Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System Announced
Ability to Auto-Post and Podcast Live from Anywhere
Social Media will never be the same again!

By Alex Jauregui and Anthony Ansola
Reporter & Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

The Event City Ecosphere just got a bit friendlier and much more productive as the company begins testing their new auto posting and podcast type broadcasting service for journalist – Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System. Both systems will allow the Event City Premier Magazine Journalists to create and post Live Broadcasts and Writing from anywhere in the world. In fact this article was posted remotely without logging onto the Magazine’s back end, only using the new system.

“We’ve simplified the structure of our online presentations, both for our Magazine Network and our growing Blog Networks”, says Nolan Apostle, Co-founder and CEO of Event City. He adds, “Our Writers, Reporters, Stringers, Photographers, all of our Journalism Teams will find this system very easy and productive to use, giving them the opportunity to post Live Broadcast from shows, projects, conventions or anywhere and from any part of the world.” The system will eventually be integrated into the company’s Advertising Network, The MUSIC SKOOP, PINK SECTION Project, the EC EMPORIUM, HOSPITALITY and ESTATE SALE Blogs to start out. As the Premier Magazine Division attracts more Journalist and other Editorial Teams they will virally grow the network and content will be posted much easier than ever. The task of posting content, stories, podcasts, blogs, reviews, all of it, will be more appealing and enjoyable – it will be much less a job and much more fun!

The Editorial Broadcast System will give Writers, Podcast Producers, Reporters, Social Media Managers, and Bloggers the opportunity to share their experiences about the Hospitality, Special Events, Concert, Music, Art, Film, Travel, Entertainment industries and more. This will allow Event Planners, Musicians, Performers, Show Producers, Venues, Theaters, Motion Picture Producers, Hotels, Restaurants and many others the opportunity to expand their audience and reach out to both a B2B audiences as well as the Consumer. You can sign up now to begin using this new service for your business or projects. The benefits are immense!

The company plans to roll out this new feature sometime in the very near future prior to the re-launch of the Event City Network. They are seeking serious Journalist to jump on board to help test and navigate the system. You can contact the EDITORIAL TEAM by sending an email to EC Premier Magazine. Send your resume, and a short message as to why they should bring you on board to test the new system and potentially bring you in as a permanent member of their Editorial Staff.

The Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System will give the Editorial Team the ability to draft, write, create, and post articles, reviews and stories with images and video as well. All of this including Live Audio Broadcasting without even sending to an Editor, Engineer or Producer will be featured characteristics of the site.

EventCity™ and Event City Live™ are Trademarks protected by the Trademark laws of the USA and the Internet Organization, and the Event City Network and may not be used for any purpose what-so-ever without expressed written permission by the company’s IP Directors, the Founders or CEO.



BatKid Saves San Francisco as Event City Launches Music Channel “LetsPlay”

By Nolan Apostle
Producer, Contributing Editor and Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine

Let’s Play™ is a featured channel to debut in Q1 2014 on the Event City Network™ during the company’s Live Launch. It will allow Bands, Musicians and Performers to showcase their talents on Event City™ and other areas within the Event City family of websites. It will give all members of Event City the opportunity to see the great talent available through our Events & Creative Community Portal.

Here’s a sample of what Let’s Play is all about – a video and song written by San Francisco Songwriter, Jimi Shawndi, for MILES, the BATKID who stole the hearts of the world when Make-A-Wish Foundation asked him what he wished for, Miles replied, “I want to be Batman for a day”. So BatKid was born and transposed San Francisco into Gotham City! Take a listen to “IF I COULD FLY” Song for Miles and let us know what you think of this local musician’s work. Maybe it will be your song featured by Event City on Let’s Play!

To have your music and videos showcased in our pre-launch and to be included in this future project please send your request to our Music Channel Beta.

Enjoy and Let’s Play™!



Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

Why not? Sure that’s the easy way out. Ask a question give a simple answer. For the last year or so since we have talked to many of our Alpha and Beta testers about being more successful on the Internet we have heard this question time and time again. Why Advertise on the Internet? Why spend any amount of time investing in the Internet besides a website? It’s too confusing. It’s too difficult. Hackers will just steal what we do anyway! How can we earn revenues when there are experts out there doing just that? We will attempt to answer all those questions and much more as we visit Ad Tech San Francisco at Moscone Center over the next few days. This is a fascinating subject and all of the technologies behind these solutions are truly brilliant!

First things first though. If you are involved in any of the Event City’s industries, the Events & Creative Industries you definitely should be attending Ad Tech. As we cover this three day show in San Francisco, we already realize the magnitude of it’s presence here in San Francisco alone. Social Networking a huge buzz word in general and at the show is seems to be a perfect fit for the Social Butterflies of the City By the Bay. Well as we come to realize there is so much more to “Social Networking” than one might perceive.

Ad dollars are just a part of what Ad Tech is all about. Sure the Goods are where the Gold is, or Cash is King (or is that Cache is King) but is that always true, especially in this day and age? I’m not too certain anymore. Tiny startups to major players like Google, Yahoo, Nestle and Kodak (Yep, even Nestle’s Chocolates and Kodak Film company) are here, and you can bet they are not just Chocolates and no more film for the once gigantic firms. So what are two companies like these doing here? Who incidentally fall into the realm of the Event City’s “Events & Creative Industries“?

Come on down and find out. Or if you can’t make it to Ad Tech San Francisco, please visit their website and learn about Ad Tech’s world tour, probably coming to a city near you. So if you are one of those who think that the Advertising and Marketing world on the Internet is not very important, you better think again; and that’s no threat, it’s reality. Come to Ad Tech and learn, that’s where I will be. Here are some highlights of this great show.

Attendees will converge on ad:tech San Francisco (http://www.ad-tech.com/sf/) April 15-17 at the Moscone Center to attend panel sessions, workshops and keynotes during three action-packed days of learning from today’s digital marketing industry game-changers. Attendees will take away the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing marketing world, and gain first-hand insight into emerging opportunities with online video, social networks, mobile marketing, digital out-of-home advertising and more.

Hear from four of the hottest stars of online video, including Kevin Rose (pictured) of Diggnation, Ask a Ninja’s Kent Nichols, Jeff Macpherson of Tiki Bar TV and Martin Sargent of Revision3. View the live taping and hear and explore how you can leverage programs like these to expand your own audience.

That’s the key to what Ad Tech can offer. How you can learn to leverage programs like those above, and so much more to expand your own audience, no matter who that audience is. The Special Event, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music, Motion Pictures, Food & Beverage are all industries that can leverage these programs and expand audiences and reap the benefits.

I look forward to attending this show and covering it for all of you, my associates on the battlegrounds of the Events & Creative Industries- the EVENT CITY NETWORK!


Since my return from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas I’ve talked about a lot of things to a lot of people. There is one aspect of the show that I keep coming back to, and whenever I mention it in conversation I keep getting asked the same question; What is ShowStoppers?

You will learn here, first hand, all about this company and their unique approach to helping companies launch their products at CES and other Electronic, High Tech tradeshows. You will have a chance to see products, in some cases for the first time, that can help you be more productive and efficient in your business, planning meetings and events, working on films, producing shows, concerts, tradeshows and tours; or whatever you do in the Events & Creative Industries.

Showstoppers is a show itself that showcases many different products in the Electronic and High Tech genres. The company strictly invites members of the Media to hopefully write and report on the many different products at their event. I briefly met with one of the company partners, Steven J. Leon, a nice, but very busy gentleman who had a barrage of people coming at him during the evening of his event. From friends, product managers, PR reps and journalist, to bloggers and photographers and other members of the press. He explained how they have been doing this for several years and have grown considerably, especially over the last few years. If you attend CES, and are a member of the media, this is a must attend event. If you are interested in selling products, or see products you would like to buy check out their website or you request certain products here.

For more information visit Showstoppers Website you can learn about the different tradeshows they participate in and the types of products they showcase.  Stay tuned as we will create our own Showstoppers Showcase right here on the Event City Network.


Great Emails and Comments from our Readers

Hello Everyone, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and the emails messages we have received, you are all so generous! Please as often as possible do leave comments here on our Magazine pages (our BlogaZine) as well as our Blogspace.com. It helps us to learn more about what you like and want to see us report on your industry.

Wow! I was really impressed by one comment left by Kimmy in Arizona. She can write. No, I don’t just mean she can write, but SHE-CAN-WRITE!! She certainly picked up some pointers from her Mom who’s a darn good writer herself and has previously penned some good pieces for us. But I would of never guessed – Kimmy.

I am very impressed and hope to see much more of her on here, and maybe we can entice her to write a few things on a more semi-professional level, what do you think Kimmy hunny???

Please do keep your eyes and mouse pointed to our space where your comments are always welcomed and your ideas greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from all of you often and soon.

Cheers My Babies,
Nolan Apostle
Founder & CEO
Associate Publisher
Chief Editor
VP of Marketing and Promotions
(Ok, it’s a lot titles, give me a break- we’re a Start Up)
Event City Network
Event City Creative Magazine

Photographic Frame Milestones-Image Moments 8 by Digital Foci, Inc.

By NOLAN APOSTLE, Assoicate Editor/Producer

Where were you in ’62? Not sure? Oh, you weren’t born yet? Well then you probably didn’t know that in 1962 the Photographic “Frame” became a household name and reached a monumental milestone – selling more frames than there were people in the USA.

OK, so fast forward to 2008 today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and we have another monumental achievement happening. Digital Foci, Inc. www.digitalfoci.com announced that it has won The Professional Photographer 2008 “Hot One” Award for the “Image Moments 8” digital photo frame.

imt-081_front_black_l.jpgWinner for the second year in a row (the previous version of Image Moments IMT-081 won the 2007 Hot One Award), “Image Moments 8” (Model IMT-083) lets you display and share photos directly from digital camera memory cards at home or at the office on a selection of beautiful interchangeable picture frames. Just insert any digital camera memory card into the Image Moments frame and watch memories come to life in sharp, vibrant color on its big 8-inch high-resolution digital LCD screen.

Please keep your eyes peeled both here for udates on this product that myself and fellow Editors and writers just love and think this is a definite BUY NOW! We expect to have a review on the product coming soon here as well as a presentation of our CES “Photographic Collection” on Event City Live!.

This new version of the popular Image Moments digital frame now features an 8” high-resolution 800 x 600 digital LCD screen with 500:1 contrast ratio for superior picture quality. The unique proprietary Adapter Ring design supports limitless custom framing options — even your own custom frame. It also features an interchangeable mat with 3 color selections, a hinged memory card door to hide the cards from view for an elegant finish, and an easel leg for alternating between landscape and portrait positioning to make changing your home or office décor a snap.

On Image Moments 8, portrait photos are automatically rotated according to the EXIF data captured by the camera. In addition, the built-in auto-rotate orientation sensor automatically displays photos in the correct orientation according to the landscape or portrait orientation of the device.

Some other great new features include an automatic on/off timer, and advanced file management features. The folder structure lets you select specific folders to playback. You can also create, edit, and sequence multiple playlists directly on the device.

Wow, all that and you almost expect it to take the pictures for you too! I expect to do a nice feature on this and other similar products to help you be more productive both in business and in life.

Thank you for visiting the Event City Blogazine’s coverage at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where you’ll find almost 2 million square feet of space, 2700 exhibitors, and over 140,000 attendees seeking information on millions of products on display at this mammoth show.

For more information on Digital Foci, see the site: http://www.digitalfoci.com .

Event City Creative Seeking Celebrities for CES

By Nolan Apostle & Sonia Sanchez, Writers
Event City Creative
Who’s coming to CES this year? Not sure. Don’t care. That’s fare — oops, don’t I mean “Fair”. Well that depends on your point of view. How much can a celebrity charge to participate in events such as this?

Well if you are going to CES and actually get a chance to meet Yoko Ono, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Danica Patrick, and Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and who knows who else, ask them?

All of them and more will be in Las Vegas this week for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES. The gigantic technology conference (it took me almost 40 minutes just to job from one end to the other) always draws a number of famous folks to Sin City to either perform musical acts and/or promote and advertise various products. But this year, the group of “celebrities” scheduled to appear at CES is quite eclectic.

Yoko Ono and Sony recording artists Natasha Bedingfield, william from the Black Eyed Peas and Pat Monahan of Train plan to unveil an all-new John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at an invitation-only event on Monday. I had never heard of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus before, but apparently it’s a non-profit group that uses a mobile, technologically advanced recording studio to promote music across the country in various schools, music festivals and other community events. I guess Yoko wasn’t able to convince Paul McCartney to join up.Speaking of music, Slash will also make an appearance at the SpectronIQ 3-D party on Monday. The former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist has apparently made a habit of doing these kinds of engagements; Slash turned up at Comdex years ago, and he was also at E3 last summer promoting Guitar Hero III: The Legends of Rock. I’m not exactly sure what his involvement is with SpectronIQ, an HDTV maker, but hopefully he play a few songs at the party.Kevin CostnerAlso performing at CES will be Kevin Costner – yes, you didn’t mis read that, Costner has a rock/country band called Kevin Costner and Modern West. And he sings. Costner’s band will be performing at the CEA’s Wireless Communications Division reception on Monday evening.But one the weirdest music event lined up for CES has to be Monster Cable concert at the Paris Hotel. Mary J. Blige will be performing, which is great. But apparently, Monster Cable has also announced that Sheila E., formerly of Prince’s band, and Joe Jackson – as in Michael and Janet’s father! – are expected to be in attendance. Wow. Along with musical acts, there are some other big names that will be at CES to hock various products and brands. Michael Douglas will be at XStreamHD’s invitation only press conference on Tuesday; XStreamHD is a new company that’s created a full high-definition, 1080p video channel network.There are also a few sports stars lined up for the show. David Ortiz will make an appearance at the Sharp booth Tuesday afternoon (and as a die-hard Red Sox fan, I’ll probably have to check that out). GoDaddy.com will bring have Indy 500 driver Danica Patrick and Olympic gold medalist and Playboy model Amanda Beard at its booth on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. There is a boatload more of “celebrities” scheduled to attend the show, but since I’m not really sure what these people are famous for – who the heck is Candace Michelle? – I guess I should just stop here.Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more Event City Live fun at CES!