CES – Consumer Electronic Show Rocks Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronic Show opened up this morning and while it is hard for us to believe at the Event City Creative Magazine, it’s that time of year again for the electronic masses to meet up in Las Vegas for the ultimate Electronic Industry’s playground, it surely is, and the new products are being poured from this year’s CES vault like water falling over the Niagara.

2010 was a good year for product launches, may I even venture to say “exciting”, but as we now turn our attention to the new year when many of tomorrow’s products will see the light of day at the 2011 International CES®. With that in mind, I wanted to beat the crowds and provide a glimpse of things as I see them happening. There are two predictions for 2011 that CES will show as “trends”, let’s see what those might be.

It may not quite be a household name yet, but the TABLET, or as I like to refer to as the “PAD” is neither a place to call home nor bunch of paper neatly secured to allow one some note taking. It surely has taken on a whole different approach to what a “Pad” means to all of us.

CES prediction number one – The Year of the Tablet! Ok, so, ummmm, what the….

….I’m sorry, I just don’t agree.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground as we bring you over the coming months many of the great new products you can expect to see and find useful in your businesses and projects as a member of the Event City Network.

Nolan Apostle
Editor In Chief
Event City Creative Magazine


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