Sweet HayaH, Popular Rock/Soul/Funk Band from San Jose, Amplify their Musical Message through Major Festivals and their Debut at The Independent in San Francisco


By Nolan Apostle
Event City Editorial Team
Event City Premier Magazine

SWEET HayaH, just a few months after releasing their new Album GENTLE LIES have picked up the pace on the band’s live performances. They have played at least 10 major, large-scale shows and Music Festivals, in under a year, some of which are extremely notable events. Just before their album release they were invited to play at Superbowl City in SF, and will be performing a headlining spot at the SOFA STREET FAIR, a local  community favorite in San Jose this Sunday September 11th (they’ll be at the WILLIAM STREET STAGE Corner of William and South First Street). They had a guest spot on KPIX with the always effervescent Roberta Gonzalez, and she was happy to “…bring out San Jose’s finest band, they played at Superbowl City for us.” From the looks of it, everyone involved was having too much fun! Another major music event the band was invited to play was the FREMONT FESTIVAL Of the ARTS on August 7, the largest street festival west of the Mississippi!


The Selecter Headlines in San Francisco on a 7 City US Tour

To say that Sweet HayaH has come a long way in a short period of time, is certainly an understatement.  The band is supporting The Selecter’s seven-city US Tour with their performance debut at The Independent night club in San Francisco. The Selecter has been riding the roller coaster of  music since the 1970’s as one of the most successful Ska bands of the 2-Tone era. I took a listen to the latest album, they absolutely are still an exciting choice with their unique blend of music which ultimately sounds just as fresh now as it did decades ago. The match of a strong up and coming act like Sweet HayaH supporting a historic band like The Selecter allows for your entertainment value to be doubled and I would even venture to say, the best ticket in town for your October 10th Monday night outing. 

Sweet HayaH is excited to be invited to play with them and even though they have played in San Francisco before, this is a major boost for the band’s career and helps to establish them as a major musical force in the up and coming Northern California Music environment.

SelecterDJJkirk2Come see Sweet HayaH perform on their debut at The Independent in San Francisco on October 10th! YoSelecterDJkirkBimbosu don’t want to miss this incredible group of musicians and performers! Along with The Selecter and Sweet HayaH the show also includes The Selecter DJ Kirk, a fine performer in his own right, somewhat of an historian of Soul music, and not just any Soul, but the kind you didn’t know existed, but will never forget it after you’ve heard it. Can’t wait to see him too.

Tickets are available at http://www.theindependentsf.com/event/1234309-selecter-san-francisco/