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The Winter Fancy Food Show opens in San Francisco this Sunday


Are You a Newbie? What you can Expect at the Fancy Food Show

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By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Hello to all of our Foodie Friends it’s that time of the year for the one and only Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco! Simply the biggest and best Food and Beverage industry show in the country, and that is not just my own personal opinion, but fact, as you will see as you continue to read and hear about some of the knowledge you can receive at the show whether you are an exhibitor, wanna-be exhibitor, buyer or an attendee guest with some of your own ideas and products.

The Event City Creative Magazine’s Editorial team is great surprised how our readers interest has boomed on many hospitality and Special Events stories we have shared with you. It is impressive to see all of the viewers and responses we have received and able to share this information with you.  It is exciting for me to experience your own enthusiasm in some of the messages and notes you have sent me. Reaching out to each other has become an important tool on the global Internet for Event City and we plan to do much more of that, especially for our tradeshow coverage.

Enough of that, let’s talk Food and what this Fancy Food Show is all about, especially for you newcomers, sound good?! The Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 was conceptualized and created by the Specialty Food Association a worldwide organization. They create, connect, support, and share the extraordinary experience of specialty foods over the entire planet. They are a membership based organization with some incredible benefits. By joining their organization you will gain access to exclusive offers and opportunities within the Food and Beverage world.

Creating the Fancy Food Show, they are invested in building what is simply the most valuable tool for Food and Beverage business owners and one of the largest specialty food tradeshows in the world. A showcase of industry innovation, bringing specialty food’s top manufacturers, buyers, and thought leaders together under one roof for three days of delectable discovery, January 17-19. The rows will seem endless as you canvass the endless list of exhibitors and fill your bags with product literature and plenty of goodies from the incredible array of the latest and greatest in the world of Food and Beverage.

There are many different opportunities at the Fancy Food Shows for small and very large companies alike. As an Exhibiting company or to expand on your “idea” or product launch, here are a few of the various opportunities that WFFS 2016 has to offer:

Seminar sponsorships

Event sponsorships

Specialty Food Magazine Show edition ads and Digital Show advertising

What’s New, What’s Hot! ads and display cases – these are very cool and helpful

Directory advertising, and more

Interviewing various attendees in previous years we have found there is a misnomer that the show is extremely expensive and a very costly endeavor just to showcase your new ideas or products at the WFFS. It may not be for everyone at any given time in their trek for that great new killer foodie product, but as large as this show is, and comparing it to other shows and exhibiting opportunities – local, national, and international, the Fancy Food Show is by far your biggest chunk of cheese for your slice into the Food and Beverage industry!


Exhibitors at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Exhibiting at a Fancy Food Show is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to connect with buyers from every major food and beverage buying channel in the United States and abroad. Keeping this in mind, if and when you jump into the fray, it is essential for you to know your product, your market, and potentially new markets and how your company is going to make money. Even if you are an attendee with a new product or idea, having this information and more at the tip of your tongue, you never know who will be listening to your conversation in passing, or who might sit down next to you during lunch. This makes the show one of the best tradeshows in the business to network and learn all about your product or the types of products you are buying.

The 2016 show in San Francisco will feature a staggering amount of products – more than 80,000 at last count, over 19,000 buyers (that is probably one of you), and at least 1,400 exhibitors – which essentially could be you one day with some of the great products you are in the midst of developing! I have truly enjoyed much of what I have seen and tasted over the last year! Surely one of the best products to emerge from the Northern California Region is the CARROLL’S BRAND of Meats and Rubs. The company is huddled in beautiful San Bruno California and has a delicatessen and a catering division. They are also eager to begin distribution of their meat and rub products. Try their Blackened Hanger Steak™ or Blackened Burgers™, on the grill, baked, broiled or fried, your palate will be pleasantly pleased.


Winter Fancy Food Show California Vendors

This writer has seen a great deal of companies and products come and go over the 20 plus years I’ve been attending the Fancy Food Shows. To put it into perspective, as a business owner, regardless if your type of product or service, there is superabundance of information to share with you. If you fall under the category of “Fancy Food Show Rookie”, you may find yourself a little bit inundated, and sometimes even extremely overwhelmed with the plethora of products and services at the show. Either way, don’t fret, take it one step at a time and create a list of notes and goals of what you would like to see and experience at the show, categorically speaking. Some of what you will see while attending the Fancy Food Show is everything you can imagine and much more – new pasta sauces or meat rubs, a line of Mediterranean food products, dessert items, international products, a unique food establishment or franchise opportunities, new technologies, a vegan delight, bacons, seafood, delicatessen specialties and so much more, you could spend an entire week at the show and not see everything!

At Event City we cover shows involving the Events & Creative Industries – from the Consumer Electronic Show, to the Special Events Expo. We have covered NAMM, the SF Gift Show, Halloween & Party Expo, Ad Tech, MacWorld, The Halloween Expo & Haunt, The Party Show, Nightclub & Bar Show, The Hospitality Expo, and many more. We work hard for you to help showcase the latest and greatest within a the Event City array of industries. As hard as we work, we can play pretty hard too. We have a little saying about the Fancy Food Show – and if you think Wizard of Oz theme, you’ll get it. It goes like this,

“Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my!”

We wish it was that simple, but the fancy food show is definitely not simple. All who have attended over the years would definitely attest to the fact that this industry’s “must attend show”, is a Food lover’s utopia and all for the obvious reasons. Now don’t forget, as you’re entering the show floor for the first time, grab your partner’s hand and chime along together, Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my!, Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my… 

See you there.


The Winter & Summer’s Fancy Food Show Schedule – We hope to see you there.

2016 Winter Fancy Food Show—January 17-19, San Francisco

Sunday, January 17, 2016: Show Open 10am – 5pm

Monday, January 18, 2016: Show Open 10am – 5pm

Tuesday, January 19, 2016: Show Open 10am – 4pm

2016 Summer Fancy Food Show—June 26-28, New York


The Specialty Food Association can help your growing business in a number of different ways, please feel free to browse their website for much more information.


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