Five Things to Remember When Back to the Future Ridesharing with Doc & Marty!


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Marty McFly shows better ratings than Doc Emmett.

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

1. Be sure to put on your best attire from the 1980’s, these clothes will certainly come in handy traveling with these guys. Chances are you’re not staying in 2015 for very long.  You might also consider packing some vintage duds from the 50’s or even some Wild West attire, these guys have their priorities for sure.

2. When you are finally “taking off”, DON’T take anything with you on your ride, no cell phones, watches, health devices, etc. Also, nothing like a Sports Almanac, Lottery awards history list, or anything that might allow someone to bet big and alter the course of human history. That’s a MAJOR NO NO!!

Marty and Doc with Almanac

Doc explains to Marty leave the almanac in the future!

3. Don’t go anywhere you might see your past self. Because if your future self sees your past self, and your past self realizes your future self is him or herself but not the same self because that self is a self from the future and not the past, even though for them the past self is really just a present self….well you get the picture; let’s just say the consequences could be disastrous. You could “ultimately unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!”. We wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?! But then again, nothing might happen at all!

4. Keep an eye out for Biff. We’ve already blocked his profile in the Event City system as well as on numerous Social Media platforms for bad behavior, but we know he’s still out there causing havoc.

5. Whoever’s operating the car, if they keep muttering something about not needing roadways, or they keep trying to accelerate past 88 miles per hour, don’t immediately give them a bad rating, figure they are one of the most trusted Ambassadors in the Ridesharing community!

Rock on, Ride on, and Fly on Back to the Future Ridesharing.\

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