EnPlug Wins Big at CES 2015

Enplug – CES LaunchIt Startup Competition Winner

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine
When was the last time you used your smartphone to interact with any display located in Concert Halls, Hotels, Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants, Airports, Gyms, Arenas or anywhere? I’m sure the answer is never, or close to it. If Enplug, the software powerhouse with a product that is installed in thousands of displays in different sizes and form factors in more than 20 countries throughout the world has their way, their product will be in every single public display everywhere. Enplug is creating an international collection of displays with its public computing platform that instantly transform any monitor, TV, display of any kind into a public computer, enabling businesses to seamlessly engage with their audiences.

Enplug’s objective is to create the world’s best enterprise display software with an App Market, offering businesses the largest variety of social media marketing tools and content including live and interactive Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, RSS and news content, real-time waitlists, and many other solutions created by third-party developers.

A businesses can download the software at Enplug.com or on the Google Play Store. Enplug also offers a mini device pre-loaded with Enplug software that can be connected to any display via HDMI. All management of the displays’ apps, content, analytics, and settings are in the Enplug Control, available on iOS, Android and also as a web based product.

Some of Enplug’s existing customers include Dave & Buster’s, Silicon Valley Bank, BMW, Marriott, Crossfit gyms, and several hundred companies worldwide.

Visit this unique public computing platform and see why everyone’s excited about www.Enplug.com

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