An Unbelievable Occurance


By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
February 20th, 2008

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you build it they will come”? Sure, I bet most of you have heard of it at one time or another. It refers to a business or a storefront or nowadays, an Internet presence or Website. If you build it they will come, quite frankly, if you don’t build it “they” will have nowhere to go….

….one might think.

Ok, what happens when you haven’t built it yet and they already are coming?

As many of you know, especially those of you who are previous beta testers and current Alpha testers, we have placed the Event City Network project in high gear over the last few months and things have been hopping, to say the least. Well, our main domain, “” is a pretty plain page. Not much there. I mean, it is STARK! We have a couple of links inviting visitors to become Beta Testers (again, primarily for our 100 or so Alpha clan), on the left column of the page we have some links to our BlogaZine. Ok, that’s it, done. So how is it that we have an above average page rank, since the 1st of the year we received an extraordinary amount of unique visits, and our redundancy rate is very high? While at CES we must of passed out, at the most a couple hundred business cards and post cards, that’s it.

Well, we have been told that what we are doing, our writing “styles”, our domain “interaction”, the keywords and keyword phrases we are using and a bit of “this and that” are our reasons for unwanted success. You see, we really don’t have a site, but people are coming! So what’s our next step. First off, when this happens, and yes, I have heard of this happening over and over again, but you know, it really doesn’t “click” until it happens to you. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that it actually does work, until you experience it.

So you don’t really do any marketing or advertising, and all of a sudden you have an audience, then what. Of course, if you are an entrepreneur and most on the web are, in one way or another, you want to “monetize” your newly found success. That is what we are going to talk about in the upcoming issues of our Internet Retailing Column and our SEARCHING for Domains – The new Event City Channel created especially for YOU, the Events & Creative industry professional who wants to learn how to add some revenue ideas to their already unique business. We’ll help you understand that this complex world of Internet Advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Domaining is not as hard as you think it might be.

While we’re at it, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you might want to visit the Santa Clara Convention Center from Wednesday the 26th of February to the 28th, it’s the Annual SEARCH MARKETING EXPO, an incredible show filled with extremely valuable information for Veterans and Newbies alike. Visit their Website for complete details.

Keep your eyes peeled for complete coverage of this awesome show.

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