favorites and the crowd did not let up at all. Fireworks lit up the sky in Tampa Bay tonight, and the crowd sung along to Born to Run and many other awesome Springsteen hits.

Watching Bruce and the E-Street Band perform today brings back many memories of my days in the Rock’n’Roll world. Bruce Springsteen, the BOSS, is the Robert De Niro of the Music Industry! Those in the movie biz know how nice, openly friendly and courteous, a real gentleman Mr. De Niro is; and not just to his friends and co-workers but everyone. One of the most powerful men in Hollywood and he’s a sweetheart!

I had the opportunity to work with Bruce Springsteen and company back in the 70’s and 80’s and they were all very professional, extremely well organized (something very rare back in those days for Rock’n’Rollers), and Bruce and the gang were just the nicest of them all. No egos flying every which way, no attitude, just good times and getting their job done with a flair to please the masses.

I’ll never forget the night I gave a ride to one of Bruce’s close friends who was attending his concert from out of town. It was very late, but I lived on the Peninsula and I was giving him a ride to Bruce’s parents house who also lived on the Peninsula.

When we got there everyone was just so tired. Bruce was sitting at the table across from his wife, his hand on his forehead, obviously extremely tired, and he looked up at me and said, “Hey, you sure look exhausted”. Here he was, just finished an exploding show, in his mom’s kitchen, and he still had it in him to say “hey” to someone he barely knew. Suffice it to say, I rested for about 15 minutes, got a few aspirins, said my good-byes, and got the biggest hug from Mama Springsteen, you would of thought I was one of her own!! I was told later she is that way with all of Bruce’s friends!!

At that moment I realized why Bruce is the beautiful guy that he is, why he chooses to have those kind of people around him, and after seeing him there exhausted, I realize he really is the “Working Man” that he so often signs about.

Back to the show — “IT’S BOSS TIME”,

Little Stevie belted out those words at the end of their set at Superbowl 43!! What an incredible show, you can’t help but feel good watching them play! Those of you that know me know I am not that big of a spectator sports fan, I’d rather be playing than watching, and as far as I am concerned, I just watched the Superbowl!!

May Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band live forever!!

Bruce Springsteen - "You can't help but feel good watching him"

Bruce Springsteen - "You can't help but feel good watching them play"

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazines
Event City BlogaZines


On April 17th, 2008 Bruce’s dear friend and keyboard player Danny Federici died after a 3 year battle with Melanoma. During the Superbowl they debuted a “Danny Fund PSA” and it can be seen at the Danny Federici Memorial Site. Please visit it now to learn more how you can help in this great cause. From everyone here at the Event City Network, our heartfelt condolences go out to Danny’s family, Bruce Springsteen, his entire band and management at Thrill Hill Productions and all of Danny’s friends.