BatKid Saves San Francisco as Event City Launches Music Channel “LetsPlay”

By Nolan Apostle
Producer, Contributing Editor and Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine

Let’s Play™ is a featured channel to debut in Q1 2014 on the Event City Network™ during the company’s Live Launch. It will allow Bands, Musicians and Performers to showcase their talents on Event City™ and other areas within the Event City family of websites. It will give all members of Event City the opportunity to see the great talent available through our Events & Creative Community Portal.

Here’s a sample of what Let’s Play is all about – a video and song written by San Francisco Songwriter, Jimi Shawndi, for MILES, the BATKID who stole the hearts of the world when Make-A-Wish Foundation asked him what he wished for, Miles replied, “I want to be Batman for a day”. So BatKid was born and transposed San Francisco into Gotham City! Take a listen to “IF I COULD FLY” Song for Miles and let us know what you think of this local musician’s work. Maybe it will be your song featured by Event City on Let’s Play!

To have your music and videos showcased in our pre-launch and to be included in this future project please send your request to our Music Channel Beta.

Enjoy and Let’s Play™!


Event City Network to Offer WIRLBALL – Lighted Caps and SOFTWARE

Event City Products and the Marketplace Channel, Event City Emporium, which is currently in Alpha Test at their COOL PRODUCTS Site will feature the Wirlball and the Electro Caps as new products being introduced in the USA.

You can now sign up for the Company’s Beta Test at their main site – EVENT CITY.NET which will commence soon, or even contact them directly via their New WEB PHONE featured on their Creative Magazine.

“We hope to offer many different solutions for our Members, to help them learn more about technology, and to allow them to become more efficient and successful in their everyday business affairs”, exclaims Nolan Apostle, Founder & CEO of the Event City Network.

The company will commence their Beta launch in the Summer of 2008 and besides launching their Website Portal for the Events & Creative Industries, they also expect to offer a strong Software product for businesses who are serious about Planning Parties, Events, Meetings, Conferences, even Special Functions to Major Shows.

The company’s software will work partially as a back-end for the Event City Network, it will also be a powerful tool for planners who do everything from small events, meetings, or private parties all the way up the ladder to major Tradeshow Producers, Concert Promoters, Special Event Planners, even Festival Managers and Movie Industry Personnel. The initial software offer will most likely be a licensing deal which Event City Members can purchase with certain features and benefits depending on their objectives. Members will also receive a discount on purchase of the software product.

“We look forward to launching new products for our Members, it is exciting to be able to introduce them to new and unique merchandise they will use for their projects and to create a better overall ROI”, says Jeff Patino, Product Manager of the Halloween and Special Effects division. The company will also announce very soon some Strategic Alliances, special deals and promotions that are in the works.

Events, Meeting, and Hospitality Tradeshow Comes to Northern California

A boutique style industry trade show is coming to the heart of Silicon Valley next week and YOU’RE INVITED! All members of the Event City Network, and all Events & Creative Industry associates are welcomed to the Special Events & Business Mixer Expo at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

The event is produced by Michael Aguilera and is being sponsored by the EVENT CITY NETWORK as well as several other fine companies. The Daily News Group, InfoBayArea, Times Media Group and the WAVE Magazine:

This is a must attend event for all Special Event Planners, Meeting Managers, Corporate Planners & Buyers, Hospitality and Entertainment industry professionals. We expect an eclectic array of attendees as each of the Media Sponsor publcations cater to a different and unique audience of these professional industries.

If you are a professional or have a company that you would like to showcase to the industry, please contact Michael Aguilera, producer of the event. There is still some booth space available at only $345/space. Mr. Aguilera can be reached at either Office: 408.972.1985 or by emailing Mike Aguilera directly.

Any questions please contact Event City for participation at other levels. To get a sneak peak at some of the products Event City will have on display, please visit the Event City Emporium Blog.


Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

Why not? Sure that’s the easy way out. Ask a question give a simple answer. For the last year or so since we have talked to many of our Alpha and Beta testers about being more successful on the Internet we have heard this question time and time again. Why Advertise on the Internet? Why spend any amount of time investing in the Internet besides a website? It’s too confusing. It’s too difficult. Hackers will just steal what we do anyway! How can we earn revenues when there are experts out there doing just that? We will attempt to answer all those questions and much more as we visit Ad Tech San Francisco at Moscone Center over the next few days. This is a fascinating subject and all of the technologies behind these solutions are truly brilliant!

First things first though. If you are involved in any of the Event City’s industries, the Events & Creative Industries you definitely should be attending Ad Tech. As we cover this three day show in San Francisco, we already realize the magnitude of it’s presence here in San Francisco alone. Social Networking a huge buzz word in general and at the show is seems to be a perfect fit for the Social Butterflies of the City By the Bay. Well as we come to realize there is so much more to “Social Networking” than one might perceive.

Ad dollars are just a part of what Ad Tech is all about. Sure the Goods are where the Gold is, or Cash is King (or is that Cache is King) but is that always true, especially in this day and age? I’m not too certain anymore. Tiny startups to major players like Google, Yahoo, Nestle and Kodak (Yep, even Nestle’s Chocolates and Kodak Film company) are here, and you can bet they are not just Chocolates and no more film for the once gigantic firms. So what are two companies like these doing here? Who incidentally fall into the realm of the Event City’s “Events & Creative Industries“?

Come on down and find out. Or if you can’t make it to Ad Tech San Francisco, please visit their website and learn about Ad Tech’s world tour, probably coming to a city near you. So if you are one of those who think that the Advertising and Marketing world on the Internet is not very important, you better think again; and that’s no threat, it’s reality. Come to Ad Tech and learn, that’s where I will be. Here are some highlights of this great show.

Attendees will converge on ad:tech San Francisco ( April 15-17 at the Moscone Center to attend panel sessions, workshops and keynotes during three action-packed days of learning from today’s digital marketing industry game-changers. Attendees will take away the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing marketing world, and gain first-hand insight into emerging opportunities with online video, social networks, mobile marketing, digital out-of-home advertising and more.

Hear from four of the hottest stars of online video, including Kevin Rose (pictured) of Diggnation, Ask a Ninja’s Kent Nichols, Jeff Macpherson of Tiki Bar TV and Martin Sargent of Revision3. View the live taping and hear and explore how you can leverage programs like these to expand your own audience.

That’s the key to what Ad Tech can offer. How you can learn to leverage programs like those above, and so much more to expand your own audience, no matter who that audience is. The Special Event, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music, Motion Pictures, Food & Beverage are all industries that can leverage these programs and expand audiences and reap the benefits.

I look forward to attending this show and covering it for all of you, my associates on the battlegrounds of the Events & Creative Industries- the EVENT CITY NETWORK!


Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative


Event City Planet Bubble

Some say it is the new planet recently discovered in our solar system. I don’t think it is large enough to be a planet. I think this guy standing next to it is wondering the same thing at the Halloween Costume and Party Expo this last week.

Oh the heck with formalities, just visit the EVENT CITY CREATIVE MAGAZINE for all the details, and how your company can be one of the first on our planet to own one of these real cool HUMAN ROLLY POLLYS!! <– Hey there ya go, a Human Rolly Polly, I like that.

Would like to purchase one? 

Elvira Mistress of the Dark . Oh yeah , and me too!

Jeff Patino – Talent, Broadcast Crew & Writer
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

Day Two of the Halloween Costume and Party Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. What a great show it is!


One of the highlights of the HCP Transworld Halloween Costume and Party show was having the chance to meet one of my favorite late night Horror hosts , none other than the the hostess with the mostess Elvira Mistress of the Dark! She was very nice , and very funny , and she’s still got the looksthat kill.

She arrived equipped with her own Roman centurian guard, also her personal assistant. We had a great time at this show lots of fun , and even more work….

Event City would like to thank Elvira Mistress of the Dark for her time and friendly presence at Halloween Costume and Party Show 2008, not to mention the really cool autographed photo!


Event City BlogaZine Announces Event City Creative Magazine

Event City BlogaZine will launch the Alpha test of it’s sister publication, Event City Creative Magazine. Please feel free to visit the site and tell us what you think, what you want and leave us comments.

Also visit our Event City Network page for updates and Beta Testing preparations.

Costumes and More at Halloween, Costume & Party Show

Nolan Apostle, Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazine & Event City Live!

See some of these great costumes and so much more at the Halloween Costume and Party Show in Las Vegas starting this weekend. Visit the Event City Creative Magazine for full reports on this fantastic show.

48170_weddingcake.jpg 49336_hotplayer.jpg

Halloween Costume and Party Show Moves to Las Vegas

Nolan Apostle, Contributing Editor, Producer
Event City Creative Magazine & Event City Live!

Here is a quick peek of Mr. Pumpkin Head at the Big Stuff Booth at the Halloween Costume and Party Show in Las Vegas running from March 16th – 19th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. For this and many other products contact the Event City Emporium product manager, or for Halloween and Special Effects products, contact Mr. Halloween.


Once this mammoth show was a fixture in Chicago, it is now a new event in the fabulous Sands Casino and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Don’t miss the excitement! If you’d like to join us then what are you waiting for? C’mon, let’s get this party started.

Please visit the Event City Creative Magazine for our feature story, show updates and many exciting surprises live from the showroom floor of the Halloween Costume and Party Show at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

Upcoming Industry Tradeshows for Events & Creative Industries

By Nolan Apostle, Associate Editor & Producer

After making it back to San Francisco from a grueling CES 2008 – the Consumer Electronics Show, and then to make it just in time for MacWorld Expo wow, what a run! MacWorld was a tiny show compared to CES (the Mammoth of all Tradeshows) but what a great collection of Exhibitors showcasing some wonderful products both for Mac and Windows computers. Of course we will have much more for you to see on the CES & MacWorld fronts, and now, as promised here is your special report on some upcoming Tradeshows and Conferences for the Events & Creative Industries. This is for our Friends (Members) at the Event City Network.

Coming soon to a Convention center near you, more than a handful of some great Conferences and Tradeshows. These Expos will ALL take place within the next 50 days. Yep, you heard me right, all within 50 days and two of them are “Multi-Shows”, covering numerous vertical markets within their events.

These conferences will represent the Hospitality, Events, Meeting Planning, Party and Photographic industries. There are many vertical markets that will converge these shows for specific, but in some cases, diverse audiences. These are all fantastic shows and all of them will provide a plethora of information for you and your companies.

pma08_upcomingevents.gifFirst it’s a Photo-Imagers Disneyland, Photo Marketing Association Tradeshow-PMA commences at the end of this month in Las Vegas, January 31 – February 2nd.

2008_ihw_logo.gifThen sometime soon after, also in Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to join us at this next show which is the CES for the Hospitality industry; one of the Event City Industries biggest and most illustrious Tradeshows ever! The International Hospitality Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 24-27.

In the midst of this huge hospitality show is the Meeting Planners International Northern California Chapter event MPINCC 20th Annual Trade Show. It takes place one day only on February 26th, 2008.

This is a very good conference and expo that will take place in San Francisco at Moscone Convention Center. This event is a great way to gain some knowledge of the Meeting and Hospitality industry overall. It’s especially strong if you want to further your education and learn how to become a Certified Meeting Professional. This is a wonderful event to meet players in the industry (mostly from California), make all types of contacts – numerous vertical markets attend this show, and for all this, the price is definitely right!

And finally – It’s Our party and we’ll cry if we want too, but just don’t miss all the great Halloween and Event industry products at this outrageous tradeshow, The HALLOWEEN, PARTY AND COSTUME Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas running from March 16 – 19.

Industry insiders and surely many outsiders say of all tradeshows for all industries you will not have nearly as much fun as you will have at this upcoming Halloween and Party show. If you are in any of the industries associated with Event City, you need to be at this event. If you can’t make it, then keep your finger on the mouse and point it here for complete reporting, a special showcase (See products on Event City Live! and ECTV) as we present many updates on all these “Must Do” tradeshows for the Events & Creative Industries(tm). We will keep you posted with all the details on these great shows.

Please don’t forget to comment with your questions, ideas and overall feedback on our objectives for the Events & Creative Industries and how we plan to help you achieve your objectives through our work.

Thanks for visiting our city, your city – EVENT CITY! We hope you plan on hanging out more and more as we build this city on creativity – we are, “Corporately Clean and Creativity Cool”!