Welcome to MacWorld, Happy Birthday iPad


Welcome to the world of Macintosh! Do any of you remember that old adage from the early Macintosh computer advertisements? Well at this years MacWorld Expo it might as well be the I World. I for iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad, the newest “I” family member and the first tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. It was announced a year ago to date, January 27, 2010 (Happy b-day iPad), it is part of a device category between a smartphone and a laptop computer.

Ok, so here we are, at a convention that is talking about a year old device like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Maybe it’s taken the iPad a full year to slice itself into a plethora of markets (or maybe that is why Apple is here talking it up so greatly). The success of the iPad is mixed, depending on who you ask.  Everyone I spoke with who has paid these prices $499 to $829 (according to the Apple Store) loves what the iPad does and how it does it. I’m not convinced, or was I impressed while an Apple store assistant walked me through a few of the features while waiting for my laptop appointment. I am just not convinced that one should pay between $500 and $900 dollars for this device, why?

On that note, let me grab my bags, my pens, biz cards, recorder, microphone, video cam, and my HTC EVO (sorry iPhone), and be on my way to hang out with 25,000 other MacHeads all cramming into the Moscone Center, San Francisco, to view the 300 products presented there until Sunday. Stay tuned, I hope to bring back something more iFriendly.

Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazine
Event City BlogaZines(tm)


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