New and Exclusive Products At CES

Video Snippets of New Product Launches at 2012 INTERNATIONAL CES


A great work vehicle and traveling trike for all planners and producers involved in large-scale events, concerts, TV and Film production. Also great for Security, Venue staffing, Parking lot management, Tour rentals, Hotel and Resort mobility for both management and guests. The TRIKKE Electric Vehicles by TRIKKE TECH is the world leader in 3-point carving vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation.


Busy planners, producers, entertainment industry professionals, venue and theater owners and operators many different types of the Event City members will marvel at this new wonderful technology by Fulton Innovation. Wireless Power Charging like you have never seen before, truly a technology breakthrough.


ZIENON Booth 73106 – A truly innovative product.


NEXTGEN HOME EXPERIENCE South Hall, Booth 26100 – NextGen Home Experience is the 2012 Next Generation Concept Home – a Must See at CES!


KUPA booth 36075 – A real Notebook computer, very powerful features.



E- WILSON ELECTRONICS Booth 35219 – World’s first Cell-phone 4G Signal Booster



SENSIC Booth MP25942 – Sensic Smart Goggles – Great for Gaming, your own virtual reality headset!


LELO – Booth 25817 Ground Floor –


IRDETO – Irdeto Hospitality Suite, Venetian Tower/Accedo Hospitality Suite, Venetian Tower –


Oovoo – Oovoo Hospitality Suite, Venetian Tower- Social Media Platform that allows for a Social Video communication with a Multi user Chat up to 12 participants from any device – Android, Iphone, Laptop, Adroid tablet, Ipad, PC, HD Video Quality, even web browsers.


IN10DID’s “It Types” chord keyboard – Booth #73409 – Mini Keyboard for on the go typing.


LapKeyBoard Booth 73503 – A cool new product for both office and on the go!



SONAMBA by pomdevices, LLC: CES Booth #3330 – Seniors and Caregivers a great product to help those with medical issues in need of constant surveillance.


MSW Wireless  Booth 5419


VELODYNE venetian hotel suite #29-118 – An exciting new line of futuristic headphones.


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