A Launch Plan for the EVENT CITY NETWORK

Ok, so what is this ONLINE PORTAL for the EVENTS & CREATIVE Industries?

It is the Internet Organization’s long awaited development for Your industry. There are many different industries which represent Event City and you can view our PHASE ONE Page for a detailed description of that launch. The Event City Industries are listed here:

Special Events Meeting Planning Hospitality
Art Entertainment Music Travel
Food & Beverage Publishing & Printing
Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

Wow, so now you have a little bit of an idea of who the Event City Network really is; it is YOU, your network, and what you want it to be. No we are not being sarcastic or the least bit funny. It has been our mission from day one to build a community landing site (a portal internet based location) for all of the industries that work together towards common goals. We are building a platform and YOU will let us know what you like and want to see in this community! Those who have already participated in previous beta tests know this first hand as they have been sending us their ideas and interest in what they would like to see created on the Event City Network. All previous Beta Testers – we humbly appreciate all of your support and feedback over the years, BETA TESTERS UNITE and pat yourselves on your back for a job very well done!!!

Ok, you’re thinking that you are not that big of a company yet, or maybe you are just fresh out of college or simpler yet, a Mom or Dad just trying to earn some extra dollars starting a Wirlball business or an entertainment or event company. It really doesn’t matter at Event City.

Some of our current founding members work on major projects and events (from a Lollapalooza to a major motion picture production), where others might be as simple as a board-room snackfest meeting planner or a party for their 8 year old grandson. Maybe you want to break into one of these industries, or you are tired of what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years and want to make a career change. Are you looking for that stunning new product to present at your next event? How about talking about your hotel or venue’s million dollar updates and reaching an audience that will be mighty glad to hear about it! What about just finding a band, or magician, or a damn good caterer for your next event?! This and so much more will be available on the Event City Network as we move our project from the cutting room floor to the Internet, the World and beyond!

We are adding more and more content on a daily basis as we continue to move from our Alpha Test into our Live Beta Launch and don’t forget to Sign Up for our Launch. As previously mentioned, you will receive many benefits and rewards for being an Event City Founding Member Beta Tester.

Please visit our Creative Magazine and the Event City Main Web Page to learn more about Event City’s updates, Live launch timeline and how it will effect you; and don’t forget to please bookmark our sites whenever you can! You can also, at anytime, give us a call via our new CALLING BUTTON to discuss any manner of business.

5 Responses

  1. Yo…! Good to see Event City finally find it’s place in the world! Let’s keep it coming!!

  2. Hello, we met at the reel bash, you , with camera in hand.
    Was looking around for uploaded photos. Are they available yet?
    best, Teri

  3. Great article on the Event Space in San Jose, Auto Sportiva. I also liked the company OpenX, what an informative article. As an Event Planner and Promoter I find it is difficult to find technology that relates to who I am and what I do.
    Thank you very much,

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