Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Tour Celebrates With Tie-Dyed Roses by FTD

Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Tour

Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Tour To Hand Out Tie-Dyed Roses

FTD teams with Promoters Peter Shapiro and Madison House Presents, and will hand out more than 100,000 roses at the two concerts

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

The leading online floral and gift retailer, FTD, is partnering with Peter Shapiro and Madison House Presents to give Grateful Dead fans at the opening night of both the Chicago and Santa Clara Fare Thee Well concerts beautiful red roses and a special commemorative tag.  In the spirit of the occasion and to show their appreciation to the loyal fans, FTD will also hand out thousands of custom specially created FTD Tie-Dyed Roses.

Roses became an iconic symbol representing the Grateful Dead and their music. The band included roses in songs like “It Must Have Been the Roses” and “Ramble on Rose.”  FTD’s colorful tie-dyed roses commemorate this legendary and iconic band. As a gesture to the flower that has been such an integral part of the iconic band’s image, FTD and Madison House Presents passed out nearly 100,000 roses in all. These are extremely unique and very beautiful roses in all of the pictures we have seen. Definitely representative of the Grateful Dead’s colorful background.

“FTD is honored to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band by sharing our red and tie-dyed roses at the Fare Thee Well concerts. We hope the fans enjoyed the roses and commemorative keepsake as a tribute to the amazing legacy that the band has left,” said FTD President and Chief Executive Officer Rob Apatoff, who was at the concert handing out roses to the fans.

The FTD Tie-Dyed Roses feature a beautiful mix of yellow, blue, green, purple or pink, and are available at Event City Premier has not seen these yet, but hope to soon to let you know first hand if they are as beautiful as they seem.

Visit the Grateful Dead’s Empire State Building Light Show here: