SEATTLE Washington Review – Coming Soon

The Event City Team will be traveling to Seattle Washington to conduct some site surveys, venue, restaurant and hotel reviews, and to let you know what are some of the featured attractions in the area.  There is so much more to Seattle than the Mariners and that famous highlighted “Point” of interest, the Seattle Space Needle!

We will cover many different sites attractions of interest not just to Event Planners or Meeting Managers but for anyone who might want to have some fun in what we hear is a lovely area of the United States. We will look at ways to save money while traveling to the area using tools such as the CITY PASS Booklets or the SUPER SAVER type coupons.

We look forward to visiting the area and filling you in on all of the goodies this area has to offer.  Any requests do not hesitate to send them to us by Email, we will do what we can to help fulfill them.

Our trip will be from July 20th thru the 3oth and we hope to cover as much ground as possible.  If you are from the Seattle or surrounding areas do not hesitate to contact us before, during or after our trip.


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