Nolan Apostle
Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

The Event City Premier Magazine for the past couple of months has talked about the anticipation of 2012 being a banner year for the Events & Creative Industries as a whole and the excitement of the upcoming special events, conventions and trade-shows effecting those industries in the first quarter alone. One of those shows, the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is host to an incredible array of 17,000+ attendees who engage in the more than 80,000 scrumptious products featuring the world’s finest foods and beverages from more than 1,300 exhibitors representing 35+ countries.

Many of our readers, albeit, are involved in the hospitality, special events, concessions and other industries that heavily involve a food and beverage program of some type are not familiar with the Winter Fancy Food Show or are not aware that it is hosted in the great city of San Francisco. So we promise to do our part to let you know about it and all of the latest and greatest coming from the world of the Food & Beverage industry.

Some of the great new products, special attractions and features of the Fancy Food Show show will be showcased through the Event City Premier Magazine’s features and articles, but you can also find specific information on the new Food & Beverage site as well, FOOD & BEVERAGE LIVE .

We are looking forward to bringing you the best of information from the layers of all industries which are relative to all that is Creative, Projects and Events.


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