By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor/Producer
Event City Premier Magazine
Events & Creative Industry Blogazines

The California MAKER FAIRE 2012 opens tomorrow and we can’t wait! We are eager to bring you more interesting products, tools and ideas for all of your events, shows, parties, festivals, movie projects and more! As you may know, during and after the Maker Faire, we will showcase some of these products on the Event Industry Emporium. Event City is constantly seeking new and unique ways to do things that only YOU do best. We are here for you, the Events & Creative audience. We have come to expect the most unique items at the Maker Faire that could easily and proudly be used within many of your different projects. We hope to see you at this years Faire.

Over the years Maker Faire newbies have asked us what is the Maker Faire? What does it consist of, this so-called DIY Festival? Is there one near my town and a host of other questions about the Faire in general. Event City has attempted to define this Faire which had its conception in 2006 in beautiful sunny San Mateo California. To give you, the Planner, Producer, Showperson, Entertainer, Performer, Filmmaker, Event Designer, etc. an idea of some of the cool products you will see at the Maker Faire check out this Indestructible Eternal Flame LED Lanter you can make, very easily, even if you are not very handy.

Visiting the Maker Faire Blog or website, one is hard-pressed to find an actual description on the official festival website. Here is what we found after about an hour of searching – “Maker Faire is a mind-blowing, family-friendly event celebrating technology, science, and craft projects with a DIY mindset.” I guess that description works. We tend to see this crazy, wild, eclectic, fun and invigorating festival far beyond a corporate description, and any Maker Faire veteran will tell you the Faire is far from corporate. Just the process of walking through this event expands one’s creative horizons to heights that can be unimaginable. Here’s our take, a couple of different descriptions written with true Maker Faire flash, what is yours?

Maker Faire, truly an eclectic collection of the product of a vast amount of energy of the human’s right brain interacting with their left hemisphere to create, in many cases, unbelievable experiences some of which just happen to be products that you and I could use on a daily basis.

In the last few years we’ve come up with some fun and what we think are pretty cool descriptions of the Maker Faire. A new one, and my personal favorite is this – “Coming to the Maker Faire is like visiting Disneyland inside of a computer built by a carpenter.” I’ve heard people say over and over again, “There is something here for everyone”, and in a matter of fact they are right on the money, all interest, all races, all ages, all demographics, truly something for everybody. What exactly will you see at a Maker Faire? You don’t know until you are there. We hope to see you at this year’s Maker Faire!



Check out the MAKER FAIRE BLOG here.

For some cool projects you can make from the Maker Faire visit here.

Buy your tickets for MAKER FAIRE 2012 here.


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