Thank you for taking the time to read about us and our long awaited project.

The Event City Network (ECN™) will reach the largest population of professionals who serve all aspects of the Events & Creative Industries™. ECN’s main focus is on distinct market segments which include the Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment & Music industries and all of their vertical markets. Additionally, Food & Beverage, Publishing & Printing, and Associations or Non-Profit Organizations affiliated with these market segments are included as important elements of membership.

The Event City™ online portal will offer a plethora of services, important industry-related concepts, critical information and support, valuable tools, and imperative business solutions for all aspects and market segments of these industries. It will benefit everyone from students straight out of college dreaming of playing a role in any of the disciplines to CEO’s planning to go public with their Venture Capital Firm.

Additionally the Marketplace Channel, Event City Emporium™, will host thousands of products some of which are extremely unique and specific to these represented professionals and their industries. You will get to view Sneak Peaks of these products and other unique merchandise prior to them reaching market, either on one of our Blogs or through our Magazine Channel, Event City Creative™.

The Event City Concierge™ another important Channel, will feature an accumulation of benefits from simple business and industry related contracts to forums, networking opportunities, some great new technology software applications (directly and indirectly relating to our industries), and even the ability to instantly contact a “Professional or Expert” for assistance across most industry disciplines and then some.

ECN conducted 5 unique Beta Tests during the entire course of their R&D period, receiving a wealth of positive feedback and information from the Event City testing community. Within the last few years they have received a substantial collection of “Opt-in” Beta Test recipients eager to see the launch of the Event City Online™. The founding members are proud that many of you have participated as Beta Testers, well over 12,000 qualified Meeting Planners, Event Producers, Hospitality industry professionals, and Corporate planners as well as service company experts, some associates and friends and a smidgen of other technical experts from various industries.

All of this quite simply means- Event City knows their audience well and what they want and need. The sky’s the limit for the Event City Network, and they’re making it incredibly easy to participate!

If you are not a current Beta Tester all you need to do is to Sign up for Registration. The current plan is to complete our Alpha launch and commence the Beta Test with several thousand users. Approximately 1,500 members will be Meeting, Event and Corporate Planners, though that number continues to grow as more and more members request their beta testing privileges. After the final beta soft launch is complete there will be a “public” launch event with more than 12,000 members, where at least 6,000 will be Meeting, Event and Corporate Planners. All Founding Members and beta testers will receive many FREEBIES, contest promotions, and special benefits as part of their membership.

ECN’s mission is to become the portal property available 24/7 to assist Events & Creative industry professionals, at all levels, in all aspects of their business and professional goals, offering everything from project management and planning events to receiving advice and purchasing power for any type of product or services within the Events & Creative industries–and beyond. Teaming with Event City will assist the entire Events and Creative Community in all of their endeavors no matter how small or large. Members helping Members(tm) that’s our plan in a nutshell. Ultimately, the ECN ideology is to create a philanthropic organization that will allow Event City to better the lives of others.

ECN expects to be the industry’s first choice for new product development, RFP’s, advance productivity and industry related education, efficiency advancement- both for the individual as well as small businesses to major corporations, product showcasing, general industry assistance, news, information, and promotion, marketing and advertising opportunities as well as a full scope of editorial content.


Productivity at Hyper-Speed for the
Events & Creative Industries

Keep your ear to the ground and an eye on the Event City BlogaZine for many sneak peeks of their unique business model, Channels, categories, products, and countdowns for all launches!

21 Responses

  1. I enjoyed Mike Handler’s article on below-the-line work!

  2. Thank you Carolyn, I appreciate your comments. Mike is a fine writer, we are privileged to have him on board with the Event City Creative Magazine!

    I look forward to seeing more of your comments and suggestions online.

    Nolan Apostle
    Founder & CEO
    Event City Network

  3. 🙂

  4. Good information. How does one become a beta testing agent? Or is it a Beta Tester? Does it cost anything? Or are there prerequsites?

    Can we purchase products now, or do we need to be a tester?

    I have enjoyed the articles that are specific to various industries and nice comments too.
    Thank you,

  5. […] in Alpha Test) will be the online mall featuring all of the Products used by YOU, members of the Events & Creative Industries™. Anything goes here, from Food & Beverage items, to decor and ambiance; costumes and […]

  6. To Harold and Anyone else,

    YES products may now be purchased. Go to our alpha testing storefront at http://www.coolproducts.ecrater.com

    You can also find products listed here, at our Event City Emporium Blog- http://eventproducts.wordpress.com/ and on our Event City Creative Magazine too.

  7. This is so smoking hot! I want to beta test and become a founding member of your site. Is it that easy?

    Do I just send an email to betatest@eventcity.net?

    Should anything special go into the subject line? I’ll putI want to Beta Test EC

    Can I share this with my colleges lots of students that would be interested in participating?

    Do you have any jobs available yet?

    Thank you for your time

  8. Hi everyone, saw your WIRLBALL at the goldengate park in San Francisco area – it was VERY COOL product. I just wanted to get in it and go! How can we rent one? I heard they rentals are in the SF bay area by planet interactiv company – you told me this on phone. I called them and they were expensive for our budget. What other dealers do your have avialable?
    thankyou, carla v.

    • Thank you for the Wirlball rentals over the last 3 years. We havte had a great time each rental. Last one was with our whole company (30 of us and two Wirlballs) we did races – Woooopie!!

      See you soon,
      Carla v

  9. this is great stuff. really likit. i also like your coolprodcuts website. I have sent several people from our school fundraising committee to see it too. They too really like it. I believe they are buying some items from your site and we look forward to more exciting products as you guys rampp up.
    Best of luck to all of you. Carey

  10. This is a great site.

  11. Great site. I can’t wait to see it launch. I read somewhere it wasn’t going to be until the middle of 2011?? Is that accurate?
    ps. I especially enjoy the information about contracts and business support.

  12. What a great concept! How can one volunteer or intern on this

  13. What a great site! I can’t wait to see it up and running in full. I was a beta tester about 2a nd a half years ago, gave an received some awesome feedback. Looking forward to seeing teh live launch.


    • Hello. Great to meet you at the recent Web 2.0 show in SF. What an exciting project you have with the Event City Network. Our company is very interested in working with you to build up your Web services and reach your audience to help them with any App or social media development help.

      Truly enjoy the information you have available here.

    • Hello, I was a former Beta Tester and recently read an article in the LA Times arbout your launch. Can you please send me details regarding your launch and how one might be added to your Beta or Alpha testing list if you actually are doing this? I am very impressed with what I have seen, and look forward to being a member of you network.

      Thank you
      Peter R.
      PR and Marketing Manager
      Schwartz Communications

  14. I was an original beta tester about 4 years ago or so (when you had the EBJ (Electronic Business Journal) and I am blown away at how you are putting it all together. I didn’t think it could be done. When I first spoke to your founder (his name escapes me right now) he realized how big of an undertaking this was, but said it could be done. I thought he was crazy – well, he fooled me! I am very happy for your company’s success, I can’t wait to be on the testing side of this project when you go live. The greatest in success is wished for the entire team who worked on this.

    Your friend Gloria @ the Marriot in SF on 3rd (formerly manager there).

  15. nice, so far very nicely done. I look forward to everything else you do , as a former beta tester and someone who’s been in the biz for a long time I certainly appreciate all of your efforts over the past few years.

    My best,

  16. Splendid articles and some pretty cool products. I am extremely excited about the companys concept. Any chance to volunteer or help out I can oly imagine how insane it must be. Can I buy a member now? Looking for your pre-sales website, I had met someone at a convention and they said we could pre-pay for a membership.
    Thanks, Tex

  17. Great articles and information. I love the events listing information page and the Premier Magazine. Thank you to everyone at EVENT CITY for all of your hard work. looking forward to your launch. How does one get involved?

  18. This is an exciting project. I am on board with it. Please add me to your list and keep me updated as to when you will launch. What an ambitious project.

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