Special Event Expo 2011 Phoenix AZ

The Special Event 2011

It is that time again for an Event Planning industry treat, The Special Event (TSE). It is touted as the largest tradeshow and conference in the world for event professionals. Not unlike the Events Solution Expo, another annual event specifically created for the Event Planning industry, they are both strong industry expos in their own right. Attendees at The Special Event will have the opportunity to make invaluable connections with thousands of key event industry notables and colleagues, experience education both inside and outside of the classroom environment with a great deal of hands on experience being offered as well.

There are always a plethora of Conference and Training sessions (over 100 last time I checked) and they are taught by speakers that are “hand-selected” by the Special Events team. According to the show management there are  over a thousands products and services related to the events industry on the Tradeshow floor.

Stay tuned for some of our product highlights coming soon.

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine

Welcome to MacWorld, Happy Birthday iPad


Welcome to the world of Macintosh! Do any of you remember that old adage from the early Macintosh computer advertisements? Well at this years MacWorld Expo it might as well be the I World. I for iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad, the newest “I” family member and the first tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. It was announced a year ago to date, January 27, 2010 (Happy b-day iPad), it is part of a device category between a smartphone and a laptop computer.

Ok, so here we are, at a convention that is talking about a year old device like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Maybe it’s taken the iPad a full year to slice itself into a plethora of markets (or maybe that is why Apple is here talking it up so greatly). The success of the iPad is mixed, depending on who you ask.  Everyone I spoke with who has paid these prices $499 to $829 (according to the Apple Store) loves what the iPad does and how it does it. I’m not convinced, or was I impressed while an Apple store assistant walked me through a few of the features while waiting for my laptop appointment. I am just not convinced that one should pay between $500 and $900 dollars for this device, why?

On that note, let me grab my bags, my pens, biz cards, recorder, microphone, video cam, and my HTC EVO (sorry iPhone), and be on my way to hang out with 25,000 other MacHeads all cramming into the Moscone Center, San Francisco, to view the 300 products presented there until Sunday. Stay tuned, I hope to bring back something more iFriendly.

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazine
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Mags & Blogs Cover CES, Food Show, MacWorld, Special Events, MPI, NAMM and more

Event City Creative Magazine covers the industries and their vertical markets as defined by our partner company, EVENT CITY NETWORK.

Here are just a sampling of some of the Trade-shows, Conferences, Conventions and Events Event City Publishing will cover in the first quarter 2011.

International Consumer Electronics Show –  NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchandise





FANCY FOOD SHOW – North America’s Largest Specialty Food & Beverage Event

MACWORLD EXPO is everything Apple, Macintosh, iPhones, iPads, etc



The Special Event Expo – The Special Event (TSE) is the largest tradeshow and conference in the world for event professionals. This show starts today as well.

Best of CES 2011

The Consumer Electronic Show came and went like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s night. Here was the Event City Creative Magazine, at one of the largest electronic shows in the world with only 72 hours to see over 80,000 products – Yeah Right!! As my 10 year old and his friends would say, EPIC FAIL!! I’ve always maintained this should be a week long show, what better reason to stay in Las Vegas for a few extra days.

So what did we find at this ultimate Electronic Industry’s playground?

iGrill, first ever Bluetooth enabled grilling/cooking thermometer and App

I’ve recently had the chance to speak with some of my Catering friends, food people at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (what a great partner this product would make with some of those awesome BBQ Sauces we sampled), and lots of Grilling fanatics about a new device, and they all asked the same questions – What is it? What does it do?

Here’s the overall idea: iGrill is an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch-friendly cooking and grilling thermometer that runs off of 4 AA batteries and provides a  temperature readout in digital format on its own screen. It does not need an electronic device to use. It uses a long-range (200-foot) transmitter using Bluetooth technology to communicate with a free iGrill application. Ok, that’s pretty simple, right? Good. Are you sitting down? Here it where it goes way beyond the “out of the box” of any typical digital cooking thermometer. The iGrill offers both digital and analog readouts, a timer, guidelines for cooking different types of meat that can show you the progress for whatever you’re cooking, and even integrated recipes. iGrill also has the ability to optionally connect with two metal probes — one’s included in the package — and works at temperatures of up to 400 degrees. White or black versions are available, they come with a built-in stand, a wrap-around thermometer cable, and a nice glow-through front face.

Sure you have to ask yourself the question is it certainly worth the $100 you’ll spend for this functionality? Well that is entirely up to you, but we are certainly intrigued enough (and we hope you are too) that we’ll be looking forward to doing our review on this newest gadget for the fine professional food service company, to the grilling enthusiast. Of course I will most certainly look forward to anticipating the outcome of our grilling experience. Gotta run, I have some decisions to make- Chicken, T-bones, Mahi Mahi, oh my….

Eye-Fi Memory Card Does Work For You

The Eye-Fi card is the 1st wireless memory card. It looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SDHC card. But this card is special. The Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your existing wireless network to effortlessly transfer photos and videos to wherever you desire.

This is not the first time Event City Magazine seen this, and it certainly will not be the last. A very promising device, we are looking forward to doing a thorough review on this unit and all of the features it has to offer.

Visit the Eye-Fi Website for the latest information on this product.

Everyday theft of some type of electronic mobile device is not an uncommon occurrence, especially with the rising prevalence of expensive gadgets in the general populace. Not to mention all the information we store on our smartphones and laptops these days, including confidential business and personal documents, company e-mail, personal finance apps, so much private information its even more important to protect your device from loathsome characters.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to my new best friend, GadgetTrak Mobile Security, which is now launching in version 3 just in time for CES 2011. Along with its companion apps, this handy service provides comprehensive protection for laptops, smartphones, and tablets in the event they’re lost or stolen.

GadgetTrak consists of five major features to help you protect your data and find your device. For one, you can remotely wipe any personal data, including photo, e-mail, contacts, and texts. You can also back up any of this data using government-grade encryption, which is a nice feature for those who don’t want to lose all the data in a wipe. The software is also tamper proof, so once it has been activated, no settings can be changed; the service will even notify you if the thief removes the SIM card.

GadgetTrak uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, and cell tower positioning to help you find your missing device. There’s an alarm functionality, which lets you trigger a loud siren, which can serve as a theft deterrent or a location aid, even if the phone is set to silent.

GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is available for $34.95 per year for laptops and non-iOS smartphones and tablets. A one-time 99-cent download from iTunes is all it takes for iOS users to enjoy the service. In my humble iPinion, that is certainly a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Cheryl Boyd – Writer, Blogger
Danny Hewlett – Photographer, Camera-person
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Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

Nolan Apostle, Contributing Editor
Cheryl Boyd, Reporter & Photographer
Event City Creative Magazine

The Fancy Food Show is the largest West Coast specialty food and beverage trade-show in the industry opens up today in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Event City will be there covering all of the latest and greatest from the food and beverage world. It is the only show you’ll find everything you need under one roof.

  • 80,000 specialty foods and beverages
  • More than 1,300 exhibitors from 50 countries
  • 17,000 attendees
  • Plus these exciting Show Features

If you’re not familiar with the Fancy Food Show it is the premier trade-show for the industry. Whether you are a Restaurant, Caterer, Hotel Property, any kind of eatery, any venue serving food & beverage products, bars, nightclubs, food stores small and large, even Meeting and Event planners that offer their clients VIP Gifts or other similar type of products on a regular basis, this show is a must for you to attend.

For more information about the Fancy Food Show and to follow our coverage at this and other Hospitality Industry related events, please visit our Hospitality Industry Blog.


After a glistening birds eye view of the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas, our crew hobbled over to beautiful and sunny Anaheim California to take in the NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchandise). Opening up tomorrow, January 13th, 2011, this year’s NAMM promises many more markets to attend this growing show, and a unique and eclectic collection of music industry related products.

Many of you have asked us what is NAMM, and over the last couple of months I’ve given you the cut and dry version – which is pretty much a bunch of people selling music merchandise.  But in reality, the NAMM Show, is a lot more than just that. NAMM is the largest, most important music products showcased in the world (see the NAMM Show Directory), drawing people from more than 100 countries. They come here to check out the latest musical products, meet business associates, work on strategic alliances and pretty much, cut deals! And this year NAMM invited even more diverse markets to attend the show, creating more support for music making and the industry as a whole.

NAMM has been in existence for more than a century! Yes, in fact this is its 110th year anniversary. Founded in 1901, NAMM has been the engine driving the music products industry, enabling both large and small businesses to maximize productivity and reduce the costs of doing business. With more than 9,000 Members in the United States and 100+ other countries, NAMM is ultimately dedicated to expanding the market and giving people of all ages the opportunity to experience the proven benefits of making music. For those of you wanting more information about NAMM you can reach them at the information below.

NAMM Headquarters
5790 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 438-8001

Of course, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for more astounding news and products in the coming weeks on the Event City different Blogs and Magazines.

Nolan Apostle
Editor in Chief/Producer
Event City Creative Magazine

CES – Consumer Electronic Show Rocks Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronic Show opened up this morning and while it is hard for us to believe at the Event City Creative Magazine, it’s that time of year again for the electronic masses to meet up in Las Vegas for the ultimate Electronic Industry’s playground, it surely is, and the new products are being poured from this year’s CES vault like water falling over the Niagara.

2010 was a good year for product launches, may I even venture to say “exciting”, but as we now turn our attention to the new year when many of tomorrow’s products will see the light of day at the 2011 International CES®. With that in mind, I wanted to beat the crowds and provide a glimpse of things as I see them happening. There are two predictions for 2011 that CES will show as “trends”, let’s see what those might be.

It may not quite be a household name yet, but the TABLET, or as I like to refer to as the “PAD” is neither a place to call home nor bunch of paper neatly secured to allow one some note taking. It surely has taken on a whole different approach to what a “Pad” means to all of us.

CES prediction number one – The Year of the Tablet! Ok, so, ummmm, what the….

….I’m sorry, I just don’t agree.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground as we bring you over the coming months many of the great new products you can expect to see and find useful in your businesses and projects as a member of the Event City Network.

Nolan Apostle
Editor In Chief
Event City Creative Magazine

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazine
Event City BlogaZines

Are you a Meeting or Event Manager, maybe a Corporate Planner, a Hotel, Restaurant, or Caterer? If so, then this event is a must attend for you and your associates!

The Meeting Professionals International Nor Cal Chapter is hosting their 23rd Annual Trade Show at Moscone Center West in San Francisco on Thursday, February 10, 2011. This event is an incredible educational and networking opportunity. We have covered this event for several years and this Editor has attended it as a Meeting/Event Professional, and it is by far one of the best events for networking and making good quality industry connections throughout the entire year.

The MPINCC Trade Show is considered to be a leading regional show in the hospitality and meeting planning industries. It will showcase a number of relevant workshop sessions being taught by outstanding leaders which include: Marketing through social networking, legal issues confronting meeting professionals in today’s environment, technology tools for busy professionals, working in a multi-generational workforce, and the state of the current economy both globally and personally. Those of you considering a Meeting Planning education can take courses to help you move closer to earning a CMP and CMM credentials. A New Workshop was just added with an emphasis on career strategies and up-to-date resume tips. Sheryl Sookman Schelter, CMP, will be leading a morning workshop titled after her new book, “Who’s in Charge of Your Career? Creating a Strategy for Success.” Please visit the Event Summary page for additional details.


This year’s Trade Show theme is “Connections through Collaboration.” In today’s environment, especially how rough the economy is and how it is effecting almost all businesses across the board, making connections are more important than ever and what better way to connect than a full day of face-to-face time with industry peers and prospective clients and vendors?

The ability to make connections at this event are vast: Connect at the morning workshops, during exhibit-floor time, and at the post-show afternoon reception. More than 4,000 corporate, association, government and meeting management professionals are invited to attend. This year you can expect a strong variety of educational sessions, amazing prizes, plenty of time on the Trade Show floor and the popular Wine Tasting Reception. The reception will be easily accessible, taking place on the Third Level of Moscone West directly upstairs from the exhibit hall.

Pleaser visit the MPI Local San Francisco website for more info.