DREAMFORCE 2011 Comes to Moscone SF Aug 30


METALLICA To Play 1st Corporate Gig at Gala Party

By Nolan Apostle
Producer & Contributing Editor
Jeff Patino
Editor & Blogger
Event City Premier Magazine

Here’s some great activities to add onto your Dreamforce Schdule beginning on Tuesday, August 30th, 20ll at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Don’t know what Dreamforce is and you are in Business? Oh my, well you need to read on to find out what all of the excitement is about and visit the Dreamforce Website for more information.

Salesforce, the San Francisco based cloud-computing company, is hosting its annual Dreamforce Conference and Expo from Tuesday August 30th to Friday September 2nd at Moscone Center. The conference will play host to a plethora of companies surrounding the Cloud, Social Networking and Business arenas, along with a host of leaders in cloud computing – and, yes, Metallica will be playing its first corporate gig ever – giving them an opportunity to talk about the industry’s future. More than 42,000 people have registered to attend this record breaking event.

Salesforce, traditionally makes various announcements and launches new products and acquisitions at Dreamforce, is expected to make a lot of noise about its fairly new application, Chatter. It will focus on the year-old social-networking application for businesses, which Salesforce began to offer just last year. The company claims it is being used by more than 100,000 businesses. Event City™ will soon launch it’s own Chatter on the Event City Network™ to hopefully partner with the company to reach out and create a channel for the Events & Creative Industries.

Who said work couldn’t be fun, too? One of the most important and relevant reasons for attending Dreamforce is the ability to network. It is one of the strongest mainstream, corporate conventions that offers the business person many great networking opportunities. We hope you are ready to network, dine, toast, and make new contacts? Be sure to bring along your business cards for the scores of fantastic networking activities they’ve got in store for you at Dreamforce!

Here is just a few of the Dreamforce opportunities and events:

The Dreamforce App with Chatter
Start connecting before the conference even begins with the Dreamforce App! Use Chatter to choose sessions, plan meet-ups, and share your thoughts on the cloud computing event of the year!

Community Conference
Start your Dreamforce experience with a little inspiration! The Community Conference offers dozens of great ways to network, connect, and find the answers you need—whether you’re an active community member or a certified newbie.

ICMI at Dreamforce 2011
Learn from the leaders in enterprise contact center strategies at Dreamforce 2011. Join the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), customer service leaders and peers, and our own Service Cloud experts to get the scoop on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

Welcome Reception
Kick off the evening entertainment at the energy-filled Welcome Reception on Tuesday, August 30. Mingle with salesforce.com employees and watch live demonstrations of partner solutions . . . With cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, of course!

Birds-of-a-feather lunch (by role)
Administrators, sales, marketing, service, and IT executives—you all have unique needs and challenges when it comes to using Salesforce. Tap into the power of the community with roundtable lunches by role.

Birds-of-a-feather lunch (by vertical)
Are you facing a challenge that only those in your vertical can help you solve? Don’t miss out on these roundtable lunches by industry.

Meet the experts in the Developer Lounge
Throughout Dreamforce, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the experts who build our award-winning applications and platform.

Global Gala
Wednesday’s Global Gala is our chance to celebrate you, so grab those dancing shoes and get your groove on with 30,000 of your closest Salesforce buddies! It’s sure to be a memorable evening of food, friends, and fun. Oh by the way did we mention it is an evening with METALLICA?!!

Salesforce.com Foundation events
Forge lasting relationships with your Salesforce peers while giving back at the Salesforce.com Foundation volunteer centers. Various projects supporting different organizations take place throughout the conference.

Come one come all to the fabulous Dreamforce Conference and Expo at Moscone Center in San Francisco. For more details and to receive your FREE Registration Pass visit the DREAMFORCE WEBSITE now.


7 Responses

  1. After visiting the Dreamforce website it seems as if they were issuing not only a FREE Pass to the Expo and access to the Expo Floor, but also to the widely publicized Metallica Concert. BOGUS! No Metallica and minimum amount of time on the show floor! Have you ever heard of such a thing??

    I appreciate that in this article there is no mention directly or indirectly about seeing Metalica FOR FREE. Although I personally have seen that mention on the Website, and it is IMPLIED in almost all of the Ads I have seen for the Dreamforce Show. Actually, not only did a number of us not get to participate in the Metallica festivities directly (but some of us watched from the sidelines which was really a better shot to the stage than most had), even though we had FREE Expo Passes, they were only good for certain hours, then we had to leave, or at least couldn’t get back in if we left the Exhibit hall and came back 10 minutes later. What a JOKE!

    Although what I saw at the Expo was really good, even though I arrived 35 minutes prior to my Expo Pass time slot ending, if I had known it was ending I never would of left the show floor. Like I said, good expo, the overall presentation and MANAGEMENT of the expo was truly a letdown, a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. I wonder how many more like me lost a chance to visit the expo floor and meet some of those exhibitors who spent a great deal of money just to be there? Dreamforce – A good convention, Management and Expo operations – Far from dreamy.

    Until next time, this is big Joe signing out!

  2. Great article about the Dreamforce event. Our company was very let down by the mislead advertising campaign about the concert at dreamforce 2011 in SF. This years dreamforce was very poorly managed. Article was Filed under: Advertisings, barack obama, Below the line, Below the Line Column, Blogroll,business travel, Club scene, cocktail parties, Concerts, convention and visitor’s bureau,Corporate Planners, corporate pr, corporate travel, Corporate Travel Ideas, Costumes, cvbs,Event City Ideas, Event City Info, Film Industry, Meeting Planning Industry, Travel Industry and others.

    Thank you for all of your information.

  3. […] City Info, Film Industry, Meeting Planning Industry, Travel Industry,Uncategorized | Leave a Comment » Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  4. I subscribe to your newsletter. Great coverage on Dreamscape and really liked your article on Cool Event Products from CES. Can’t wait to see MACWORLD coverage.

    Also thank you for the great perspectives for our industries (Motion pictures, hospitality and events) and i look forward to your furture coverage.

  5. Nice work. Love the article on Art Rage product from MacWorld and video too. Fun!

    Can I submit articles and content for your magazine or blogs? I enjoyed your other content about Events Across America, very informative, cant wait to see your site live. Keep me posted, add me to your list.


  6. Wow. Many, many products. We love the technical mixed in with the Special Events and Hospitality industry. I just don’t understand how you guys find this great stuff that so pertains to what I do professionally, from the same shows I attend (CES and MacWorld), and I never find anything as cool.

    I especially liked the Heinekin Beer Tender product from a couple of years ago, what a cool product. We have purchased 6 of them and they work awesome. Thx 4 all u do…

    Johnson Davis
    Avery Event Services
    The Catering Group

    See you guys at MacWorld in SF!

  7. Reblogged this on Technology for the Events & Creative Industries and commented:

    Dreamforce article.

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